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Specific Training, Plan B Programming and Serve Mechanics (w/ Coach Dan Pfaff)

Beyond the Swing Podcast

Coach Pfaff has been a direct mentor of mine for the last 6 years. I've learned more through his apprenticeship than any course, book or research article. With over 40 years of coaching experience, coach Pfaff has been through it all - in the trenches with world-class sprinters, consulting to ATP, WTA, NFL, NHL pro teams and today, he leads the ALTIS elite mentorship program.In this podcast, coach Pfaff and I dive into various topics including what specific work/training truly is, why contingency programming is key at the elite levels of sport and the intricate relationships between serve mechanics and skill acquisition + physiology.

1hr 9mins

13 Oct 2021

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EvelChat #20 "Two Good Examples of a Bad Example...": A Chat with Dan Pfaff


In this special 20th episode of EvelChat, Derek speaks with friend, mentor and sponsor Dan Pfaff about the trials and tribulations of being a recovering alcoholic.

1hr 5mins

6 Oct 2021

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100. Current Concepts in Performance Training w/ Dan Pfaff

Elite Baseball Development Podcast

Renowned track and field coach Dan Pfaff joins us on the podcast to discuss current concepts in performance training including elasticity vs. stiffness in plyometrics, individualizing training regimes, managing workload and mitigating injury, and the value of strength for athletes.


22 Jun 2021

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E18 | Bonus episode: Coaches Round Table with Dan Pfaff and Loren Landow

The Team Behind the Team

Dan Pfaff and Coach Loren Landow join Donnie Maib and Anna Craig to take training back to the “Fundamentals and Foundations of Coaching and Performance”. This episode includes evaluation of sport and athletes, starting points in programming and conditioning, instilling fundamentals into high level athletes, the significance of movement literacy, and creating buy in. Coach Dan Pfaff is a world-renowned track and field coach: including 49 Olympians, nine medalists, 51 World Championship competitors (also nine medalists), and five world-record holders. He has directed athletes to 57 national records across a multitude of events. He is currently the Head Coach for Altis-elite training for athletes, and a global leader in education for sport performance. Coach Loren Landow enters his third year as the Broncos’ head strength and conditioning coach and is owner/founder of Landow Performance. He is a world-renowned movement and sports performance expert who is highly sought after for his ability to analyze and correct biomechanics. He has trained thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities.

18 Mar 2021

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50. | Masterclass With Dan Pfaff

Unscripted With Akeem Haynes

We have reached another milestone on the podcast. This is our 50th Episode of unscripted!, Big thank you to everyone that tuned into the podcast each week, and thank you to everyone that has shared with me how the podcast is speaking to them in some way. We appreciate everyone one of you! This week, we have Hall of fame Coach Dan Pfaff. Throughout his career Dan has an extensive resume in many different categories during his 30 years as a collegiate coach, he has directly coached athletes with 29 NCAA individual titles, more than 150 All-America honours, and a slew of collegiate records. Those same athletes helped their teams to NCAA glory as well, as 17 teams Pfaff assisted won NCAA titles. He's been to 10 Olympic Games, 15 world championships, He guided 33 athletes to the Olympic Games, who have won a total of 10 medals, including 1996 100-meter gold medalist Donovan Bailey of Canada and 2012 long jump gold medalist Greg Rutherford of Great Britain. In this episode, we discuss the history of American & Culture, his upbringing as a science teacher turned coach, His NCAA journey, the tough reality of trying to find balance, the Olympic games and some of the athletes he's worked with over the years. This is an episode if you are a coach you do not want to miss, I enjoyed some of the great stories shared and lessons he shared. follow dan Pfaff on his social accounts: @DPfaffSC If you want to support the channel and the content I create for you guys, Your Support Helps Us Push The Show Forward: https://www.paypal.me/akinspires or Join our patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AkInspires

1hr 18mins

3 Mar 2021

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Companions of the Compendium Episode 1 Dan Pfaff

