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Developing a Growth Marketing Strategy with Dev Basu

The Virtual CPA Success Show for Creative Agencies

"It's actually easy to be cheap and it's easy to be a generalist. It's relatively hard to be narrow because you have to take that leap of faith and suspend your disbelief that you'll be pigeonholed into only working with a specific kind of client or selling a specific kind of product" - Dev BasuThe finer details of this episode What is Powered by Search? How does it help businesses and agencies?Why is narrowing your niche an important first step?Common mistakes business/agencies makeHow positioning affects pricing and perceived valueEpisode resourcesSummit CPA website - www.summitcpa.netEmail us with questions - vcfo@summitcpa.net Tweet Dev - www.twitter.com/devbasuPowered by Search - www.poweredbysearch.com 


25 May 2021

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9 Revenue Accelerators for creating an unstoppable SaaS with Dev Basu, Powered by Search

The SaaS Revolution Show

Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search, is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. Subscribe to the podcast.


18 Feb 2021

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How to Audit Your Agency in 15 Minutes, With Dev Basu- Episode 54

The Agency Profit Podcast

The Importance of an Agency Audit Process Firstly, before we tackle the Agency Audit Worksheet itself, which Dev has kindly shared with us here… I want to address the importance of process auditing, and what it is about Dev’s process that makes auditing so valuable. “If you don’t know where you are, and you know where you want to go, it’s very hard to be able to get there. And so, if you don’t know what’s broken, you don’t know what to fix.” In short, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. There is a certain false narrative that exists around traditional forms of coaching, whereby it’s a set formula for success – “if it worked for me, it should work for you too.” Such a mindset doesn’t, for example, take in the combination of luck, timing, plus the necessary business acumen required. This is why Dev and his team created their audit framework. Bringing it down to its simplest form, said framework is based on three key principles… It doesn’t replicate someone else’s success playbook; your business is differentIt underscores the importance of self-assessment – so you can lie to everybody but yourself about the state of your businessIt’s extremely user friendly, with it only taking 15 minutes to complete As for what it comprises of? It’s a sequence of specifically worded questions, nine in total. These questions will uncover both profit centers in your business, as well as cost centers, plus items you can then fine-tune. Each one of these items are revenue accelerators that help you grow your agency. Learning about and growing your business is the sequencing. Knowing what to focus on, and when to focus on it is critical. Going through exercises like this audit is what helps you uncover your agency’s next logical step. Have You Downloaded the Audit Yet?! I sure hope so, because me and Dev are about to dive into the detail of his Audit Framework at the 6:50 minute mark. The Audit is geared for a very specific purpose. It’s going to help you find ways to make your first million dollars, annual revenue in your business, or it’s going to help you find your next million dollars. If you want to think about growth in your agency, there are three things you need to do… Attract: have a way to attract the right kinds of leads and then turn them into clientsConvert: Define a way for converting them using a sales process that actually worksDeliver: Look at the way you can deliver results The delivery step is obviously a lot more complex than that. By way of expanding on that point, Dev says… “That’s basically where you need to look at the way you have either productized your IP – and created a process for delivering results – or a way for delegating and leveraging the talent you actually have, plus a process for systemizing wins.” Understanding How Well You Can Scale It always starts with the ‘Attract’ portion of the scale; you don’t have any leads, no one in your pipeline, and therefore no clients to sell or do delivery work for. So, the first thing we look for is a narrowing your niche (or your “nitch”, if you happen to be American). What you want to focus on in the question over in the Attract section is how to narrowly focus your positioning. You want to be seen as a specialist agency, solving a specific problem, for a specific kind of client. All of those things together create this narrow sense of positioning. As for how to get a gauge of your positioning, Dev details the below litmus tests indicating you may have a score in the red zone…“If you think about whatever it is you do – be it web design, SEO, PPC content, whatever it might be in the digital realm – if you were to take your website, and your main competitor’s website, and you simply swap the logos, would your clients even know the difference when they go on the website? If the answer is ‘No – they wouldn’t know the difference because, on the tenant, it all seems the same’, then you’re definitely in the Red Zone.” Dev digs into the Red, Yellow, and Green zones, plus Horizontal and Vertical Focus, from the 10:48 minute mark Attract: Building Your AuthorityNow, to the next step. The question here, simply put, is: How easy is it for your clients to quickly and easily comprehend, plus accept, that your agency is the best in the market?When you have that amazing credibility, everything gets easier. The query really centers around is “What have you put in place to build that authority over time to be omnipresent in the minds of your ideal clients?” For more on this kind of concept, we have a great interview with David C. Baker who literally wrote the book on Expertise.To summarise the ‘Attract’ portion; we’ve addressed…Narrowing your nicheBuilding your authority, i.e. how are you perceived as an authority for that particular nicheFill Funnel, i.e. how successful is your marketing strategy to generate inbound leadsTo hear Dev expand upon Fill Funnels, shimmy yourselves along to the 16:38 minute mark Convert: Auditioning Prospects…Now that we’ve tackled the Attract section, now we move forth to Convert. The first step here is Auditioning Prospects. Essentially, this is a contrarian way of considering how to engage with potential clients.