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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kristina Kuzmic. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kristina Kuzmic, often where they are interviewed.

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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kristina Kuzmic. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kristina Kuzmic, often where they are interviewed.

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Mom Gone Viral with Kristina Kuzmic

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Kristina Kuzmic harnessed the power of social media to show the world the very real (and hilarious) side of parenting. Kelly and Kristina talk about the importance of humor in mental health, even within the heavy moments. Hear Kristina’s inspiring life advice that will leave you feeling motivated, nodding along and likely laughing to the point of tears.
Aug 25 2020 · 37mins
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Special Town Hall Edition with Kim Holderness, Kristina Kuzmic and Dena Blizzard

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Take it or Leave it Season 4 is brought to you by Meredith and Tiffany. #FabFitFunPartner

Town Hall Edition. Tiffany and I hosted special guests Kim Holderness, Kristina Kuzmic and Dena Blizzard. We had been locked up too long and needed some interaction.

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May 25 2020 · 48mins

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Eps 225: Kristina Kuzmic is sharing her story of staying grounded on the wild ride of life

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"Don't be passive Don't be apathetic, don't hold still, keep moving forward and get feisty and proactive.”

“Even on bad days there are good things. But don't hold still, don't wait for this or that to happen before you start living your life.”

“You're just gonna die waiting. Stop waiting and just do what you can now.”

“It's amazing how life can change when you do get proactive.”

“What's familiar to us is criticizing ourselves and not giving ourselves enough credit and focusing on the things we did wrong or didn't accomplish.”

“One thing that's helped me is just realizing in the moment when they're really struggling, is that the only thing harder than raising a teenager is being a teenager.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t wait
  • How Oprah discovered Kristina
  • Why we need to get uncomfortable with self-criticism
  • Why you need to write Ta-da lists instead of To Do lists
  • Maintaining perspective about things that didn’t get done
  • Making a habit of personal growth
  • Empowering our kids to do things for themselves without taking over
  • Having compassion for our kids
  • Creating space for sharing and connection in your relationship with your kids
  • Searching for love in your marriage
  • Love as a daily choice
  • Why asking for help is important

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

It means being willing to be uncomfortable. We kind of touched on it earlier and just dipping your toe and maybe even jumping in to something that seems so scary but you're doing it because you know it will lead to something better so often you know where we're waiting for somebody to send us joy, waiting for someone to knock on our door and give us joy and really to reach joy. I think it does take courage. So I love the name of your podcast because to me, courage leads to joy. 


“Hold On, But Don't Hold Still: Hope And Humor From My Seriously Flawed Life.”

Where to find Kristina: 


Kristina Kuzmic on Facebook

Kristina Kuzmic on Instagram

Kristina Kuzmic on Twitter

Kristina Kuzmic on Youtube


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My guest today is Kristina Kuzmic.

Thirteen years ago, Kristina was a broke and defeated mother of two; recently divorced; juggling jobs and sleeping on the floor next to her kids. She never imagined that a lo-fi cooking show she pieced together to reach other moms in the trenches would get Oprah’s attention.

Today, she speaks directly to her 2.8 million Facebook followers in honest, funny parenting videos on topics from “Mind your own Motherhood” to a satirical PSA “4 Reasons women should NEVER breastfeed in public.” Her star is rapidly rising, and she recently took her message of acceptance and resilience on the road to 22 sold-out cities.

Her witty, knowing, and sympathetic voice is captured on the page in her first book HOLD ON, BUT DON’T HOLD STILL: Hope and Humor from My Seriously Flawed Life.



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Mar 17 2020 · 35mins
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#329 – Kristina Kuzmic

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Kristina Kuzmic is this week’s guest on The Art Of Conversation Podcast. Kristina Kuzmic talks with The Art Of Conversation Podcast host, Art Eddy about her new book, Hold On But Don’t Hold Still, her comedy tour, her viral videos and motherhood. Kristina  also talks with Art the odd stereotypes of moms, dads and everything … Continue reading #329 – Kristina Kuzmic →
Feb 13 2020 · 27mins

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Letting People Into Our Mess (with guest Kristina Kuzmic)

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Every mom has struggles. Every mom has dark times. Too often, those are the times when we stop showing up in our lives, thinking that our problems make us less worthy. As psychologist Dr. Susan Silver explains, “Women often don't feel that they deserve help— or they think something is wrong with them, and that they've failed in some way, if they have to go to somebody else for help.”

