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ASG 082 – Membership Site + Learning Management System Automation feat. Nathalie Lussier of AccessAlly

All Systems Go! with Chris L. Davis

Do you want a deeper and more personalized learning experience for your customers? In this episode Chris is joined by Nathalie Lussier to talk about her software AccessAlly. Nathalie is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been making web sites since she was 12 years old. She graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a…


3 Jun 2021

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Leaving Social Media and Re-Investing in Organic Growth with Nathalie Lussier

Break the Ceiling

Have you thought about leaving Facebook? Or what would happen if you pulled your advertising and ditched the Facebook pixel? How are YOU getting feedback about whether or not your marketing efforts are "worth it"? All this month, I've been talking about digital privacy and online security and sharing how I researched and implemented a privacy-first marketing strategy for my business. So far, I’ve talked to Paul Jarvis on privacy-focused alternatives to Google Analytics, Jessica Robinson on how to assess your business's online security, and Kim Herrington about how focusing on SEO became a big part of my marketing effort as I focused on respect for individual data privacy. If you missed those episodes, I recommend you go give them a listen because they include a lot of background on this whole experiment and how it came about. This week, I wanted to talk about social media because social media platforms are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to data privacy issues. They track every move we make, what we say near our phones, where we go while we have them... all of it. When it came to my privacy-focused experiment, there wasn't much for me to do, other than pulling the plug on social media platforms completely. I'm not very active on any platform besides Twitter, which I use to build relationships with mostly peers and other business friends, not so much as a lead-gathering system. I also committed to not buying ads on Facebook or Instagram... but since I hadn't been doing that before, there wasn't much of a change. I also committed to not using the Facebook tracking pixel, but again, since I hadn't been using it before, there wasn't anything to remove or change there either. BUT... these ARE major marketing channels for LOTS of small businesses, and it's an important part of the decision-making process if you're thinking about your own marketing from a perspective of privacy, so I wanted to bring on someone who did go through this evaluation process and implemented their OWN experiment. Meet Nathalie Lussier. Nathalie has been making websites since she was 12 years old, so she's been living in the online world for quite a while. She's the founder of AccessAlly, which is a digital course and membership solution. And about a year ago, she took the Facebook tracking pixel off her website, and then left Instagram as a platform, both for her business and personally. Listen to the full episode to hear: How Nathalie made the decision to drop the pixel and leave Instagram What she does instead now and we talk about how to get real, actionable data while still respecting people's privacy AND holding true to her own desire not to support Facebook as a company.  The projects and ideas that I'm still working on implementing for ScaleSpark when it comes to digital privacy Learn more about Nathalie Lussier: accessally.com 30daylistbuildingchallenge.com @nathlussier on Twitter AccessAlly on Facebook Learn more about Susan: Scalespark Dollars + Decisions Roundtable Twitter @ScaleSpark LinkedIn @thesusanboles Resources:Transistor.fm (affiliate)


23 Feb 2021

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23/ Nathalie Lussier: People are what matter most in business

Starting Now

Nathalie Lussier is the founder of AccessAlly. In this episode we dive into her journey and learn how her diverse entrepreneurial endeavors (from raw food to business consulting and live events) eventually led her to start her software company. - AccessAlly: The most flexible WordPress LMS and membership plugin for today's entrepreneur - 30 Day List Building Challenge As always, this episode of Starting Now is brought to you by BYLT. At BYLT we help you get started online. Whether you want to start a blog or a business head on over to BYLT.co to get started. Subscribe to Starting Now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also watch the video interview on YouTube. And, finally, if you're enjoying our podcasts and care to learn more about us, at SPYR we build minimalist businesses and we help you start your own at BYLT. Find the full transcript and more at BYLT.co/nathalie-lussier


4 Feb 2021

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3. Nathalie Lussier on Changing the Focus From Head to Heart

The Lucra Life™

Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been making web sites since she was 12 years old. She graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street, but she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college. As the founder of AccessAlly, the powerful digital course and membership solution for industry leaders, she believes that access to education can help defy stereotypes and make the world a better place while providing a sustainable livelihood for enterprising teachers. Nathalie has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, and Mashable.


31 Mar 2020

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EP86: Ditching the Pixel with Nathalie Lussier of AccessAlly

The DigitalMarketer Podcast

You read this episode’s title correctly. In this episode, Jenna interviews Nathalie Lussier, Founder of AccessAlly, to talk about marketing in the age of privacy and why Nathalie chose to go against the grain of marketing by opting out of using pixels and retargeted ads. As new regulations are enforced, she shows us it’s possible to succeed without the data we’re so used to having—but only if it’s the right decision for your business. Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to The DigitalMarketer Podcast? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on iTunes and leave us a review! iTunes not your thing? Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, or at DigitalMarketer.com.


