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Daily Dad and Austin Kleon on Raising Kids as a Creative Person

The Daily Dad

On today’s episode of the podcast Ryan talks to author Austin Kleon about how to balance being creative with being a parent.📕Pre-order Ryan Holiday's new book "Discipline Is Destiny" and get exclusive pre-order bonuses at https://dailystoic.com/preorder ✉️ Sign up for the Daily Dad email: DailyDad.com📱 Follow Daily Dad: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


1 Oct 2022

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Chapter 111: Austin Kleon draws on doodling to design and dream

3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Buckle up! Today we are flying down to hot, hot Austin, Texas where we’re going to grab three chairs on the grackle-filled patio of Mi Madre’s restaurant and order ourselves some enchiladas and #0 breakfast tacos before having lunch with the wise and wonderful Austin Kleon. Austin in Austin — a treat! Austin Kleon is “a writer who draws” and the author of a number of my favorite books including Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going. His books are kalaidoscopic collage-patchwork delights, focus on themes of creativity, are massive bestsellers and have sold over a million copies. Austin has a wonderful well of wisdom at AustinKleon.com which is home to his new great Substack community and his endlessly arresting Friday Newsletter. (One of the few newsletters I open and read religiously every week!) We are going to talk about: writer and reader energies, the Japanese word tsundoku, violence in America, dumb questions, the power of doodling, nature as a metaphor, car problems, Austin Kleon’s 3 most formative books and much, much more. Order yourself a taco, grab a margarita, put on a tank top and some shades, and come hang out with us down on the teal metal-grid table on the patio of Mi Madre’s Mexican Restaurant in east Austin, Texas. Let’s flip the page into Chapter 111 now… What You'll learn: Why should you order a #0 Taco at Mi Madre? How do writer and reader energies complement each other? Why should unread piles not stress you out? What is the intersection of reading and travel? Why is an awakening to misinformation crucial to growing up? Why is violence so prominent in the US? What is ‘home’? Why should we all have ‘a room of one’s own’? What is the difference between lies and bullshit? What is real freedom? What’s wrong with the car? Why are dumb questions the best? How do we manage giving our kids freedom? How does mentorship shape you? Why should you use your hands when you create art? Why is teaching like a quilt? What is the power of doodling and why should we all draw? How does keeping a diary promote writing? What is the true power of a walk? How can social media be used … productively? Why is nature the best metaphor? What is the optimal tension for creativity and life? Why should we all take public transit on a regular basis? You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://www.3books.co/chapters/111 Leave us a voicemail. Your message may be included in a future chapter: 1-833-READ-A-LOT.   Sign up to receive podcast updates here: https://www.3books.co/email-list 3 Books is a completely insane and totally epic 15-year-long quest to uncover and discuss the 1000 most formative books in the world. Each chapter discusses the 3 most formative books of one of the world's most inspiring people. Sample guests include: Brené Brown, David Sedaris, Malcolm Gladwell, Angie Thomas, Cheryl Strayed, Rich Roll, Soyoung the Variety Store Owner, Derek the Hype Man, Kevin the Bookseller, Vishwas the Uber Driver, Roxane Gay, David Mitchell, Vivek Murthy, Mark Manson, Seth Godin, Judy Blume and Quentin Tarantino. 3 Books is published on the lunar calendar with each of the 333 chapters dropped on the exact minute of every single new moon and every single full moon all the way up to 5:21 am on September 1, 2031. 3 Books is an Apple "Best Of" award-winning show and is 100% non-profit with no ads, no sponsors, no commercials, and no interruptions. 3 Books has 3 clubs including the End of the Podcast Club, the Cover to Cover Club, and the Secret Club, which operates entirely through the mail and is only accessible by calling 1-833-READ-A-LOT. Each chapter is hosted by Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Equation, Two-Minute Mornings, etc. For more info check out: https://www.3books.co

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10 Sep 2022

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The Wisdom Series: Austin Kleon | How to Keep Going When You're Tempted to Quit

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

If you've started the race as an artist and stolen your way to creativity but found yourself feeling defeated, Austin Kleon invites you to stay creative, focused and true to yourself. He joins us to help us get in touch with why we started and to keep going even when we're tempted to quit.The Unmistakable Book of Wisdom is full of timeless lessons on creativity, love, and success from former Unmistakable Creative Podcast guests. Dive in and unlock the wisdom of the ages! You can download it for free at unmistakablecreative.com/wisdom Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes https://plus.acast.com/s/the-unmistakable-creative-podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


