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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Braden Ream. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Braden Ream, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Braden Ream. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Braden Ream, often where they are interviewed.

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074 - Braden Ream (Voiceflow) On Future of Audio/Voice

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Basic information:
Braden Ream Is the co-founder and CEO of Voiceflow. Voiceflow enables anyone to collaboratively design, prototype and build Alexa Skills and Google Actions - without coding.
Listen to this episode if you:
- Are interested in the audio/voice space
- Want to hear how quickly a company can move in 8 months
- Are interested to know how podcasters can use voice apps
- Want to hear where the voice/audio industry is going
- Want to know how to leverage a community to grow a company
- Want to dive into the unit economics of Uber
- Are intrigued to know where the VC is industry is going. Where is the innovation?

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Dec 16 2019 · 50mins
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Discussing discoverability with Braden Ream

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Is discoverability of Alexa skills, Google Assistant actions and other voice applications the duty of the platforms i.e. Amazon and Google, or is it the duty of the brand or developer creating them? We discuss this, as well as discoverability challenges within voice applications with Voiceflow co-founder, Braden Ream.


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Nov 12 2019 · 54mins

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Voiceflow with Braden Ream - Ep. 3

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Today on Voicing Startups I had the chance to talk with Braden Ream, Co-Founder and CEO of Voiceflow. Voiceflow is a creative platform to help people design, prototype, and build voice apps without coding for Alexa + Google Assistant. One reason I really liked this interview was that Voiceflow was the product of Braden and his team scratching their own itch as Voice app builders for a tool that had a little more muscle behind it and would fit their needs.

In this episode of Voicing Startups Braden talks about the origin of Voiceflow while also digging into other pieces of the business like their target market, business model and competitive landscape. Braden also touches on the selection process for feature selection in the product and some differences in the pro version of the tool.  We wrap up the episode with some use cases in voice, the Voiceflow community, and Braden’s vision for voice going forward.

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Sep 18 2019 · 35mins
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Design Tools and Tactics - Braden Ream & Michael Hood

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Anyone learning about building and designing voice experiences needs to have a set of tools and tactics for approaching the design and iteration. In this episode with Braden Ream and Michael Hood, we dig into several of the primary tactics and tools available for designers today, including scripting, flowcharts, and more. You'll learn about the value of these different techniques and why you will most likely want to utilize more than one in your work.


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Jul 21 2019 · 38mins