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BTI #221: Stop Fearing Sales with Steve Valentine

Beyond the Image Podcast

We’re going to be diving into something that I guarantee makes every single one of you a little bit uncomfortable. We’re going to be talking all things sales. I get to chat with a dear friend of mine, Steve Valentine. WHO IS STEVE VALENTINE?Steve Valentine is an investment specialist, a real estate strategist, and a sales master. When he was 20 years old, he transitioned from the automotive field into the real estate world. Him and his dad became a powerful real estate duo, but also suffered some major financial blows around 2007. Him and his wife decided to go in a different direction in real estate away from his parents where they found success in their own space. Steve believes in relationship selling and accredits his success to utilizing relationship capital in all he does. BEING A GUIDE NOT A HEROSteve believes it’s important to let his clients know he is here to guide them through the process. To help people, he provides insight on things he’s learned and leads people to a decision they already are wanting to make. “Before you ever sell anything, the relationship has to be created.” Steve makes it a point to add value to each relationship for free before ever starting the selling process. This creates trust which leads to the sale. BUILDING TRUSTAsking questions is a great first step to learning about your client and what they genuinely want and helps to begin creating that relationship. Steve always asks his clients questions so he can dig deeper and uncover all the variables that are playing into their decision. FINDING THE VARIABLESIn sales, we have to ask the right questions. The variables are the things that change from person to person. For example, in Steve’s business he asks: How are your finances? Can you still afford this if you suffer a job loss? By finding the variables, it allows you to find their why and gives that client clarity on their decisions. As a salesperson, this helps you serve your client in the best way possible. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO SELL?Steve emphasizes the importance of genuinely wanting to help someone, even if that means not getting the sale right away. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be all about money. It should be about truly helping someone and building that relationship. Oftentimes, it will lead to a bigger sale later if you continue to build that relationship correctly. CONNECTING TO PEOPLE VIA SOCIAL MEDIASteve has found great success on social media, namely on his stories. After deciding to go all in on creating content for his stories, he shares behind the scenes footage and peaks into his daily life regarding family, investments, and real estate. He has found that people love seeing what he does in all areas of his life and it makes them feel very connected to him. He believes it’s even more important to stay authentic in how you show up in social media. He wants people to know what they’re getting ahead of time. “Show up on social media as you do in person.” KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND KNOW WHO YOU AREN’TWhen you start, figure out who you are. This is who you should want to be in everything you do rather than comparing yourself to others and changing who you are. “Be who you are and do the things that you do good, so that you can shine as only you can shine.” It’s all about finding your own platform and what differentiates you from others. A consumer is looking for you to help solve their problem. Your job is to find out what the consumer wants to accomplish and stand out from others to help them accomplish it. “The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you’re going to make solving it.” MORE FROM STEVE VALENTINETune into the episode to hear Steve share in detail about how he’s been successful in sales and strategies that will up your sales game. Steve shares great advice and things that have worked for his clients time and time again. Follow Steve on Instagram @stevedvalentine to learn more and follow along! CONNECT WITH HOST JAMES PATRICK https://www.jamespatrick.com/coaching - To apply for 1-on-1 business coaching https://www.instagram.com/jpatrickphoto - Follow in IG Text James at (480) 605-3254 This episode is brought to you by www.FITposiumPLUS.com where you get monthly live coaching and education modules to support you in your business development goals! Audio drops courtesy of ZapSplat.com


14 Apr 2021

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Episode 012: Lessons Learned from Disappointment | Thinking Outside the Box with Steve Valentine & Bernie Espinosa

