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Thursday, May 13 - Open Phones and Chris Hoffman

Talk Back

We talked about 12-15 year old's now being elidable for the COVID-19 vaccine in Missoula. Former Sheriff Chris Hoffman talked about the Montana Guardian Fund.

1hr 10mins

13 May 2021

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Sexual debrief live between Gaia and Chris Hoffman- EP 136

My Orgasmic Life

Sexual Debrief with co-host Christopher Hoffmann on “My Orgasmic Life” podcast EP.136 Holistic Sexual Wellness, BDSM Wellness & Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gaia Morrissette and Christopher Hoffmann have a real raw and honest conversation about their own sexual experience with one another for the first time live.Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter, Sexuality,Graphic Language, Communication Gaia Covers on today show: Gaia and Christopher had a video sexy time with one another here is what happenedGaia shares with Christopher what she was really feeling and thinking at the timeChristoper shares with Gaia what she was really feeling and thinking at the timeHow they both lied to each other and self by making up a nice story about the distanceWhy it didn't go wellWhat they did rightShowcase how to hear the other person without taking it personallyHow to set boundariesHow ask for what you need and wantThis episode really showcases how to have honest raw , uncomfortable conversations with grace and easeTo come spend more time with Christopher Hoffmann www.heartingear.com Gaia is asking for support to help her pay for the overhead costs of running this show. For as little as $5 come support, play and interact with her in a deeper way. Become a Patron and receive all sorts of special privileges and bonus content https://www.patreon.com/myorgasmiclife*To keep exploring and expanding your learning with online courses visit https://succulent-living.teachable.com/ *** Call all coaches,healers, therapists and anyone who works with people that might have trauma come check out this Professional Trauma Recovery Training. https://succulent-living.teachable.com/p/trauma-recovery-professional-training-level-1 Join “My Orgasmic Life“ Podcast on Spreaker or Spotify or Apple podcast or Google Podcast or iHeartRadio or on your favourite podcast platform. You can also listen on my website https://www.succulentliving.com/blog/categories/my-orgasmic-life-podcast or download my new My Orgasmic Life App from google play store There is a whole world of playful, educational, healing and safe experiences to be discovered at https://gaiamorrissette.com/ Also don't forget to come frolic with Gaia on Social Media under Gaia Morrissette For all of your BDSM education, exploration and surrendering needs come visit Empress Gaia at https://www.empressgaia.com/ Looking to buy some toys visit “Come As You Are” my favourite high quality sex toy online store. https://www.comeasyouare.com?aff=succulentliving To get to know Christopher Hoffmann: As innovator and author Chris Hoffmann has appeared on network television, unscripted TV and the TEDx stage. More recently he is using costumes and erotic storytelling to hack or animate aspects of his inner creative intellect, to break down constructs and atomize them back over society as an act of love. Through these explorations to better understand himself and human nature, he has discovered by using the power of NO, he is able to maintain a certain peace, which allows him to be pulled forward by his next creative attraction. Website: www.heartingear.com Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/heartingear Twitter: https://twitter.com/heartingear Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/heartingear/ Any other social you prefer to the above: https://medium.com/@christopherhoffmann Christopher Latest Project is Hysteresis : www.hysteresis.world Learn more about Gaia Morrissette: Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery. She is also a BDSM Wellness expert, High Priestess and Pro-Dominatrix. For over 12 years she has been a renowned international speaker, trainer, facilitator, podcaster and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. Gaia is the founder of SucculentLiving.com, Empressgaia.com & Succulent living Online Education. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploringSponsored by Tickle.LifeTickle.Life is An inclusive content led market space for people and professionals to discover, connect and learn everything around sexual well being https://tickle.life/ Don't forget to come check out Tickle.Life Podcast that Gaia is the fabulous host of https://tickle.life/podcasts/tickle-life-podcast/ #honestconversation, #aftersextalk, #sexualdebrief, #women, #letstickle, #ticklelife, #happytickling, #sexualhealth, #gaiamorrissette, #holisticsexualwellness, #myorgasmiclife, #Orgasmicliving, #sex, #sexcoach, #sexshame, #succulentliving, #myorgasmiclifepodcast #relationship, #Relationshipadvice,#SexEducation,#sexual, #sexualwellness, #sexualwellnessspecialist, #shame