“The average agency has a contact us button on their site. They’ve got a little form, which asks nothing. There’s no real direction other than ‘Tell us what you think’ and there’s a send button. However, If you think about what comes in through that contact form, it’s every type of potential requests that you can get… “But how can you convert this to a lead? Get on the phone and be interrogated by a potential prospect for 45 minutes, only for you to come away with no information Nope. Their one-sided fact-finding mission could easily have been done if you put more succinct content on your website. In essence, what you want to do is flip that role so you get to audition your prospects instead. At this point, some of you reading/listening are invariably thinking, “Eh, what the hell are you talking about? How can I get a client to jump through all those hoops when I can barely get them on a call?” To you good people, I say, it ALL comes back to the Attract section. If you’ve done a good job of positioning yourselves, building expertise, and therefore gaining access to more business than we need – THEN you have the leverage to start taking control of the sales process. Dev delves it the subsequent ‘Convert’ points of Master Proposals and Close Consistently from the 23:42 minute mark Deliver: Leverage Talent…Again, if you’re following along and filling out the worksheet, add up your scores and get your average. Now, we’re gonna move on to the last section, which is Deliver.Deliver is – again – all about three things, the first of which is being able to work your team and then the problem. It involves Leveraging Your Talent by delegating great work to them.The second part looks at Productizing Your IP, so that there’s a process that is uniquely yours. It’s your methodology. It’s rooted in facts and science, as opposed to words that sound great in marketing meetings, but mostly fall apart in delivery. It is all about taking your hive mind; the brain trust of everyone in your business, and getting them to create a structured and deliberate way of how you do things at your firm. You should find out just how structured and compelling your methodology is for delivering client results – plus if everyone in your agency knows how to refer to this when marketing, selling, and delivering for clients.Lastly, Dev discusses the process for Systemizing Wins, which involves your ability to reduce any volatility you have with clients. IN short, you want to raise the bar so that all of your clients have a greater average degree of success working with you. That goal is only possible if you train your team on things like retention, referrals, renewals, and revenue expansion as well. Dev discusses Leveraging Talent in depth from the 28:15 mark, while Productize IP and Systemize Wins are broken down at 29:17 and 31:23 minutes respectively Deciphering Your Score for Self AssessmentYou’ve got your scores under each section. Now, get the averages for the Attract, the Convert, and the Deliver section. For example, if you score a ‘6’ on Attract, an ‘8’ on Convert, and ‘4’ on Delivery – add all those up, divide by 3, and that is your score.That’s exactly where you’re at right now, with ’10’ being Best in Market and ‘1’ being the worst. The difference between ‘1’ and ’10’ is many millions of dollars. You could literally be looking at a $5million to $8 million annual recurring revenue range.Below is Dev’s Million Dollar Agency Model Self-Assessment. It’s a ‘traffic light system’ and a gauge of where your company currently stands. Simply color in those parts you now know are either Red, Yellow, or Green. Let’s say; if you average a Yellow score in the Fill Funnels section because you’re not generating enough leads, color it yellow. The result is a color-coded model to help you hone in on the areas you need to build on.Also, really study the areas that are the reddest and the yellowest; these indicate the bottlenecks within the business that are holding you back from being able to scale, and either find your first million or your next million dollars. Over the course of time, you’ll be able to work through making those from a red to a yellow, and a yellow to a green. Your revenues will go up, you’ll have happier clients, and your team is going to be happier. Retention rates will go up and then, finally, profitability will go up as well.And that – dear readers – leads to more money, fun and freedom!Key TakeawayYou have people, you have processes, and then you have clients that you apply the processes to. They’re a trifecta that winds up working together as an overall system. You must also define the optimum way of taking ideas from your brain and acting on them succinctly and strategically while sequencing it all correctly. Dev’s Audit will make all of this clearer.If you’ve not been busy beavering away on your self-audit already, do make sure you check it out and fill that model in; it’s a VERY useful way to visualize the weak spots within your agency.Lastly, I want to discuss something super exciting for us. Full transparency here… you’re going to start hearing ads for the first time. Inside of our podcasts. This is a milestone moment for us. We have our first ever sponsor and – yes, you guessed it – that sponsor is Dev.When Dev approached me, saying “Hey, what would it look like for us to do this together?” I wanted to ensure this collaboration would be something that adds a tremendous amount of value to our audience. I’m not prepared to subject our audience to adverts that aren’t beneficial to them.Therefore, we devised a mutually beneficial concept of recording the episode and creating a special offer that’s exclusive to us here at The Agency Profit Podcast. Dev has kindly offered the opportunity to schedule 30 minutes to go through this assessment with him. To clarify, we’re not proposing a pure sales call; Dev is a person that I go to for advice. Consider it an opportunity to learn if Dev’s vast skillset in a coaching capacity is a good fit for your agency.Should you want Dev to personally review your Audit, plus gain clarity on where opportunities may be in your business, he will host via milliondollaragency.coach/audit Once you’ve booked your call, this is what you can expect…“First, we’re going to go broad – like, tell me more about what’s been going on in your business, where your situation is at right now. Then, we’re going to go deep and look at what factors are holding you back. You’ll know some of those based on the self-assessment, and we may have a conversation about the possible root causes surrounding that. The main thing I offer is to make the boat go faster, to shorten that learning curve. It’s not about gaining content; there’s plentiful content on the web. The key thing is access and accountability, and that’s the way I work one-on-one with my clients.”As for what you’ll get? 24/7 access to Dev – especially if you have Voxer. You can just shoot him a message and he can help you out in the moment. You may, like one of Dev’s clients, add another 240k to your business…Want to see more from Dev? You can do that via…TwitterLinkedInPowered By SearchAudit WorkbookFree Agency Audit by DevDev’s Coaching ProgrammeDid you learn anything new from this episode? Let us know in the comments below! Our next installment of #APP, on February 24th, will see us chat with Dan Englander. While our previous blog with Trent Dyrsmid is over here…


