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How to Build Trust and Grow your Business Online with Outgrow with Randy Rayess: From the 2020 archive

Entrepreneurs on Fire

From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2020. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant. Randy is the Cofounder of Outgrow.co. He is passionate about digital marketing and growth hacking. He previously worked in investing at SilverLake and in online advertising at Ampush. He studied Business at Wharton and Engineering at UPenn. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Interactive content allows you to personalize the information through a medium based on the interests of your audience. 2. You have to develop Interactive Content that will determine if it will be useful for the end-users. 3. Every company needs to experiment with different content types and other ways to engage with your customers. Focus on how you can build customer's trust online and create a more personalized customer experience. Follow and stay up to date with Outgrow - Outgrow's Twitter Sponsor: HubSpot: Learn how HubSpot can help your business grow better at HubSpot.com.


17 Dec 2022

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Randy Rayess, the Fresh Prince of First-Party Data

Renter Obsessed

How do you get your customers to volunteer their data to you? Randy Rayess, co-founder of Outgrow.co, tells us about creating value with recommendations and personalized experiences to make it worth their while. Plus, will large property management companies look at their customer data to make investment decisions?


9 May 2022

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Forbes 30 Under 30: Offering Personalized Solutions To Drive Sales with Randy Rayess

Marketer of the Month

Personalization has taken hold. Wherever we look customers want results and information that suit their unique needs. They don't want to go through pages upon pages of ebooks and whitepapers just to scout a couple of lines that could possibly help them. And so, tackling this novel problem in the age of growing platform businesses, and information explosion is Randy Rayess - co-founder of Outgrow.co and recent Forbes 30 under 30 awardee. Listen in as he talks about - How he stumbled upon the idea of creating interactive experiences What industries are seeing huge adoption of interactive content Some strategies that helped his business to sail through during the COVID induced lockdown What new tools and technologies is he looking to expand his business into  His learnings and mistakes and his advice to an under 30 budding entrepreneur 


23 Mar 2021

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SaaStr 390: How To Crush It With Interactive Content, What Type, Where and When To Use It Most Efficiently and Where Many People Make Mistakes with Randy Rayess, Founder @ Outgrow

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

Randy Rayess is the Co-Founder @ Outgrow, a growth marketing platform that enables marketers to build interactive content/tools to increase customer engagement and boost demand generation. Prior to founding Outgrow, Randy co-founded VenturePact, an invite-only marketplace that connects companies with trusted software development firms. Before VenturePact Randy held roles at Ampush and then on the investor side at SilverLake. If that was not enough, Randy is also an investor having invested in the likes of SmartyPal, Nooch, Alie and AirCare Labs to name a few.   In Today’s Episode We Discuss: How Randy made his way from the world of PE with SilverLake to changing the game of digital marketing with Outgrow? What does interactive content mean? What are the most common forms? When should one start to use interactive content What resources and team does one need to engage with an interactive content strategy? Where do many people make mistakes with using interactive content?      How should one think about idea generation for interactive content? How does one know what interactive content works best? How should we test it’s effectiveness? How should interactive content be promoted? Where should it be placed? How many text inputs is it optimal to request for?      How does it convert more leads? How does Randy think about using interactive content to maximise sales rep efficiency? How should customer success engage with interactive content? What can be done to make the sales and customer success teamwork so well together?     Randy’s 60 Second SaaStr: The hardest element of Randy’s role with Outgrow today? Hardest role to hire for today? Why? What would Randy most like to change about the world of SaaS?   Read the full transcript on our blog: https://www.saastr.com/saastr-podcast-390-with-outgrow-co-founder-randy-rayess/ If you would like to find out more about the show and the guests presented, you can follow us on Twitter here: Jason Lemkin Harry Stebbings SaaStr Randy Rayess


28 Oct 2020

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How to Use Calculators and Quizzes to Skyrocket Leads with Randy Rayess, Co-Founder of Outgrow

Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

In this special episode, we talk to Randy Rayess, the Co-Founder of Outgrow! Outgrow is a platform that allows marketers to build and launch interactive calculators to boost customer engagement for higher conversions! In our conversation, we talk about the benefits of the tools that Outgrow provides and the different ways they can be used. We also get into some of the important numbers and data from the company, the marketing channels they utilize, and a whole lot more, so tune in to hear it all! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:25] Today’s topic: The Power of Interactive Content and Calculators with Randy Rayess. [01:25] How Outgrow works, the service they provide, and how they make money. [02:12] The business model at the company and some of their interesting statistics. [03:56] Why people should use calculators — adding this tool to your business. [05:31] The case studies that Outgrow have conducted and the data they have collected. [07:20] Getting started with Outgrow; implementing this versatile tool! [09:28] Examples of the different tools that suit specific business and applications. [11:25] Ways to promote interactive content — how Outgrow helps with this too!  [13:27] Marketing strategies and tools that have been working well for Outgrow. [15:09] Outgrow's channels that experience the most customer traffic. [16:29] The team numbers at Outgrow currently. [16:40] The best business advice that Randy has ever received! [17:42] How Randy has gone about building a good company culture. [19:32] The app that Randy has found the most useful recently! [20:12] Randy's favorite marketing tool and where he draws inspiration from currently. [20:54] A final book recommendation from Randy and how to connect with him and Outgrow. [21:50] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information or call us on 310-349-3785! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Outgrow Randy Rayess on LinkedIn Randy Rayess on Twitter Randy Rayess Email VenturePact WeWork Tesla Peloton Pocket Elon Musk Managing Oneself Peter Drucker Leave Some Feedback: What should we talk about next? Please let us know in the comments below Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review. Connect with Us:  Neilpatel.com Quick Sprout Growth Everywhere Single Grain Twitter @neilpatel Twitter @ericosiu


7 Oct 2020

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043 Randy Rayess - Outgrow

Founder Coffee - Intimate SaaS Chats

For this forty-third episode, I talked to Randy Rayess, Co-Founder and CEO of Outgrow, a leading platform for adding calculators, quizzes and other interactive elements to your site.Prior to Outgrow, Randy and his co-founder had a marketplace for mobile app development. As the sales team needed to be able to make quick price estimates, they built a calculator. Lots of people liked what they had built and wanted to use it in their sites. Outgrow was born.We talk about how to recruit the right people, how to select the right features to work on, the benefits of meditation and stretching, and why doing something for just 3 minutes per day might be the right way to start building a lasting habit.


4 Aug 2020

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155: Build A Product Your Customers Need (Even If They Don't Know It Yet) - With Randy Rayess

The SaaS Podcast - SaaS, Startups, Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship

Randy Rayess is the co-founder of Outgrow, a platform that lets marketers build and launch interactive calculators and viral quizzes that help engage your website visitors and generate more leads.The Show NotesOutgrowVenturePactPratham Mittal on TwitterRandy on TwitterOmer on TwitterEnjoyed this episode?Subscribe to the podcastLeave a rating and reviewFollow Omer on TwitterNeed help with your SaaS?Join SaaS Club Plus: our membership and community for new and early-stage SaaS founders. Join and get training & support.Join SaaS Club Launch: a 12-week group coaching program to help you get your SaaS from zero to your first $10K revenue.Apply for SaaS Club Accelerate: If you'd like to work directly with Omer 1:1, then request a free strategy session.


21 Nov 2017

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The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing: An Interview with Randy Rayess of Outgrow

Let’s Get Radical

It seems like everyone wants to produce content these days, or at the very least, knows they have to. But is it the right kind of content? Content marketing is changing fast and you have to know how to reach your customers in a meaningful way. Join us as we talk with Randy all about the benefits of quizzes and calculators, what they are, and how creating them brings you closer to answering your clients’ most pressing questions.


8 Aug 2017

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19: Randy Rayess on Building a Startup by Scratching Your Own Itch

The Effective Founder

Today, on the Early-Stage Founder Show, I’m talking with Randy Rayess, the Co-Founder of Outgrow, a growth marketing platform that enables marketers to build interactive content/tools to increase customer engagement and boost demand generation. Outgrow is Randy’s second startup, and in our chat today we cover how the idea for Outgrow came from running his first startup, VenturePact, how they dogfooded their software to help grow the startup, practical tips other startups can use to accelerate their own growth, and how Randy and his partner prioritized their hiring decisions as they grew. Randy has a ton of experience growing startups as he works with them every day to help get results from his software, and in this interview he doesn’t hold anything back.


14 Feb 2017

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TSE 197: Lead-Generation & Engagement With Quizzes w/ Randy Rayess

360 Entrepreneur Podcast: The Show for Entrepreneurs, Business-Builders and Small Business Owners

Outgrow.co founder Randy Rayess explains why businesses should be looking at quizzes and calculators and how to use both for lead-generation and boost engagement


8 Feb 2017