6 Feb 2020

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Evolutionary Biz 2011: Nathalie Lussier

Wealth Alchemy Lab

This is an interview from the Evolutionary Biz 2011. The links have expired, but the content is still awesome which is why I put this interview on the podcast! To find out more about Nathalie Lussier, go to https://nathalielussier.com/


16 Sep 2019

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207: Interview: 30 Day Challenge Founder Nathalie Lussier

The Kelsey Show

The Kelsey Show is brought to you by motivational comedian & international keynote speaker Kelsey Humphreys. Book her to speak at your event, or buy one of her “hilarious and helpful” books, workbooks and swag on her website: http://kelseyhumphreys.com. For relevant show notes, links, photos and more from this specific episode, check out the searchable archives at http://kelseyhumphreys.com/podcast ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Blogger, award-winning entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and founder of AmbitionAlly Nathalie Lussier discusses how she has explored her passions, going from one successful business to another. Kelsey here, thanks so much for listening! If you stumbled upon my show and you’re confused about the format (Why do I say good morning every time? Why are some episodes totally different?) be sure and check out the very first episode where I explain my special brand of podcast craziness. I am passionate about motivating you and making you laugh, about breaking down personal growth for us and making becoming our best selves more FUN! If you like what you hear, I hope you will subscribe and download a bunch of episodes! I’d love to hear from you personally! The best place to connect with me is still good ol’ Facebook: http://facebook.com/kelseyshow To see “vlog” content of my day to day life, watch my Instastories: http://instagram.com/thekelseyshow The spot to watch the amazing celebrity interviews is YouTube: http://youtube.com/c/thekelseyshow And if you’re still reading this you must really dig me (it’s mutual boo!) so you should make sure you don’t miss any of the new stuff each week by sign up for my monthly digest email. It’s once a month with all the goods in one place because ain’t nobody got time to keep with it all, am I right?! Sign up at http://kelseyhumphreys.com/podcast


3 Jul 2019

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Nathalie Lussier and AccessAlly

How I Built It

Nathalie Lussier is has created a unique, powerful LMS plugin for WordPress that people seem to love. That's because Nathalie, on top of using the product herself, listens to her customers. In this episode, she'll give us lots of great advice for how to grow our business and improve customer relationships. … Nathalie Lussier and AccessAllyRead More »

5 Feb 2019

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Ep 75 How to sell marketing funnels to customers with Nathalie Lussier from AccessAlly

The Sell Your Service Show

How to sell marketing funnels with Nathalie Lussier from AccessAlly! This week I'm extremely happy to talk to Nathalie Lussier from AccessAlly, about selling marketing funnels to customers. AccessAlly is a course and membership plugin for WordPress, with LOADS of amazing marketing funnel features. In this episode I'm going to talk about how those features and tools, inside AccessAlly can help us sell marketing funnels to customers. Nathalie offers great insight into what customers are looking for, how to show them what we can do for them and how selling marketing funnels doesn't have to be complicated. Nathalie's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nathalielussierAccessAlly: http://bit.ly/2D5ITGy


4 Feb 2019

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Creating the Ultimate Challenge to Build Your Business with Nathalie Lussier


Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the creator of the 30-Day List Building Challenge. She created her first website at the age of 12 and, later,  graduated from college with a Software Engineering degree. She refused a job offer from Wall Street to start her own business. Together with her husband, Nathalie currently runs her online software business, and has been featured in Inc. Magazine, FastCompany, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. Nathalie joins me to share how to create the ultimate challenge to build your business. She shares how she developed her idea for the 30-Day List Building Challenge as well as the strategies she uses to motivate people to finish the challenge. She also explains how to include tripwires in your marketing strategy as well as the lessons she has learned throughout her journey as an online entrepreneur. “Getting people engaged and getting them the results you promised is really what it’s all about.” - Nathalie Lussier In This Episode of The Sigrun Show: How Nathalie got into online business How the 30-Day List Building Challenge helps her current online software business What is a tripwire and how it works How PopupAlly and AccessAlly have prepared for the GDPR regulation changes How to create free content to encourage your audience to complete your challenge What gamification is, how it works, and ways to implement it Key Takeaways: The natural progression from list building is to launch something. Think about putting yourself in the shoes of the person taking this course or this program. Think about how busy their life is and how they’re trying to fit this into their schedules. When creating content for your free course, do shorter videos and easy-to-digest type of content. Use psychology and motivation to encourage challenge-takers to complete your course. Think about prizes that complement the kind of content you are creating. Resources Mentioned: Coursera Connect with Nathalie Lussier: AmbitionAlly PopupAlly Pro AccessAlly 30-Day List Building Challenge Please share, subscribe and review on iTunes Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Sigrun Show. If you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review on iTunes or Google Play Music so more people can enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Get Your Free Training Through my own entrepreneurial journey and by training thousands of online entrepreneurs I’ve identified 7 STAGES of a Profitable Online Business. Get free access to the 7 Stages training videos and take your online business to the next stage.


8 Jun 2018