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Show #477 - Adam Cianciarulo. Wil Hahn, Paul Perebijnos, Ricki Gilmour with Christina Denney, Phil Nicoletti and Alex Martin In-Studio

The PulpMX.com Show

AC comes on to discuss what he's been up to since leaving the series to get the pesky arm problem fixed and his thoughts on the 450 series. Wil Hahn joins us to talk about Michael Mosiman's highly impressive Pala 2 return to racing. Christina Denney is here to hit on the MXdN in regards to the US not participating. Paul P played a big part in helping Jace Kessler on the PulpMX YZ450 at Pala 2 and comes on to talk about the day. Filthy Phil and A Mart are in studio pulling a dual co-hosting duty and it's glorious! great show, learned a TON!

4hr 55mins

7 Sep 2021

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Valley Oop (Ep. 44) : On parle un peu d'intersaison avec notre ami Alex Martin (TrashTalk @ABallNeverLies) qui nous fait le plaisir de se joindre à nous !

Valley Oop

Au programme : - L'état des lieux (cap-sheet, nos propres free-agents...) - Les besoins - Les possibilités - Nos projections Merci à toute la communauté et excellente écoute ;)

1hr 31mins

31 Jul 2021

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Alex Martin - Web Development

Stories from the Hackery

Alex Martin graduated with Web Development Cohort 46.I'm a full stack software developer in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in the same city, I studied music theory and composition in college. I worked my way through the music industry in Nashville, slowly finding myself in more and more technical roles - editing, producing, recording - until I found a special niche that serves both my fascination and the musician community, building and repairing guitar amplifiers while studying electronic engineering. I began studying what I consider the digital counterpart of circuit building with Python and JavaScript, ultimately enrolling in a 6 month bootcamp at Nashville Software School.


25 Jun 2021

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Show #468 - Alex Martin, Michael Byrne, Lewis Phillips with Max Steffens, Kirk Alves and JT In-Studio

The PulpMX.com Show

We have a great show with an update from Troll Train following his Thunder Valley broken arm. It's actually better news than we expected. Michael Byrne is on to talk the motocross series and his position in the industry moving forward. Lewis Phillips of MX vice is on to talk the MXGP series kickoff and we have 3 of the key players from WPS, JT, Max and Kirk from Firepower in studio.

4hr 47mins

15 Jun 2021

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Le gros bilan de la saison régulière avec Alex Martin (TrashTalk) et Lucas Saïdi (SunsFR) Ep. 22

Valley Oop

Pour dresser le bilan de l'exceptionnelle saison régulière des Suns, 2e bilan de toute la NBA avec un peu plus de 70% de victoires, Valley Oop a mis les petits plats dans les grands avec deux invités de marque, Lucas Saïdi de SunsFR et Alex Martin de Trashtalk. Au programme : les satisfactions de la saison, les (relatives) déceptions, les surprises, les trophées individuels et une projection sur les playoffs, qui arrivent à grands pas...

2hr 40mins

18 May 2021

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#53 - Origami Angel w/ special guests Jake Sulzer & Alex Martin of Counter Intuitive

Behind the Vinyl

Friday is going to be a massive day for Origami Angel. They are releasing a double LP that is called GAMI GANG. To help kick things off this week, Ryland of Origami Angel joined the podcast with special guests Jake Sulzer (owner of CI) and Alex Martin (PR & artist management). Ryland says the biggest message from this album is there's often beauty in places that are overlooked. Well, this album certainly won't be overlooked. Just two years after Origami Angel dropped their debut album labeled "Somewhere City," which received tremendous praise and recognition, the band is ready to raise the bar by teaming up with Counter Intuitive for this double LP. It's been a long time coming. A ton of these songs have been sitting with Ryland and Pat for several years. But, as Ryland puts it in video game terms, a video game that gets released when it's supposed to usually does alright, but a game that has its date pushed back hits the ground running when it finally does come out. Origami Angel is letting the music do the speaking on this one. Also included is Jake talking about his story with Counter Intuitive and what is currently happening with the label and Alex talking about working with bands that they have been listening to for around 15 years now. Check out Origami Angel & Counter Intuitive below: Origami Angel's Bandcamp - https://origamiangel.bandcamp.com Counter Intuitive's website - http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com Origami Angel's Instagram & Twitter - game.gang/@GAMIGANG Counter Intuitive's Instagram & Twitter - @CIRecs


28 Apr 2021

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Co-Manifest Your Dreams With Your Life Partner (featuring Alex Martin)

