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Combat Sports Series Episode 1 w Dr Israel Halperin augmented feedback to fighters

Sleep4Performance Podcast

Dr Israel Halperin Completed his PhD in 2017 at the School of Medical and Health Sciences in Edith-Cowan University, Australia. His PhD thesis focused on augmented feedback as a tool to improve athletic performance, for which he was awarded the most outstanding PhD thesis in the School of Medical and Health Sciences. During his PhD period, Dr Halperin worked as a sports scientist in the Australian Institute of Sport. His role was to monitor, consult and assist the Olympic combat sports teams prepare for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Dr Halperin then joined Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, as a postdoctoral researcher for one year. He continued investigating the effects of feedback on physical performance. Dr Halperin published over 25 peer-reviewed articles and presented his work in over 15 international conferences. His studies have been cited over 350 times and are regularly covered on popular websites Recently, he was voted as one of the top ten sports scientists who strength coaches should know by Simplifaster.com. Dr Halperin has an extensive coaching background working with many national and international level athletes from a variety of sports. In addition, he works as a sports science consultant for the national Taekwondo and Muay-Thai coaches. https://www.halperin-lab.com/ Twitter @Israel_HalperinContact me at iandunican@sleep4performance.com.au www.sleep4performance.com.au You can also watch the video version of this podcast over at YouTube Sleep4Performance 

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9 Sep 2021

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Israel Halperin on the Science of Training for Mixed Martial Arts

The Better Movement Podcast

Sports scientist Israel Halperin has traveled the world competing in and coaching elite level kickboxing and MMA. In this podcast we talk about why athletes perform better when they can choose their exercises, the complexity of assessing fatigue, the use of RPE to guide training intensity, internal versus external cues, and the replication crisis in sports science. This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit toddhargrove.substack.com/subscribe

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4 May 2021

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#7. Getting specific! Discussing practice design with Dr. Israel Halperin

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

In this 7th episode I talk with Coach Israel Halperin. Dr Halperin has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Science, and currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel where he lectures and researches. With a rich history of participation in martial arts as a professional competitor and coach, Israel offers a rather unique academic and practical perspective towards training. In this episode, we discuss specific and non-specific training and how we might best balance effective skill development, risk/injury mitigation, and the value of various common training methods. Dr Halperin can be reached at https://twitter.com/Israel_Halperin and his research at https://www.israelhalperin.com . I very much hope he will be a returning guest on the Primal MMA coaching Podcast.

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16 Sep 2020

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114 – Interview with Israel Halperin, Skill Acquisition Training & Research, Cueing, Combat Sports

The Perception & Action Podcast

A discussion with Israel Halperin, combat sports coach and researcher from Tel Aviv, Israel. We discuss the use of focus of attention cues, the role of athlete autonomy in training programs, how S&C and Skill Acq can better support each other, and how to improve the research methods we are using in motor learning.   More information about my guest: https://twitter.com/israel_halperin?lang=en https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Israel_Halperin/contributions http://complementarytraining.net/podcast-12-training-chats-with-israel-and-mladen-episode-1/ More information: http://perceptionaction.com/ My Research Gate Page (pdfs of my articles) My ASU Web page Podcast Facebook page (videos, pics, etc) Subscribe in iOS/Apple Subscribe in Anroid/Google Support the podcast and receive bonus content Credits: The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action Mark Lanegan - Saint Louis Elegy via freemusicarchive.org and jamendo.com


17 Jul 2018

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SPP - Episode 69 - Dr. Israel Halperin - Metascience: Strengthening Sports & Exercise Sciences, Internal Validity of Research & A Rationale for Case Studies

Synapse Performance Podcast

In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Israel Halperin.  Israel has just completed post-doctoral research at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Israel completed his PhD at Edith-Cowan University, Australia in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). His research focusing on the effect of coaching feedback on performance of resistance trainees and combat sport athletes.  Israel worked with the four Olympic Combat sports in the AIS Combat Centre.  Israel is also a former international competitor in Muay Thai, and now coaches elite level kickboxers.  In this episode, we discuss metascience in the sports and exercise sciences. Essentially we discuss some limitations and considerations which we need to be aware of when both conducting and interpreting research. 


