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Episode 5: Your Heroine's Journey with Susanna Liller

Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin

Hey there! I am so excited you are joining us today. In this episode, I'm talking with Susanna Liller, award-winning author of the book – "You are a Heroine". Susanna Liller, is an executive coach, women’s workshop leader, and writer. Her career, whether mediating, facilitating, or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. She believes that everyone’s journey in work and life exists to transform them to a higher level of being. Susanna sees herself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process. Topics covered are: - Women in career transition - Your heroine's journey - Following what your soul is urging you to do - Being guided by who you really are - Listening to your inner voice Thank you for listening! Be sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss the next episode! Connect with Susanna at: https://www.susannaliller.com You can connect with Dr. Robin on LinkedIn  or Facebook or contact me via email at: robin@purpose-based.com You can read more about Leadership Purpose and my upcoming book on my website at: https://www.robinlowens.com/ Talk to you soon!


17 Feb 2021

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Susanna Liller’s Heroine’s Journey: From Glinda to Dorothy - A Call to Adventure - 5 Minute Success - The Podcast

5 Minute Success - The Podcast

On every great epic journey there is a mentor who sees the heroine for who she really is, even if she doesn’t see it herself; who shows the heroine the path she’s destined to walk, and who guides her as she finds her own answers to her happy ending. Susanna is that mentor for women who are ready to leave their comfort zones and walk the Heroine’s Journey path. A blend of the spiritual and practical (Susanna has 25+ years’ experience as an organizational development consultant and executive coach), Susanna offers a well-balanced approach to helping women discover where they are and where they want to go. In this episode, Karen and Susanna discuss Susanna’s Heroine’s Journey: Susanna’s Call to Adventure Ordinary Live-Comfort Zone The call may come to stop what you are doing to better serve those around you and extend your influence further than you ever imagined. Transformational Leaps Stepping into the unknown is scary, yes, but what you are afraid of isn’t as big as you think it is going to be. Don’t allow the apprehension to hold you back. Embrace Full Life We grow by being tossed and turned, and by slaying the dragons in our lives that are preventing us from being our authentic selves. Return with Treasures Identity, direction, and power can be found along your own personal journey. How does Susanna FLIP TIME to LOVE LIFE? "Your intuition is your guide for you on your journey."- Susanna Liller *5 Minute Success - Listener Giveaway* Go here to receive your FREE copy of Circle Power: Connecting to Something Greater! Connect with Susanna Liller:  Twitter: @SusannaLiller Facebook: Susanna Liller – Author, Speaker and Coach & The Real-Life Heroines Network! Website: SusannaLiller.com Book: You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey LinkedIn: Susanna Liller About the Podcast  Join host Karen Briscoe for Flip Time Friday each first Friday to learn how you can love the life you have as you create and co-create the life of your dreams. Tune in to hear Heroine’s and Hero’s Journeys that will inspire you on your Call to Adventure. Karen shares the transformational leaps and treasures along her Call to Adventure from her book Flip Time / Love Life - A Heroine’s Journey:  A 5 Minute Success Story.   Here’s to your Call to Adventure! Connect with Karen Briscoe:  Facebook: Flip Time / Love Life Instagram: 5 Minute Success Twitter: @5MinuteSuccess Website: 5MinuteSuccess.com Email: Karen@5MinuteSuccess.com  Subscribe to 5 Minute Success Podcast Learn more about Karen’s books:  Flip Time / Love Life ~ Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day Commit to Get Leads Success in 5 Minutes a Day - 66 Day Challenge Karen also recommends Moira Lethbridge's book "Savvy Woman in 5 Minutes a Day" Spread the love and share the secrets of 5 Minute Success with your friends and colleagues!  Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. 


3 Apr 2020

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Susanna Liller is on The Happiness Agenda

The Happiness Agenda

Susanna Liller is an organizational-development consultant, executive coach, women’s workshop leader, and writer. Her career, whether mediating, facilitating or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. She believes that everyone’s journey in work and life exists to transform them to a higher level of being. The challenge, however, is to not resist the change. Susanna sees herself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process. And she has some great tips for helping you find more success and happiness in your life!


14 Jan 2019

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Executive Coach Susanna Liller

Women’s Watch

WBZ'S Laurie Kirby speaks with executive coach and consultant Susanna Liller about her journey empowering women.


3 Dec 2018

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11-04-18: Susanna Liller, "You Are a Heroine:" fulfill your purpose, www.susannaliller.com

Inspirational Women

Susanna Liller is an organizational development consultant and executive coach, and now also an author. Susanna's new book: You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero's Journey, captures Susanna's personal and professional life, her work facilitating workshops and retreats for women. It's a guidebook, and is perfect to use with a journal, and to consider reading and working through it with a group of friends. Not too soon to be thinking of special holiday gifts!www.susannaliller.com


4 Nov 2018