10 Feb 2021

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The 9 Systems to Grow Your Agency to Seven Figures with Dev Basu (GMT126)

Growth Marketing Today

Get the free growth cheat sheets with all actionable notes, takeaways, and tips from the latest episode in a one-page PDF at https://growthtoday.fm/126With the right systems in place, you can grow a business predictably and sustainably, even in uncertain times. This is especially true for freelancers and agency owners.In this episode, Dev Basu, founder and chief experience officer of Powered by Search, shares the nine systems he created to bootstrap and scale his agency to a multi seven-figure business in just a few years.In episode 126, you’ll learn: How Dev got his first-ever client Three steps to figuring out your niche The most overlooked aspect to growing a business Sponsor For This EpisodeLinkedIn is an undiscovered golden mine for many advertisers. One thing I love about advertising on LinkedIn is how you can target by very exclusive criteria that you will not find anywhere else, such as company growth rate, job seniority, job titles, skills and more.  Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness, LinkedIn advertising can help you reach your business goals. Get a $100 advertising credit toward your first LinkedIn campaign for free at https://linkedin.com/growthtoday★ Support this podcast ★


28 Jan 2021

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Pivoting Messaging During COVID-19 with Dev Basu (Powered by Search)

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Dev Basu, Founder and CEO at Powered by Search, joins the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast to discuss "Pivoting Messaging During COVID-19."