Dream Your Life: Manifest A Life You Love

Today Julia sits down with her #1 supporter, her hubby Alex.  They talk about how they manifested each other (even though Alex had no idea what manifestation was!) and how together, they have manifested and continue to manifest, a shared dream life.Alex talks about how Julia opened his eyes to the Law of Attraction and how, even though he never considered himself a “spiritual guy”, he now sees that his mindset - and his thoughts - have led to the creation of so much in his life.They also talk about the importance of gratitude and how much they show - and encourage their children to show - appreciation for every blessing in their life...which of course, just attracts more of them!Have fun listening to this light hearted yet soulful conversation between wife & husband.---Connect with Julia on Instagram: @DreamYourLifePodcastEmail: dreamyourlifepodcast@gmail.com


7 Apr 2021

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Is Telemedicine Here to Stay? Alex Martin Discusses the Use of Telemedicine During the Pandemic

What's Going On? Eyes on Africa and the Caribbean

 In this episode, Alex Martin an African Caribbean medical student at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra /Northwell Hospital in New York discusses telemedicine and how it has been aiding the COVID-19 pandemic, based on research from his recently published co-authored article: Wound Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Improving Outcomes Through the Integration of Telemedicine.The following is the abstract for the article by Alisha Oropallo, MD, FACS; John Lantis, MD, FACS; Alexander Martin; Ammar Al Rubaiay; Na Wang in the Journal of Wound Care, Vol. 30, No. Sup2.,  February 11, 2021.COVID-19 is highly contagious and its rapid spread burdens the healthcare system. As the number of confirmed cases goes up, the shortage of medical resources has become a challenge. To avoid the collapse of the healthcare system during the fight with COVID-19, all healthcare workers, including wound care practitioners, should adapt to new roles and use any appropriate methods available to slow the spread of the virus. Integrating telemedicine into wound care during the outbreak helps maintain social distancing, preserve personal protective equipment and medical resources, and eliminate unnecessary exposure for bothvulnerable patients and high-risk healthcare workers.A graduate in Neuroscience at Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire, Alex Martin went on to complete a master's degree in biology at NYU before attending the Zucker Hofstra School of Medicine. Working with Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Oropallo, director of the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center, Department of Vascular Surgery, Northwell Health, NY, Alex Martin said the article describes how the healthcare system will change in response to how COVID affects what you can see in person,  who you can see in person; and how you take care of those patients. "Because one of the things that is really important, especially for something like wound care is that you really need to see these patients and their wounds to make sure that they're being treated effectively to prevent infection, especially as many of these patients often have some kind of underlying C's condition, diabetes, hypertension, and these things can make wound healing a lot worse."Telemedicine gives medical providers the ability to visualize and see changes in the patient without having to have them in the office when they can't be in the office.The article discusses some of the barriers to actually implementing telemedicine technologies and how do we get around them and how to adjust them for older, less tech-savvy patients and in acute settings as COVID raged. 


31 Mar 2021

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85: Ishinomaki: A tsunami-ravaged city, 10 years on w/ Alex Martin & Mari Saito

Deep Dive from The Japan Times

On this week's episode, The Japan Times' Alex Martin visits Ishinomaki, 10 years after he first went there, to reconnect with residents he spoke with in the aftermath of the earthquake and to find out how the city is recovering from the tsunami. Also, Reuters' Mari Saito tells us about the "phone of the wind," where tsunami survivors can grieve for the people they lost. Read more: A decade on, real challenges lie ahead for communities devastated by March 2011 disaster (Alex K.T. Martin, The Japan Times) Photo essay: Tsunami survivors call lost loves on the ‘phone of the wind’ (Mari Saito via The Japan Times) Photo essay: The seawalls of Tohoku (Oscar Boyd, The Japan Times) The Japan Times' coverage of the 10th anniversary of 3/11 On this episode: Alex K.T. Martin: Twitter | Articles Mari Saito: Twitter | Articles Oscar Boyd: Twitter | Articles | Instagram Announcements: Sign up to the Deep Dive mailing list and be notified every time a new episode comes out. Get in touch with us at deepdive@japantimes.co.jp. Support the show! Rate us, review us and share this episode with a friend if you've enjoyed it. Follow us on Twitter, and give us feedback. This episode of Deep Dive may be supported by advertising based on your location. Advertising is sourced by Audioboom and is not affiliated with The Japan Times. Photo: A man surveys the damage in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, a few days after the city was struck by a deadly tsunami in March 2011. | KYODO


10 Mar 2021

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FXR Racing/Race Tech Privateer Island #140 - Alex Martin

The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Troll Train is back as a privateer now so we talk to him about his new ride, thoughts on his last year, Jeremy's new ride, his off-track ventures and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR Racing.com and Pulp20 code at Race Tech to save.


25 Nov 2020