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The Truth About Creation with Mike Riddle

Christ in Prophecy

Is Evolution a proven fact? Find out with guest Mike Riddle on television's "Christ in Prophecy"!

14 Mar 2021

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Mike Riddle in Defense of the Creation

Christ in Prophecy

Does the biblical account of the Creation really matter? Find out with guest Mike Riddle on the show Christ in Prophecy.

29 Sep 2019

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Mike Riddle on Theistic Evolution

Christ in Prophecy

Can the Genesis account of the Creation be trusted? Find out with guest Mike Riddle on the show Christ in Prophecy.

25 Aug 2019

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Mike Riddle – Creation Training Initiative

Game Plan For Life

Skip Hall is getting a lesson today from Mike Riddle. Mike is the founder and president of Creation Training Initiative. He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation, apologetics, and Christian education. He has been involved in creation apologetics for over 35 years. Mike has spoken at NASA, many secular and Christian universities, churches around the world, state homeschool conventions and secular and Christian schools. Prior to being involved in creation ministry Mike was a Captain in the USMC and a nation champion in track and field.


23 Dec 2017

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049 The Riddle of Origins – Mike Riddle

Educate For Life with Kevin Conover

As Christians, we believe that God created us.  Does it really matter how he did it?  This week Kevin talks to Mike Riddle, founder and president of the Creation Training Initiative, who has been involved in creation ministry for over 30 years.  As someone who grew up in a non-Christian home and accepted the theory of evolution from a young age, Mike brings a unique perspective to creationism.  In this episode he explains why both the Bible and logic tell us that evolution is not an adequate view of origins.  He talks about why a Christian’s view of Genesis matters, and addresses some common objections to creation science. In his early education Mike was taught that evolution was the only theory around, and didn’t think to question it.  It wasn’t until his adulthood, while he was serving in the marines, that a stranger planted the seed that would transform his life.  One day while Mike was at the gym, another marine approached him out of the blue and shared the gospel.  Mike didn’t listen to a word of what the man was trying to tell him… or so he thought.  Seven years later, alone in a hotel room, the gospel message hit Mike in a powerful way (even though no one else had shared it with him since that day).  He got saved the same night, and instantly wanted to know what God teaches about our origins in the Bible. That night started Mike down a long road of studying Biblical origins and questioning evolution, which eventually led him to found the Creation Training Initiative.  This ministry exists to train believers in creation apologetics, so that they can affectively share the truth with others and refute evolutionary misinformation.  In addition to the dozens of free resources on their website, CreationTraining.org, CTI is hosting the week-long intensive Creation Apologetics Teachers College in Ridgecrest, NC, from August 1-6 (click here for more info).  This training event is no walk in the park, but it can turn a lay person into an expert on creation.  Space is limited, so sign up soon! This episode first aired on March 12th, 2016. We make video lessons to raise up confident Christians: https://educateforlife.org/


12 Mar 2016

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Episode 089: Mike Riddle

Witness Radio - Learn Biblical Evangelism from Real-Life Encounters

On this episode of Witness Radio, Mike Riddle joins us to discuss training in Biblical apologetics!


9 Dec 2015

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Creation/Evolution – Special Guest Speaker Mike Riddle

Ponderosa Bible Church

The post Creation/Evolution – Special Guest Speaker Mike Riddle appeared first on Ponderosa Bible Church.

16 Feb 2014

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Mike Riddle on Evolution

Christ in Prophecy

What is the relationship between the Creation story and end times Bible prophecy? Find out with Mike Riddle on the show Christ in Prophecy.

16 Jun 2013

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Mike Riddle on Creation

Christ in Prophecy

Which is the best explanation of the world around us - Special Creation or Evolution? Find out with Mike Riddle on the show Christ in Prophecy.

9 Jun 2013