But our personal unsolvable crisis might be perceived by a friend as a challenge. And allowing ourselves to say "I stink at this a lot of the time" opens us up to a better, richer life experience than when we only share our carefully curated selves. There are risks to being authentic. The payoffs are worth it.

Our guest is Kristina Kuzmic, author of the new book HOLD ON, BUT DON’T HOLD STILL: Hope and Humor from My Seriously Flawed Life. Kristina offers hard-won wisdom to all of us who have ever struggled to feel good enough, and her book is full both of hilarity and of serious wisdom about staying in community, even when our lives are messy. Here's how Kristina puts it:

“We are not meant to walk through this life alone. Name any situation you want to improve, and I guarantee you you'll get there faster and more effectively if you reach out to others.”

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Feb 12 2020 · 53mins
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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci; Guest: Author/Speaker Kristina Kuzmic

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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci 

Guest: Kristina Kuzmic 

Kristina Kuzmic is the winner of “Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” and author of Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still.

Her messages resonate with moms, dads, and even those who don’t have children. She has a voice and personality that has proven to be a hit with a massive audience (from young millennials through Gen-Xers and even Baby Boomers) and we're excited to have her on MAX & FRIENDS!

#maxandfriends #maxtucci #kristinakuzmic

Jan 09 2020 · 56mins
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#mindyourmotherhood | Mom influencer, Comedian, Author Kristina Kuzmic Part 2

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Jessica Nickson brings back hilarious and wise Mom influencer Kristina Kuzmic, who has more than one billion video views. A self proclaimed cheerleader for her fellow humans, Kristina brings inspirational humor, and an in-your-face realistic perspective on embracing motherhood, women empowerment and redefining the narrative of the challenges women face today. Kristina is on tour around the country with her "The Hope & Humor Tour." Now What is produced in partnership with PodcastOne and The Direct Message, executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message). Producer Gary Smith. Follow our show page on instagram @nowwhatshow.

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Nov 13 2019 · 55mins
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#findthefunny | Mom influencer, Comedian, Author Kristina Kuzmic

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Jessica Nickson updates us on her recent trunk or treating experience, Cody’s reaction to our listener NFL picks and other Nickson squad family affairs. Then Jessica links up with Mom influencer Kristina Kuzmic during her Dallas live comedy tour and these two together are extra hilarious - and insightful! Laugh, cry, and laugh so hard you cry along with us on this episode that covers mental health, parenting, and more. Now What is produced in partnership with PodcastOne and The Direct Message, executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message). Producer Gary Smith. Follow our show page on instagram @nowwhatshow.

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Nov 06 2019 · 55mins
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Kristina Kuzmic Is a Cheerleader for Moms

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Kristina Kuzmic stops by the show to talk about being chosen by Oprah to host her own reality show some years ago and her experience making The Ambush Cook, her frustration with television, depression, leaving her homeland of Croatia during a war, the relationship between authenticity and success, studying drama, her upcoming book, the Hope and Humor tour and so much more. We also did a round of How Dare You.

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Jun 17 2019 · 1hr 11mins
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Encore: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic

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In honor of this month of Mother's Day, and the Mother's Quest Manifesto Challenge I launched in the Facebook Group, I'm excited to continue sharing episodes each Thursday that can inspire you to claim your motherhood and life journey on your terms. This "encore episode" with The Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic, where she talks about the importance of embracing our flaws and creating a family mission statement, has become a favorite. Along with the reflective prompts and live guest videos in the Mother's Quest Facebook Group, I hope this episode will also provide some inspiration and permission for you to create your #oneminutemommanifesto, a declaration of how you want to journey through motherhood and life. If you haven't yet followed along with the Manifesto Challenge, it's not too late. All the video replays and instructions are waiting for you as a "unit" in the Mother's Quest Facebook Group. We'd love to have you come over and join us!  And...if you create and share your #oneminutemommanifesto on social media before the end of May, we'll enter you into a drawing for some incredible classes and resources from amazing members of the Mother's Quest community.  Whether it's new to you, or you'll be listening for a second time, I hope you enjoy this encore episode with Kristina Kuzmic. And that you'll take us up on the challenge to create and share your #oneminutemommanifesto! 