Thinking OTB | Out of the Box Thinking with Steve Valentine and Bernie Espinosa

What can we learn from disappointment? In business, there is a tendency to try to keep emotions clear of our relationships and decisions. This can be difficult to do because at the end of the day, we’re all human. So how can we make use of those disappointments, to use them to push us forward? Disconnect the Why from the What Disappointments make us want to know why: why did this happen and why did this happen to me? This kind of thinking can lead us to spiral out of control and let emotions take us down. Instead, look at your experiences from a what perspective: what did I learn from this? What can I take away from this experience? By focusing on what happened instead of why, you can head off some of those hard emotions that might send you into a harmful tailspin. When we practice reflection on our experiences, we can look at them as teaching tools we can use to avoid those disappointments in the future. Disappointment creates space for Thinking Outside the Box “Every challenge I’ve had with a client has been an experience that’s helped me think outside the box to create a better experience for the next client.” – Steve Building upon your experiences can help make you better prepared for both yourself and your clients. Real Estate is always going to have those disappointments, especially in this market. But these are all the experiences that make a great agent if you can have the right mindset to put it into perspective. “Don’t always shift away from disappointment; own it and use it to shift into alternative solutions.” – Bernie “With the right mindset, disappointments can create space for new opportunities.” – Bernie “This is not happening to me; it’s happening for me.” - Steve Books Mentioned: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty https://amzn.to/3dICFAu Remember to subscribe and leave a 5-star rating, as well as a review if you’d like us to talk about a subject or if you just want to let us know how much you like the podcast! Follow us on social media! Steve Valentine:  https://www.instagram.com/stevedvalentine/ Bernie Espinosa: https://www.instagram.com/bernzpix/


2 Mar 2021

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Thinking Outside the Box with Steve Valentine

All In Real Estate Podcast with David Morse & Joe Quattrucci

Have you ever approached real estate like a math equation? Often there’s a very linear approach to what we do that enables us to develop habits and systems that work.  But as today’s guest will tell you that’s not always the best approach. As a professional your job is to solve problems using all the resources you have at your disposal.  Steve Valentine is the Owner of the Valentine Group with My Home Group in Peoria, Arizona. On today’s show Steve shares how he thinks outside of the box, a mentality informed by his father.  Listen as Steve takes us through a pretty dark story of rising, falling, and coming back stronger and better than before.  On today’s show you’ll learn: -strategies that will help your clients -ways to think outside the box and color outside the lines sometimes -how you can leverage your license -why wholesalers (in our guests opinion) are…  Find more of Steve’s content on Instagram @stevedvalentine Follow David on social @daviddmorse | David Morse is the CEO of Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Scottsdale & High Street North Phoenix, one of Arizona’s foremost brokerage leaders with over 350 agents and selling over $1.1 Billion in residential and commercial real estate each year. He is co-owner of Atlas Holdings and Realfolio and is actively seeking partnership with the top agents in Arizona. Follow Joe on social @joe.quattrucci | Joe Quatrucci is the Director of Growth for the Kristan Cole Network, a national leader in residential real estate. He is founder of Atlas Holdings, PCX Real Estate Expansion, and the Market Center Strategist at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Scottsdale, Arizona


16 Feb 2021

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EPISODE #104: Don't Look Under The Bed, Wizards of Waverly Place & Magic with Steve Valentine

Back to the Best

If you watched Don't Look Under the Bed as a kid, then you know this week's guest as the terrifying boogeyman who lived under Franny's bed! We're joined by Steve Valentine this week! We talk all about his roles in Don't Look Under the Bed, and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. We also learn a lot about how he became an award winning magician! You don't want to miss this episode!

1hr 25mins

29 Oct 2020

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51. Limitless | With Steve Valentine

5 Star STR Success

Listen 🎧 & Enjoy! ___________________ WAIT!!! BEFORE YOU GO... Learn the 4 Pillars of Real Estate Investing Success! Grab a copy of my FREE 46 Page REI Society PLAYBOOK. https://www.reisocietyedu.com/playbook I want to help you learn more about Real Estate Investing! NOW is the best time to get started and take advantage of the massive investment opportunities! JOIN my awesome Facebook community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/reisociety WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE to the REI Society YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCp66cNLmtFVUw0wyX_Mz9oA INVEST in one of my training programs: https://www.reisocietyedu.com/ TEXT any questions to me. I personally answer these myself 404.341.2897 FOLLOW me on Instagram: @brandongthompson


