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Ep.14 KEREN BALA DEVAN is Malaysia First!! Qam wants to move to Malaysia! Muz finally says a race joke!! (Feat. Keren Bala Devan)

How to Malay

Special guest host, KEREN BALA DEVAN, joins us this week!! We talk Malaysian politics, why Qam is thinking about moving to Malaysia and Muz shares the race joke he didn't want to say last week!! Join us every Monday for a new episode of How to Malay!! Follow @KerenBDT on all his socials! 

1hr 16mins

9 Nov 2020

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No Journalistic Integrity in WhatsApp Copy-Pastes (Keren Bala Devan) - #52

Mentol Pecah

Keren Bala Devan (@kerenbdt) returns! We recorded this episode immediately after the PKPB announcement for Selangor/KL and had a LOT to process. We discuss how Keren and Muz differ in their approach with comedy during a pandemic, how to manage our heightened emotions, and we also rant a lot in general. Enjoy!

1hr 6mins

13 Oct 2020

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The Animal Crossing Episode (Keren Bala Devan) - #037

Mentol Pecah

Keren Bala Devan (@kerendbt) talks about how and why he developed his ranty style of comedy, but the rest of the episode is literally just about Animal Crossing. Muz shares the story of how he was worried Keren wouldn't like it, Keren shares his experience as a newbie into the world of AC, and they both talk about the game in a lot of nerdy ways. Yes yes.


28 Jun 2020

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#22 - [EA Specials] Conversation with a Comedian ft. Keren Bala Devan

Epic Arcade

Epic Arcade Specials is a segment where we talk to people from the gaming industry, fromgame developers, esport athletes to people just like us. On this week of EA Specials, we invited the local comedian Keren Bala Devan to come on the show to hang out and share with us his enthusiasm for video games. Keren Bala Devan is a local standup comedian who has done gigs for Comedy Central Asia and shows for Iflix. Apart from his career as a comedian, little is known about his hobbies that align with our interests here on Epic Arcades. Hosted by Jeff Kassim, the discussion entails his unwaivered interest in games growing up to the unprecedented anticipation for the game that was presumed dead but never forgotten, Half-Life 3.


15 May 2020

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Learning to Laugh with Keren Bala Devan

Cultivating the Masses

Welcome back to a brand new season of Cultivating the Masses with your host, Bryler Tippa.On this episode, we have comedian extraordinaire Keren Bala Devan talking about life as a comedian in Malaysia, how he got into comedy, when is it okay to laugh during a stand up and how to be racist, the Malaysian way.

1hr 7mins

1 Apr 2020

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TFW #18: Why Keren Bala Devan (@kerenbdt) puts the DEEP in DEEPAVALI.

The Fashion Weak Podcast

The Deepavali Episode. Indians are funny. We all knew that. Keren (@kerenbdt) though, is on another level of tickles. The anger and fire that lives inside of him could have been used to heat up the deep fryer for the Murukus but he instead brought it onto the pod to school two Chinese boys about traditional Indian wear, oil lamps, kolams and what goes on at the Bala Devan household during Deepavali. In light of this fun, festive time, he  also throws in personal questions about the stimulation of one's genitals for sexual pleasure. Suffice to say, this episode was... wait for it. Wait for it. LIT. 

1hr 28mins

30 Oct 2019