21 Jul 2022

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Episode 113 - How Austin Kleon Writes

How Writers Write by HappyWriter

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1hr 1min

14 Jul 2022

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321: Austin Kleon

Cool Tools

Austin Kleon is the New York Times bestselling author of a trilogy of illustrated books about creativity in the digital age: Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work!, and Keep Going. He’s also the author of Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poems made by redacting the newspaper with a permanent marker. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and sons.   Website: https://austinkleon.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/austinkleon Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/austinkleon/   For show notes and transcript visit:https://kk.org/cooltools/austin-kleon-author-of-steal-like-an-artist-2/   If you're enjoying the Cool Tools podcast, check out our paperback book Four Favorite Tools: Fantastic tools by 150 notable creators, available in both Color or B&W on Amazon: https://geni.us/fourfavoritetools


8 Jul 2022

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144: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon


Everything is a remix. Today’s author encourages us to embrace our influences to discover our own paths. Join Joe & Mike as they attempt to get in touch with their artistic side and build a more creative life. Links Support the Show Obsidian Multiplayer plugin How to Read People Like a Book by Patrick King Digital Zettelkasten by David Kadavy Part-Time YouTuber Academy Ship 30 for 30 Pencil Pirates Steal Like and Artist by Austin Kleon Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor Maximized Manhood by Ed Cole How to Do What You Love and Make Good Money Bookworm #129: The Extended Mind Bookworm #142: Yes to Life Jonathan Mann Things That Matter by Joshua Becker Bittersweet by Susan Cain Purple Cow by Seth Godin Bookworm YouTube channel Join the Club Recommend a Book Book List Leave a Review Mike's Rating: 4.5Joe's Rating: 4.5

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13 May 2022

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Learn to Steal Like an Artist (with Austin Kleon)

The Stacking Benjamins Show

If you love someone’s chocolate cake, you’d ask them for their recipe without question. It’s not stealing, it’s taking something and making it your own. If you ask the author of Steal Like An Artist (which is celebrating its 10th anniversary!), he’d say we don’t take inspiration from others enough. Austin Kleon wrote the book 10 years ago that still rings true today about creativity. He says that taking inspiration from others and “stealing” ideas to create something yourself that is different is a true show of love and respect. He’s here today to talk about how to be more creative in your life and how to find inspiration.During our headline segment, we’re talking about crypto and the stock market. Are they becoming more aligned? We’ll dive in and share the specifics on the returns for each. Then we’ll Magnify Matt’s money and talk about grocery store and gas rewards programs. Do you share a grocery reward number with others? Matt does and he asked our Facebook group, the Basement, for their thoughts. We’ll share some of those answers. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Doug. He’ll share his amazing trivia in the middle of the show.Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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27 Apr 2022

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178: Owning Your Weird with Austin Kleon

The Couragemakers Podcast | Encouragement, Inspiration & Rebel Rousing for Mission Driven Doers, Makers & Shakers |

I'm delighted to share with you my conversation with Austin Kleon! We dive into owning your weird, how to show up even when you don't feel like it and how to stay true to yourself no matter what.


21 Mar 2022

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Steal Like An Artist (with Austin Kleon)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

Ten years ago, Austin Kleon released his book Steal Like An Artist. Over the past decade, it's become a must-read classic for anyone wishing to produce great creative work. In celebration of the release of the 10-year Anniversatry edition of the book, we invited Austin back on the show to discuss what he's learned since the release of the book, how creative pros should respond to culture, why we all need editors, and the hidden dangers of success.Mentioned in this episode:50Pros.com50Pros.com is the newest & fastest-growing platform that connects agencies with top companies, many from the Fortune 500 - like Amazon, Spotify, and 3M. Curated, vetted, and a no-noise directory of the only the top 50 firms within 50 categories. Visit 50Pros.com.Sponsored by Nordpass BusinessWith the NordPass Business password manager, you will save time and energy – allowing your team to focus on what matters most. See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial at nordpass.com/accidental with code ACCIDENTAL.


15 Mar 2022

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Ep 207 The Art of Relationships with Austin Kleon

Marriage Therapy Radio

Zach and Laura sit down with writer, artist, and speaker, Austin Kleon. They discuss the intersection of art and relationship.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Mar 2022