15 Sep 2020

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Steve Valentine Returns: Your Real Estate License is Your License to Opportunity

The Kevin and Fred Show: Next Level Agents

On this episode of The Kevin and Fred Show, fellow Arizona Realtor and entrepreneur Steven Valentine returns. With over two decades in real estate, Steve is a wealth of knowledge on not only reinvention and what it takes to have longevity in this business. He also knows a lot about how to transcend the conventional real estate transaction and go beyond the listing. Our entire industry is centered on an asset class that people build income, wealth and empires on. Yet very few agents ever explore real estate investing opportunities in their own right. We’re often too busy trying to chase a quick paycheck, we miss out on the chance to build long-term wealth. This is a narrative Steve is hoping to change.  Steve is a Real Estate Strategist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and founder and CEO of Valentine Group. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, he’s fanatical about handcrafting the right strategy for each client using his toolbox of absurdly effective techniques. He’s more super-hero when it comes to real estate investing and in his relationships with clients, employees, and family. He out-right refused financial ruin to build a retirement-sustaining real estate portfolio of more than $15 million in value. A portfolio that is so diverse and has been so fun to create, he’s educating others to do the same. In the past 5 years Steve has created a real estate business that encompasses all of today’s top strategies including traditional real estate, flipping homes, buying off market opportunities, building wealth for himself, his team, and his clients.  The approach we take with a property can be the difference between getting a $4000 commission and a $15 000 real estate investing opportunity. But we can’t see that if we think from the perspective of a conventional transaction. We need to have the ability to take a 30,000 ft view of every specific real estate situation, and tailor the best approach. If we don’t make this shift, it’s impossible to build wealth in this business, and we’ll only go as far as our latest commission.  Guest Info Steve is a real estate strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and founder and CEO of Valentine Group. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, he’s fanatical about handcrafting the right strategy for each client using his toolbox of absurdly effective techniques. He’s more super-hero when it comes to investing in real estate and in his relationships with clients, employees, and family. He out-right refused financial ruin to build a retirement-sustaining real estate portfolio of more than $15 million in value. A portfolio that is so diverse and has been so fun to create, he’s educating others to do the same. In the past 5 years Steve has created a real estate business that encompasses all of today’s top strategies including traditional real estate, flipping homes, buying off market opportunities, building wealth for himself, his team, and his clients.  Instagram: @SteveDValentine Text “agent” to 6029938600  To sign up for tips, funny real estate stories etc


24 Aug 2020

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Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews Steve Valentine and finds out how Steve ended up DJing and performing magic in Yugoslavia, why he had to leave magic to pursue acting (he's starred in more than 200 hours worth of TV and films) and why (and how) he came back, if a vampire-rock-star-pirate-magician is the role he was born to play, the nuts and bolts of putting on a one-man show, and the key to longevity in the entertainment business. With surprise guests Billy Kidd, Chris Philpott, and Chipper Lowell. Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

1hr 33mins

8 Aug 2020

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Acting, Magic, and the Importance of Performance with Steve Valentine