19 Jun 2020

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How To Gain Awareness Through Measurement & Reflection with Dev Basu

Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

SHOW NOTES (www.mikejamesreid.com) Dev Basu is the founder of Powered by Search, a performance media and digital marketing agency that helps b2b software technology companies such as Clio, Clickfunnels, and Shutterstock on how to create relevant user experiences that get them more attention, build connections, and drive conversion.  In 2018, Powered by Search’s work has driven over $2.4 billion in annual sales, directly attributable to the Intent Engine methodology applied successfully to SEO, Direct Response Paid Search and Social.  In this episode, Dev talks about gaining awareness through measurement and reflection, and the important role that journaling plays in the process. Dev also explores several dichotomies, including how limiting beliefs can serve us but also hold us back, and how business and relationships can co-exist. Enjoy! Highlights: How to gain awareness through measurement and reflection The dichotomy of limiting beliefs - how they can serve us but also hold us back The simple shift you should make on how you ask questions How to deal with highly-driven people Why getting better comes from understanding and learning rather than blame The fear of identity and choosing to be happy The dichotomy of short-term planning versus long-term planning and which approach works best How Dev conducts his quarterly and annual planning and the role journaling plays The dichotomy of relationships and business, including Dev’s philosophy of marriage Resources: Dev’s Facebook Dev’s Twitter Dev’s LinkedIn DevBasu.com Poweredbysearch.com QBQ! The Question Behind The Question by John Miller Muse Headband Before you go...If you liked this episode, please subscribe and leave a review! > It helps the Podcast spread and reach more ears, so your support is greatly appreciated! Dent Global is launching in Toronto in 2019. Visit www.mikejamesreid.com to learn more and grab a copy of the Revised Edition of the book, Key Person of Influence by Mike Reid & Daniel Priestley.

1hr 7mins

6 Nov 2019

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How Do You Build a Million Dollar Digital Marketing Agency - Dev Basu

Ameer Approved

How Do You Build a Million Dollar Marketing Agency - Dev Basu In this episode, Dev Basu gives you a master class on what it took to build Power by Search into one of the most sought-after marketing agencies. He goes all-in with his strategies from wins to losses and why he choose to switch to a virtual company mode Guest Dev Basu https://www.poweredbysearch.com/ https://devbasu.com/ Dev Basu is the founder of Powered by Search, a performance media and digital marketing agency that helps b2b software technology companies such as Clio, Clickfunnels, and Shutterstock on how to create relevant user experiences that get them more attention, build connections, and drive conversion. In 2018, Powered by Search’s work has driven over $2.4 billion in annual sales, directly attributable to the Intent Engine methodology applied successfully to SEO, Direct Response Paid Search, and Social.

1hr 5mins

27 Sep 2019

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The 9 Systems Every Agency Needs to Grow and Scale with Dev Basu

The Agency Profit Podcast

About Dev:Dev Basu is the founder of one of Canada’s fastest growing agencies - Powered By Search, he’s also the founder of Million Dollar Agency and is a Professor at the Seneca College School of Marketing.After growing powered by search to to multi 7 figure revenue he’s shifted his focus to helping other agencies move to and beyond the 7 figure mark and accelerate their growth.He’s truly one of the best agency operators I’ve met through my years of working with agencies and one of the best teachers in the coaching space.Follow Dev Online:Powered by Search: [CLICK HERE]Million Dollar Agency: [CLICK HERE]LinkedIn: [CLICK HERE]Twitter: [CLICK HERE] 


25 Sep 2019

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24: How to build an Intent Engine with Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search

How To SaaS

On Episode 42, Shiv Narayanan interviews Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search, on how SaaS companies can build an Intent Engine to attract, engage and convert prospects into paying users.

1hr 2mins

15 Apr 2018

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Bootstrapping A Digital Agency to 7 Figures And Beyond With Dev Basu

The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life

Dev Basu is the founder of Canada’s fastest growing digital agency, Powered By Search. He is a polymath who wears many hats – CEO, author, professor, public speaker, startup advisor, investor, amateur chef, and travel hacker. Dev helps companies double or triple how fast they grow through world class marketing. Over the last 10 years,…

24 Jul 2017