Companions of the Compendium

For my first full-length Podcast, we have the hall of fame speed and track & field coach Dan Pfaff. Dan has coached at every level from high school to world-record-holding Olympic Medals. Dan's impact on the world of coaching cannot be overstated. His contribution to the world of sprinting is unparalleled but now has become the go-to person for all sports for professional development in coaching. From hurling to cricket you can see coach Pfaff's influence. At the recording of this podcast Dan's athletes 10 World Championships, 11 Olympic Medals, and Five World Records. Coach Pfaff has coached a total 111 athletes who have represented their countries at international championships.  ALTIS: https://altis.world/ Please Visit Our Sponsor Simplifaster: https://store.simplifaster.com/sku/83/ The Sprinter's Compendium https://store.vervante.com/c/v/V4081803315.html also can be found on Amazon An educator at heart we discussed: The importance of the journey,  How vital it is to have a peer group How to be able to zoom in and out when it comes to training design The challenge language plays in developing a common lexicon for better dissemination of ideas and methods. Who is good to have in an auditor circle for difficult problems. What would coaches say about him? The dangers facing coaching today.  Where the profession of coaching must go for the future.  Other Resources Mentioned During the Podcast: Banta's Articles https://simplifaster.com/articles/tempo-running-sprinters-training/ https://simplifaster.com/articles/sprint-coach-self-evaluation/ Deep Dive https://youtu.be/CgcR5J1dwcY Mentoring https://simplifaster.com/articles/coaching-mentors-networking/ Tendons Dr. Baar http://www.hmmrmedia.com/2019/12/gaincast-episode-177-training-tendons-with-keith-baar/ https://www.just-fly-sports.com/podcast-156-keith-barr-transcripts/ https://theiopn.com/episode-109-collagen-peptides-for-injury-prevention-tissue-repair-with-professor-keith-baar/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryan-joseph-banta/support

1hr 15mins

30 Jan 2021

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ALTIS Poolside Chat with Dan Pfaff, Stuart McGill, Matt Jordan and Scott Livingston

Leave Your Mark

In this episode, I was honored to be invited to host the ALTIS Poolside chats in the most recent version of their Virtual ACP.  This performance conversation around return to performance between several giants in the industry of human performance, McGill, Pfaff, and Jordan is a gem.  Enjoy!

1hr 3mins

2 Nov 2020

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Episode #124 Speed Training and Sprinting for Team-Sport Athletes with Dan Pfaff

Muscles and Management

In this episode, Gerry welcomes on world-renowned sprint coach Dan Pfaff to talk about a variety of areas concerning speed development with team-sport athletes as well as overall career development.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Episode Timestamps3:39 - Working with High School Athletes First 15:00 - Dan’s Early Years as a Coach 20:30 - Do What People Seek You out For 23:15 - Sports & Covid 26:50 - Multi-sport Athletes 32:00 - Wellness and Injuries 39:00 - Gerry & Dan’s First Interaction: Scope of Practice 43:35 - Strength Coaches Adjusting to What an Athlete Has Been Doing Elsewhere 47:55 - High-performance Model 52:30 - What Is a Complete Athlete? 58:05 - Overdoing Small Mechanical Changes in Athletes 1:06:00 - the Science of Coaching 1:14:15 - Dan’s Final Thoughts Support the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

1hr 16mins

28 Oct 2020

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Episode 19 - Dan Pfaff

Mike and Brooker Show

The legendary Dan Pfaff joins the Mike and Brooker Show this week. Dan is a track and field coach who has worked with 49 Olympians (9 medalists), 51 World Championship competitors (another 9 medalists), five world record holders and helped 57 national records take place. Dan is currently the head coach at ALTIS and we are very lucky to have shared some time with him. We hope you enjoy listening to the incredibly wise and generous coach, Dan Pfaff!

1hr 32mins

1 Sep 2020

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Service: Dan Pfaff

Don’t Tell Me The Score

Finding joy and meaning in serving others with the legendary Olympic coach. During Dan's career, he has coached 49 Olympians, including nine medallists and five World Record holders. He helped Greg Rutherford win long jump gold at London 2012 and Donovan Bailey win 100 metres gold in 1996. Outside track and field, he has coached football, NFL and tennis stars – including Maria Sharapova. Throughout his nearly 50 years in coaching, and his studies into the military, Dan has come to appreciate the value of service in providing meaning and enjoyment in life, and in this episode he talks about the importance of building a network and giving back. Dan also shares wisdom around resilience, optimism, self-talk and gratitude – and explains the importance of knowing what makes you tick as well as understanding what you need to help you calm down and be able to understand other people's perspectives.


23 Jul 2020