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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan Becker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan Becker, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan Becker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan Becker, often where they are interviewed.

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041 - You Are More Than What You Think You Are: Ryan Becker

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Ryan Becker is the co-host of a podcast called Absurdity, where he uses his platform to amplify important voices to push society forward through conversation and social awareness.

In this episode, we discuss how he found his voice, how he’s expanding his audience, and how he uses his platform. This also serves as a hint to what’s coming in season 2.


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Welcome to Phil's Philosophies, hosted by Phillip Warfield. This is a podcast aimed at helping me find what I want to do with the rest of my life and how I'm going to get there. You'll listen to inspiring interviews with creatives, incredible stories from survivors, and life experience from hardened warriors. You can expect to laugh, cry, and be inspired. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Phillip Warfield's social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Jun 15 2020 · 32mins
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Ryan Becker: A Conversation

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Beth and Kim sit down and have a fun conversation with Ryan Becker, a friend and colleague. Ryan, one of the most prolific podcasters in the Adventist Church talks about ministry, depression and his journey toward wholeness. 

Ryan Becker
is a Seventh-day Adventist ministry leader currently residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, he first moved to Tennessee in 2011 to attend Southern Adventist University. While working on his theology degree, Ryan got involved in a number of youth-focused projects, including the university’s Engage Ministries and the Southern Union of Seventh-day Adventists’ Young Adult Ministry. These early works deepened Ryan’s love of creating honest, open conversations regarding religion and social activism. 

In his spare time, you can catch Ryan hanging out with his little button of a corgi or working on a sundry list of ministry-based projects. His most ambitious endeavor to date is to eat at a Chipotle in all 50 states— only 29 states left!

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Jun 12 2020 · 1hr 15mins

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Biblical Psychology - S1E7 - Psychology, ADHD, and Medication ft Ryan Becker (Absurdity Podcast)

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Psychology, ADHD, and Medication ft. Ryan Becker (Absurdity Podcast)

Is Christianity catching up to our mental health needs?

“Psychology showed us that sin has more deeper effects than we thought”

Brain chemical imbalances can play havoc against someone’s  Christian experience… for some people, medication has increased people’s ability to access God’s voice without having such imbalances blurred down their mental clarity. 

Join this episode as we listen to Ryan’s personal account on mental health issues.

Instagram: @absurd.ryan

Twitter: Ryan180Becker

Website: www.theabsurdity.org

Email: Ryan180Becker@gmail.com

#RyanBecker #absurd.ryan #Absurdity #AbsurdityPodcast #ADHD #MentalHealth #mentalhealthawareness #stigma #Christianity #Adventism #mind #character #personality

REMEMBER: If you feel hopeless, helpless, and carry some guilt and shame, it is highly advisable for you to contact a mental health help line in your country of residence. Or better still, go to see your primary health care provider like a GP and share with them how you feel. If you feel so distressed before, during, or after this program call your local emergency line. Do you know how to call your emergency service like an ambulance in your local country, city, or town? For example, in Australia this is triple zero ('000') and in America is nine 911. And remember, God loves you, and so do we!

Sep 03 2019 · 53mins
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The New Pastor Experience with Ryan Becker

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This week we have something special for you! It's a host to host conversation between Ryan and Roger! Ryan is our guest this week to talk all about his experience as he stepped into pastoring for the first time. He includes some advice for other new pastors and recounts experiences he has had with seasoned pastors. 
Note: Since the recording of this interview, Ryan has left full-time pastoring and now serves as a lay pastor.


Twitter: @ryan180becker, @leadsu
E-mail: ryan180becker@gmail.com

Music: www.hooksounds.com

Jul 14 2019 ·

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DA64 - Absurdity with Ryan Becker

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It's absurd. Or Disruptive? Either way, an awesome podcaster, and a friend joins me to discuss his absurdity and how things are going in his personal life. Hint: He needs a wife ;)  
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Mar 04 2019 · 30mins
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7. Adventism, Absurdity, and Anarchy with Ryan Becker

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We wanted to know the skinny on what's happening these days in the Adventist Church. So we called the one Adventist eager talk about it to us Badventists. Ryan “The GATEKEEPER” Becker of The Absurdity Podcast with Ryan Becker (THE gatekeeper) waxes poetic and prophesies the road to come. And Bryan talks about caves.

Check Ryan's stuff out at:

Explore some cave paintings:

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Dec 18 2018 · 33mins
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Ep 31 - Stewards of Content with Ryan Becker

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Ryan Becker is a pastor of two churches in South Carolina. He shares his journey of starting the Absurdity Podcast.

Starting the Podcast

Ryan left college to pastor two older congregations. He realized he had a lot of free time and not a lot of structure. He wondered what he would do with all this free time and how he could use his passion outside of his location.

After the pulse night club shooting in Orlando, his home city, Ryan wanted to speak to the issue. Podcasting became the way to do that.

Love it or Hate it

Ryan shares how podcasting has helped to improve his speaking. One challenge with podcasting was the lack of feedback from listeners. He realized quickly that people don't respond to or share what they "like." They share and respond to what they love or hate.

Ryan is not afraid to discuss controversial topics on his podcast.

Growing his podcast

The key to growth of his listenership has been consistency. He shares how he has used social media, websites and having people to share on their platforms to grow his audience to over 700 downloads at least and 2,000 as a high.

However Ryan said "I don't care who listens. I'm producing this ultimately because I'm passionate about it and I feel called to create it."

Why should anyone share their content

"If you feel called to speak on something and if you don't you are doing the world an injustice. If God has called you to create you are doing an injustice by not creating. We are to be stewards of our content."

Ryan's podcast can be found at theabsurdity.org

Sep 12 2018 · 36mins
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Ryan Becker -- 7/7/18

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Sep 10 2018 ·
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How to Have 100% Young Adult Involvement In Your Church with Ryan Becker

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Ryan Becker is a pastor and podcaster from Florida, USA. We talk to him today about Taco Bell, living in the shadow of Elevation Church, being a pastor of two small Adventist churches, and striving to share the message of Jesus in a new way. Ryan can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Check out his podcasts, Absurdity with Ryan Becker, and The Lead Podcast.

Website and Blog | Facebook Page | Facebook GroupInstagram

Send us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.

Sep 05 2018 · 1hr 10mins
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How to Restore a Broken Church with Pr. Ryan Becker

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Check out Ryan Becker at:

www.theabsurdity.org www.theleadpodcast.com
Twitter: @ryan180becker

for more on optimizing the local Adventist church, visit pomopastor.com
Jul 02 2018 · 45mins