3 Oct 2020

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904 Together: Chris Hoffman

904 Together

Chris is the Executive Director of the Beaches Museum and History Park. We also discuss the Beaches 2.0 "Reboot" campaign as more restrictions are lifted. www.beachesmuseum.org--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tom-patton9/support


18 May 2020

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Chris Hoffman | Is Your Home Built to Last?

Utah Real Estate Podcast

How can you tell if you are purchasing a home that has "good bones"? How old is the furnace? What does that crack in the foundation mean? How is the electrical system wired? These are just a few questions to ask before purchasing a home. Just because a place might be pleasing to the eye doesn't always mean the structure is built to last. Chris Hoffman from Gurr Real Estate has a background in construction and has a passion for finding homes constructed with quality materials. The post Chris Hoffman | Is Your Home Built to Last? appeared first on Utah Real Estate Podcast.


5 Mar 2020

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Creating and Fostering Tribe, Trust and Family in your Business with Chris Hoffman

The Matt Lostaglia Show

Chris Hoffman joins us for another edition of Burn Your Boats where we hope to influence people to commit and take action in their own lives. Chris represents a huge portion of our population's work force today in being a restaurant owner and employing a whole load of employees! There are so many important insights Chris has about creating tribe and a culture of family in business which is so crucial especially when competing for good employees in an arena where they can walk out and grab a job with a competing wage fairly easily.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/matt-lostaglia/support

1hr 34mins

4 Oct 2019

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Creating and Fostering Tribe, Trust and Family in your Business with Chris Hoffman

Burn Your Boats

Chris Hoffman joins us for another edition of Burn Your Boats where we hope to influence people to commit and take action in their own lives. Chris represents a huge portion of our population's work force today in being a restaurant owner and employing a whole load of employees! There are so many important insights Chris has about creating tribe and a culture of family in business which is so crucial especially when competing for good employees in an arena where they can walk out and grab a job with a competing wage fairly easily.

1hr 34mins

4 Oct 2019

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SS095: Chris Hoffman

The Suit Soldier Podcast: Translating Military Excellence into Success After Service

Chris Hoffman is passionate about what he does and his energy matches it. He's a former marine that sees the value in military talent, so he spends his life coaching veterans on how to plug their talents into business. If you want to see the fully transcribed show notes, before to search for this episode at https://suitsoldier.com As always, leave a rating and review on iTunes


30 Sep 2019

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Chris Hoffman

The Astral World

Chris Hoffman has been keeping dream journals and day time journals for almost 30 years. Chris and I talk about Carl Jung and synchronicity. Enjoy!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theastralworld/support


24 Sep 2018

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Ep. 63 - Chris Hoffman Struggled Transitioning Out of The Marine Corps and Now Teaches Other How Transition Into Success

Success Champions

Chris Hoffmann Struggled to find his path after the Marine Corps. Found his footing in self-Help and network marketing and now helps transitioning veterans find their way, Chris is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Sales Trainer for an industry leading internet marketing firm, and founder of VET Training & Coaching, which exists to awaken, equip, & connect ambitious transitioning veterans to be top performers out of the uniform! Chris is a passion-driven performance coach, trainer, podcaster, & author of “10 Steps to Predicted Success Out of the Uniform.” He is a graduate and leader inside of the legendary personal/professional development company, Landmark Worldwide, where he has coached and empowered CEO’s, professional athletes, & thought leaders on how to be effective in life for the past 5 years. His weekly Podcast, The Ambitious VET, reaches an average of 1,000 viewers a week as he digs into the trenches with today’s top performing veterans living a passion driven life out of the uniform! Chris holds a Psychology Degree, Veteran Development Certificate from Blue Rio Strategies, & Personality Profiler Certification for Golden LLC. If you enjoyed this episode, please Comment Share and leave a review… Come Hang With US as WE Discuss The Show Join the Conversation in our Facebook Group Success Champions Each Sunday we send out an email with the 5 episodes that aired along with this interview Sign Up Here Affiliate Links - Which means if you click and buy our company will get paid... Audio Books have been a huge part of my journey. Audible changed the game by taking the books you love and turning them into Audio.... Check it out here https://amzn.to/2KeGXC5 Have you struggled with getting on podcasts? Have you found it difficult getting exposure? Check out what Abigail Sinclaire is doing with Human Network Connection


