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#169 - Keith Norris on PRIMAL UPRISING

Books on Pod with Trey Elling

Paleo f(x) co-founder Keith Norris chats with Trey Elling about PRIMAL UPRISING: THE PALEO F(X) GUIDE TO OPTIMIZING YOUR HEALTH, EXPANDING YOUR MIND, AND RECLAIMING YOUR FREEDOM. Why is living the paleo life NOT necessarily living like a caveman? What is the paleo diet? How does the paleo way of moving combine how our ancestors moved with evolved exercise principles? How does emotional intelligence fit into the equation? Where does 'honesty' rank in building resilient relationships? Keith and Trey discuss these things and much more.

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2 Sep 2021

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DoersCast Ep. 2 ft. Keith Norris

DoersCast by Entrepreneurs At Austin

"To be adapatable is to be young, and entrepreneurship keeps me young." Our second episode of the DoersCast is here! This week, hosts Johnson and Mister talk with Keith Norris, co-founder of Paleo f(x)- the LARGEST Paleo event in the world! Keith tells us how he really focuses on quality over quantity when networking, which has helped him immensly with starting Paleo f(x) and become known as a connector. We also discuss staying in control as an entrepreneur and balancing the "7 pillars" that are mentioned in Keith's book, Primal Uprising.  Thank you Keith for joining us and providing value to our followers. Follow Keith on instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theory2practice Follow Paleo f(x): https://www.instagram.com/paleofx/ https://www.paleofx.com/ Check out our website: https://entrepreneursataustin.com/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/entrepreneurs-austin/support


1 Sep 2021

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Inside Out Health with Coach Tara Garrison

Michelle and Keith are very known entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space.  They are co-founders of the biggest event in the world in ancestral health - Paleo f(x)™! Keith is a former athlete and military veteran.  He is an elite strength and conditioning specialist and habit change expert with over 40 years of in-the-trenches experience.   Michelle and Keith are prominent public speakers on the subject of health, nutrition,  and wellness. They are also the co-authors of “Primal Uprising; The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom”. In this episode they talk about 7 pillars of health: the physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual, and tribal pillars that contribute to making us truly whole.  Find out more about Keith and Michelle here: https://www.paleofx.com/ Instagram: @danamichellenorris, @theory2practice Sign up for the Primal Uprising Summit here: https://www.primaluprisingsummit.com/ Get their book: “Primal Uprising; The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom” Upgraded Formulas - Inside Out Health Podcast Special Offers: Click HERE for the Upgraded Formulas Hair Test Kit Special Offer Click HERE for the Upgraded Formulas Main Site & Get 10% OFF  Everything with Coupon Code: INSIDEOUT Ready to enhance your metabolism? Learn about my Keto In & Out system HERE. Podcast Listeners get 10% off my Keto In & Out System with coupon code PODCASTKIO10. Want one on one coaching? Learn more about it HERE.

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16 Jul 2021

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430: How to Respectfully Question Authority with Keith Norris