30 Jun 2018

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24: The Science Of Personal Training For Coaches & Clients w/ Israel Halperin PhD

N1 Fitness Podcast

Israel Halperin PhD is on the show today and we’re chatting all about getting the most out of your personal training clients and clients getting the most out of their trainers. Specifics include… Internal and external focus during a set (how to cue effectively) Knowledge of repetition endpoints prior to exercise Allowing clients to make choices during their session Using language and cueing effectively for individuals When to use more or less feedback during a session Take home tips and practical implications for trainers and clients Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! -- Connect w/ Israel: Research Gate – Research Website Facebook  |  Twitter -- Would you like to be coached by Marcus? Contact him HERE! Online Nutritional Coaching Online Workout Design Personal Training Connect w/ Marcus: Facebook  |  Instagram  |   YouTube  |  Twitter 


7 May 2018

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SNR #217: Israel Halperin, PhD - Combat Sport Science, S&C Coaching & Motor Learning (Guest Hosted by Ciaran O' Regan)

Sigma Nutrition Radio

Special guest host Ciaran O' Regan interviews Dr. Israel Halperin about research and application of S&C coaching. Israel is a post-doctoral researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Israel completed his PhD at Edith-Cowan University, Australia in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). His research centered on the effects coaching feedback has on the performance of resistance trained subjects and combat sport athletes. Israel spent the 3 years working with the four Olympic Combat sports in the AIS Combat Centre as a sport scientist. Over the years Israel has trained many world-class combat sport athletes as an S&C and Muay Thai coach. Israel has international competition experience in Muay Thai, and has spent 2 years in the U.S and a year in Thailand for training and competition purposes. He also holds two black belts. In This Episode We Discuss: Israel's background as athlete, coach and scientist The role of strength and conditioning in open loop sports and the cost to benefit analysis of GPP vs SPP An evidence-based approach to designing combat sports training sessions Becoming comfortable with the uncertainty and chaos of working with humans Humility as a scientist and a coach and being willing to change our views in light of evidence Becoming aware of our biases and what to do about them This episode is brought to you by Health IQ. To see if you qualify, get your free quote today at healthiq.com/sigma or mention the promo code SIGMA when you talk to a Health IQ agent.

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6 Feb 2018

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Episode 49: Israel Halperin- The Science Of Coaching


Israel Halperin is at the final stages of his PhD conducted through Edith-Cowan University in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). His thesis deals with the effects coaching feedback have on performance of resistance trained subjects and combat athletes. Israel spent the past 3 years working with the four Olympic Combat sports in the AIS Combat Centre as a sport scientist. Throughout the years he trained dozens of world class athletes for competition as an S&C and a Muay Thai coach. Israel has international competition experience in Muay Thai. He spent 2 years in the U.S and a year in Thailand for training and competition purposes, and holds two black belts.In this podcast, Israel and I discuss the following:Question 1: What is attentional focusing instructions and what effect does it have on performance?Question 2: Can you explain which effect choices have on motor skill learning and performance?Question 3: You have also done studies on knowledge of exercise endpoint during repeated maximal voluntary contractions. Could you tell us more about that?Question 4: Regarding coaching cues, how does different feedbacks affect the performance of the athlete?Question 5: What is the take home messages and practical applications?


16 Aug 2017

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Complementary Training Podcast #11: Interview with Israel Halperin

Complementary Training Podcast

In episode eleven of Complementary Training Podcast I am talking to Israel Halperin. Israel is a PhD candidate and Muay Thai coach from Tel-Aviv, Israel, who I’ve met in Canberra while he was with Australian Institute of Sport. Israel is someone with the skin in the game, to paraphrase Nassim Taleb. Someone who has walked the walk as a Muay Thai fighter, and continues to do so by training competitive athletes in Muay Thai and Boxing, as well as doing his PhD. Hence, he is the guy who can talk two languages – coach language and researcher language. I believe his is a true gem in this field. In the following episode, we have discussed numerous topics, ranging from agile periodization, confounders in training research, dealing with uncertainty and many others. The format was more of a casual chat of two friends, which we are, rather than an interview. I am pretty sure it will make you think. Before we switch to the chat with Israel, I want to thank our sponsor Smartabase for making this episode possible. Enjoy the listening. You can reach Israel through his twitter @Israel_Halperin and through his Research Gate.

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20 Dec 2016