Discourse in Magic

Jonah is joined by Steve Valentine this week to discuss acting while being a magician – and the dangers of not being taken seriously, uncovering the lost history of magic, and the importance of a presentation that transcends the trick being performed. Steve was introduced to magic thanks to the prescient powers of the gift of a magic kit from his mom, who also predicted the future careers of his siblings with her gifts to them! Steve’s life has taken a lot of twists and turns from working as a DJ in nightclubs in Yugoslavia to acting on television and in videogames to lecturing at Magic Castle and touring with the Illusionists. Steve certainly believes that nobody should ever feel tied to only being stuck doing one thing.   A Chance to Be Bad The most surprising fact about Steve’s history is undoubtedly his start as a performing magician, if you don’t count his failed shows in his parent’s garage, was on the stage at the nightclubs we was hired to run in Yugoslavia in the 80’s. What made it so great for him was the change to be bad and fail terribly and have the chance to keep going back out and try again. The chance to find a place and go be bad, where failure was an option, was a blessing in disguise to developing his early skills as a magician. Always an Actor Steve has always lived in both worlds of acting and magic and one always informs the other for him. He advocates for every magician to consider acting classes, if only to help you know how to make your voice strong so your voice will survive a long run of performances. It’s all part of the same art form of entertainment. The difficulty of not being taken seriously as an actor who also performed magic meant that for much of his early acting career magic had to be put to the sidelines, that was until a fortunate break on House which saw both of his worlds blended together again. Steve’s biggest advice for magicians who are aspiring actors is to stick it through and focus on their longevity, a lesson he learned personally after waiting three years for his first speaking role. Teaching Magic Steve has also been named Lecturer  Magician of the Year (2013 & 2014) by the Academy of Magical Arts and recognizes that a good magical lecture is not just about the tricks but also the history, the performance, and story. Through his research he’s discovered a wonderful hidden history, of magical acts that were never recorded entirely and whose mysteries have been lost through time. By piecing together different accounts, and a little reading between the lines, he’s been able to recreate 19th century secrets and help understand more about the history of magic and it’s performances. That passion has extended to his latest endeavor with Magic on the Go, an online resource and repository of magic history. What’s most important for Steve is to preserve the history of magic so that the incredible magic secrets of the 1900’s aren’t lost to history and  create an easily accessible database for future magicians. Wrap-Up Endless Chain Keith Fields What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like? The level of skill is phenomenal. A lot of that has to with video and being able to learn by seeing and not just reading. But the proliferation of exposure means that the presentation has to transcend the trick. Take Home Point We’re in a world that is a world of deception. But the one person who should never be deceived is the magician. We want to deceive the public, not ourselves Plugs Magiconthego.com Stevevalentine.com Stevevalentinelive.com IG: @SteveValentine Twitter: @SteveValentine The post Acting, Magic, and the Importance of Performance with Steve Valentine appeared first on Discourse in Magic.


6 Aug 2020

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Episode 31 - Steve Valentine, actor and magician

United States of Dramerica

We talk to veteran actor and musician Steve Valentine about his time in Hollywood and his global travels.He tells us about fighting Hulk Hogan, performing magic for Michael Jackson and even dealing cards at something resembling Molly's Game.He also tells us about performing at the Magic Castle, running a Yugoslavian nightclub as a teenager and his appearance in Spider-Man 3.And why he wants to drink whisky with Houdini.


8 Jul 2020

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65 | Building Your Net Worth with Steve Valentine

Empire Builder Podcast by Jordan English

How to Start a Network Marketing Business Without Feeling Like an Icky Sales PersonFREE CLASS HERE > monatempirebuilders.com/start________________________________In this episode, I'm talking with fellow real estate agent Steve Valentine.  Steve is a real estate strategist who teaches others how to get started with and increase their net through real estate investment.  As a third-generation real estate entrepreneur, Steve shares about starting from the ground up in his father's business, how he dug himself out of one million dollars of debt and the lessons he's learned along the way through real estate investment. Steve sheds light on why everyone, especially real estate agents, should be investing and he provides actionable steps for deciding whether to buy, sell or rent.   If you've ever been curious about what real estate investment looks like, you won't want to miss this episode!  Be sure to follow Steve:https://www.instagram.com/stevedvalentine/ https://www.facebook.com/steve.valentine.522 https://www.stevedvalentine.comWhere to find the Host, Jordan English:Jordan English InstagramJordan English Facebook Page_____________________________________________________________Don't forget to order your Primal Nosh!Click here to visit their website! Don't forget to put your order in on Thursday by 9pm for Sunday Delivery!And use the code: FORME15 for 15%  your order!!


4 Mar 2020