Much appreciation,

P.S. Know someone who would love this conversation? Click forward now to pay this forward to a friend who may be interested.

I am excited to share this vulnerable conversation with the Truth Bomb Mom, Kristina Kuzmic. Energetic, funny, and honest, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. She has become a Youtube sensation with her “mom-centric” videos about raising children and juggling all of life’s challenges, with over 200 million views across media outlets and websites worldwide. Kristina and her husband currently live in Southern California, where her most important, rewarding, and exhausting careers include being a sanitation engineer, chef, chauffeur, and conflict resolution guru for her three (mostly satisfied) clients – her children. In this episode, we talk about Kristina’s experience growing up in America, shaped by an escape from war-torn Croatia. She shares how on a whim, she went from being a divorced mother on food stamps to winning a cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network in 2011.  How her satirical YouTube video, “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public,” went viral and why Kristina believes it is her community that is responsible for her reaching a half a million followers. We get honest and emotional about our flaws and insecurities but also our impact and the power of sharing these with our children. Finally, we reflect on our shared experience of losing a baby in utero and how for both of us, focusing on just one positive thing on that day shifted our perspective and changed everything. I hope you leave this conversation, as I did, inspired to keep turning the pages in the chapter of your E.P.I.C.life, staying true to your mission, owning your flaws, and paying attention to one positive thing every day. I was so grateful for this time with Kristina and I know you will be too.

In This Episode We Talk About:
  • How growing up in war-torn Croatia and her subsequent immigration to the U.S. impacted her life
  • How her mother influenced her parenting by striking a healthy balance between enforcing rules and fostering joy
  • Why she named her company “Flawed” and how she has let go of perfection
  • Her journey from Oprah to YouTube
  • The importance of community and of women who champion each other
  • How to turn down the volume on our inner critics
  • What my son said to me that Kristina says she will never forget
Resources and Topics Mentioned: Announcements: Join the Manifesto Challenge

In honor of Mother’s Day, I kicked off a five day Mother’s Quest Manifesto Challenge in the private Facebook group. More about the inspiration behind the challenge in my episode with Graeme Seabrook. Each day, I shared a reflective prompt to help you claim the next chapter in your life and hosted a different mother, who shared their stories and their #oneminutemommanifesto for inspiration.  All of these resources are still in the Mother’s Quest Facebook Group, so it's never too late to come on over and participate. 

Spark Your E.P.I.C. Year

Anyone else feel like they need a spring reset to their year?  A few months ago, we declared February the new January and facilitated a Mother's Quest Workshop/Virtual Milestone Hike experience to help us all start again. Using photos from my favorite local hike, I took a small group on a virtual journey to: ✨Reflect on our last chapter (as we ascend)  ✨Decide what we want to release (using an image of a big bad bonfire!) and what we want to carry forward ✨Then, set intentions along the E.P.I.C. guideposts for our new chapter.  There’s a special planning sheet we created to guide you and help you document the whole process.  🌟Truthfully, we can start fresh any time we choose.🌟 If you decide you want to reset and begin again, today, this afternoon or this weekend, using this experience and worksheet to support you. Just sign up here.

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If you're feeling a desire to press "pause" on the busyness and reflect on your vision for this year, what's working and what needs to shift, and what key guidepost would help you move forward more intentionally, I'd love to support you with a one-on-one 90-minute clarity coaching session. If you are interested in the Spark Your E.P.I.C. Life Series or another way of working with me, please send an email to julie@mothersquest.com for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.


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May 23 2019 · 51mins