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Episode 232: Yoda Is Totally Gangster!!! With Special Guest Natashia Mower!!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast

Natashia Mower, the fifth Sweetie joins us this week! You’ve heard this joke 50 times, thank you for laughing. Confirming insecurities. Mostly cellulite. Magnificent is a hard word. General Asianness. Speaking of exposing it to children… I would rather fly with Samuel L. Jackson. Denzel Washington taught me that cocaine fixes everything. F@#$ Texas and F#$% Ohio. Not trying to generalize, but we are.

1hr 10mins

21 Sep 2016

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Episode 194: Not a Danish Cookie!! With Guest Natashia Mower!!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast

That’s what I’m going to say if I ever punch someone. Like if Bruce Wayne was Mr. Mom. Superheroes in and out of costume. Not your cocaine, my cocaine! For the bulge! 50% of the time Danish cookies are sewing supplies. Respect the bits! The Walking Degrassi? You’re not a Judd Apatow movie! Special guest co-host, Natashia Mower!

1hr 38mins

16 Dec 2015

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Episode 156: Cry On My Cookie!!!! With 5th Sweetie, Natashia Mower!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast

I think he gave her the go ahead to try it herself. Holding it for a friend. Natashia thinks she is better than us, because she has no shame. Stripper shortcake. Nana Frost yells at the cloud. Take back your air jizz. Why didn’t they call it “Guardians of the Fallacy?” He is giving me the vapors… Put a gear on it. Are you talking about dicks again? Let’s eat sad cookies and stare at our faces. People night, featuring women!

1hr 15mins

25 Mar 2015

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#160 - Natashia Mower

I am Salt Lake

Local Salt Lake City stand up comedian Natashia Mower joins me on this episode of the podcast. We find out her story, what got her interested in stand up, the local stand up scene, some projects she is working on, and everything else in between.  Thanks for listening. Please share with your family and friends.  Follow me on twitter @iamsaltlake


8 Mar 2015

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Episode 143: Penetration in the Podcast!! With Special Guests Jay Whittaker and Natashia Mower!!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast

Special guests Jay Whittaker and Natashia Mower! It’s Jay’s first time! Mormon skiiers. Radder Day Saints. I got science jizz coming out of my hands. Marvel turns into Skynet?  Gilbert Godfried should always just play Iago. Hiking is hard. Rebecca gets puny. This is what choosing your words wisely sounds like. Fresh Prince doesn’t look so fresh any more. We want to be in your friend zone! #slcfriendzone

1hr 31mins

17 Dec 2014

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Episode 138: Science in the Front, Party in the Back! with Special Guest Natashia Mower!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast

Super funny special guest Natashia Mower!!! Rebecca is away flaunting her celeb status. Marvel is just crying at the victim’s table. The force is so sleepy… Should have taken the Ouija board to see Gone Girl.Making movies is hard, let’s just end it here. Walking Dead Spoilers… 1:05.10 to 1:18.24. Dr. Hugh the gyno, specializing in awkward diagnosis. Bears will smell the menstruation and then we’re going to have a bear problem.

1hr 56mins

12 Nov 2014

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OUR 083: “Natashia Mower, Mike Grover & Steve Soelberg”


If you put Natashia Mower, Mike Grover and Steve Soelberg in a room with microphones you have radio gold. Enjoy. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/our/our-ep083.mp3

1hr 24mins

12 Jul 2014