15 Aug 2018

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Vet Training and Coaching with Marine Veteran Chris Hoffman

Veteran On the Move

153: Chris Hoffmann VET Training and Coaching   On today’s episode, Joe Crane talks to Marine veteran Chris Hoffmann about how he inspires other veterans to seek a meaningful life outside of the military in Chris Hoffmann VET Training and Coaching.   Chris is an Marine turned coach, trainer and entrepreneur. He uses his own story to inspire other veterans. He knows first-hand how hard it is to find your individuality and passion of the brotherhood and sisterhood that you once held while serving.   Chris Hoffmann is the CEO and founder of VET Training and Coaching. Becoming a Man   Chris Hoffmann was born and raised in the in the suburbs of St. Louis in the town of St. Charles. Prior to joining the Marines, Chris was a guy seeking masculinity. His youth was spent trying to prove his masculinity to the world.   Chris found his purpose and sense of work ethic through playing baseball in school. He came to a crossroads at 18. Did he chase his dream as a professional baseball player or join the Marine Corps and escape from his small town and see the world?   When the recruiter told him he could play baseball in the Marines, quickly Chris made up his mind. Hard Lessons Learned The first key Chris discovered after about a year in Marine Corps. He got the job he wanted, he was driving big trucks as Motor T Operator. He was in MOS school and he had a 3 day liberty.   “We think the process should go a certain and envision it but it goes the way it’s supposed to” - Chris Hoffmann   Chris was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood about 2 hours from his home town. He took some of his buddies home with him to show them around. On the last night, he wound up getting a DUI while on liberty. His path through the Marines came crashing down immediately. He was reclassed to a combat cook.   To hear the rest of Chris’ lessons learned and how he can help you, download and listen to the entire episode Chris Hoffmann VET Training and Coaching. Leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you!   If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Chris Hoffmann VET Training and Coaching:   Who is Chris Hoffmann? ([1:30]) Baseball in the Marines? ([3:28]) Afghanistan lessons? ([7:00]) Issues after discharge? ([13:14]) What motivated Chris? ([17:52]) What is personal branding? ([22:28]) The Community ([27:15])   Episode Links:   Chris on LinkedIn VET Training and Coaching on LinkedIn VET website Facebook Community Group   Download Joe Crane’s Top 7 Paths to Freedom or get it on your mobile device. Text VETERAN to 38470. Join the Veteran on the Move on Facebook!   Check out Veteran on the Move on Facebook to connect with our guests! It’s also a great place where you can stay in touch with other veterans who are transitioning to entrepreneurship, and get updates and free gouge on the people programs and resources to help you in your transition to entrepreneurship.   The Veteran On the Move podcast has published over 150 episodes giving listeners the opportunity to hear in-depth interviews conducted by host Joe Crane featuring the people, programs and resources to assist veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship: Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard veterans, DOD, entrepreneurship, business, success, military spouse, transition, education, programs and resources.  Veteran On the Move has garnered over 500,000 listens verified through Stitcher Radio, Sound Cloud, Itunes and RSS Feed Syndication making it one of the most popular Military Entrepreneur Shows on the Internet Today.

20 Feb 2017