Low-Carb Conversations

Welcome to Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Holly Jean Barrett, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. Our guest today is Keith Norris, he and his wife Michelle are the founders of the annual PaleoFX conference in Austin Texas – and he has a brand new book “Primal Uprising: The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom.” Are you ready to escape the human zoo? This episode with Keith will surely provide insight and thought to this question, especially if you have not yet considered the way humans build their own cages. We discuss the power of questioning and the importance of learning how to use discernment and think critically when it comes to your health. What came first, the emotion or the gut microbiome response? How does fear impact our brains and health? Keith shares his Seven Pillars for being an optimized human and how we can live free in a world that tries to keep us trapped within “the system”. Resilience is key but anti-fragility is ideal! The show finishes off with gratitude, looking at the blessings of the past year. Articles: MSU research team exploring links between gut bacteria and fear in babies Structure, relationships and meaning: What we need to build resilience during COVID-19 Resources: Paleo f(x) Conference – Heal thyself, change the world. Primal Uprising book Connect with Keith on Instagram This episode is sponsored by Outer Aisle Gourmet. To shop our favorite low carb, grain and gluten free Sandwich Thins and Pizza Crusts, click here and use code LOWCARBPODCAST at checkout to save 10% off your order. Ways you can help support the Podcast! We are truly appreciative of any support you can give to the podcast! Here are some ways you can help us reach more people each week: SUBSCRIBE to the podcast (if you don’t already) so it automatically downloads for you each week and you never miss an episode. REVIEW – Leave a review on Apple Podcasts – it does not take very long to do and this really helps get the podcast seen by others. RECOMMEND the podcast to your friends and family – recommendations from someone you know and trust are always invaluable. DONATE – If you love the show and our content, consider making a donation by clicking the “Donate” now Pay Pal button on the right side of the website. GET SOCIAL – Join the Facebook Group, like the Facebook Page, and NOW ON INSTAGRAM GO SHOPPING using any affiliate links we post if you are thinking of buying a book or product we mention or recommend. We appreciate you, our listeners, and your support of the podcast allows us to reach more listeners, book amazing guests, and spread the messages of honest nutrition, health, and wellness. Thank you so much! Try Cacao Bliss and save 15% with this link and code LOWCARB Cacao Bliss original contains the genuine power of organic raw cacao which encases a host of healthful benefits. It brings you the best form of chocolate that is all energy and clinically safe to promote lots of functions in your body. Cacao Bliss brings you the pleasure of eating chocolate without any fear of adding weight! It’s such a magical superfood that has absolutely no side effect rather this incredibly good chocolate is nourishing and supportive to strengthen the body against so many health problems. TRY the Nutritional Therapy 101 FREE 7 Day course and get a taste of what you can learn! Listen or subscribe with Siri or Alexa. Low-Carb Conversations Production by Kevin Kennedy-Spaien of Disc Of Light Media. Theme and interstitial music: Out of It (Rambling Man Remixes) by Andrew Bowden (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/andrewbowden/33629 Ft: Brad Sucks


21 Jun 2021

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"You can't live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you." - Interviewing Dr. Keith Norris

A Different Kind of Leader

Keith Norris, MD, PhD is an internationally recognized clinician scientist and health policy leader. A board certified nephrologist and member of the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative, Dr. Norris has been instrumental in shaping national health policy and clinical practice guidelines for chronic kidney disease. In this episode, Dr. Norris describes the three mentors who played a pivotal role in his career journey, and how their guidance molded him into the leader he is today. He also describes how his choice to take on administrative roles was influenced by his desire to navigate obstacles in conducting research. His leadership roles, however, were not without challenges, and Dr. Norris shares how he has navigated important issues, from program closures to budget cuts. Book recommendation: Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success


25 May 2021

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S4 Ep. 6: Primal Uprising with Michelle and Keith Norris

Beyond the Illusion

Are you ready to escape the human zoo? This week we talk to Michelle and Keith Norris, founders of Paleo f(x), about their new book, “Primal Uprising: The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom.” Michelle and Keith are passionate about empowerment and becoming healthy and whole in all aspects of our lives.In our chat with Michelle and Keith, we cover:* The divine timing at play for their book getting published.
* How we’re indoctrinated to believe we need the system and don’t have power to be free on our own.
* The touching story of their daughter Brittany’s life, and how her untimely passing inspired their work.
* How living the so-called American Dream left them feeling empty inside.
* The power of questioning EVERYTHING as a way to deprogram ourselves.
* How learning the rules of the game enables you to disengage from it.
* Accepting that we are responsible for being in this situation AND that we can take the steps to get out of it.
* Gnostic Christianity & how finding the god within gives you true empowerment. (Elaine Pagels reference)
* Michelle’s plant medicine experience of purging many dark past lives and the powerful healing of welcoming those parts back in with compassion.
* Why it’s important to be specific in what and how you want to manifest something.
* What were some of the blessings of 2020?
* Empowerment through resilience.
* What are the 7 Pillars for being an optimized human?
* Beauty in the ashes - “everything is happening for your good”
* What’s antifragility and how can it help?
Michelle and Keith Norris are the cofounders of Paleo f(x)™, the largest-of-its-kind health and wellness platform and event in the world. They are passionate speakers and motivators to those seeking deliverance from a broken healthcare system and disabled economic system. Having left the corporate grind far behind, they are now serial entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space, as well as tireless firebrands for advancing the Paleo movement - a cultural reawakening of self-empowerment for the 21st century. In addition to leading the Paleo f(x)™ movement, Michelle and Keith speak at events and conferences worldwide on the topic of self empowerment and breaking free of the human zoo.Order their book “Primal Uprising: The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom” at paleofx.com/primaluprising. Find Michelle on Social Media: @DanaMichelleNorris and Keith at keithnorris.substack.com.If you’re enjoying listening to Beyond the Illusion Podcast, please leave a rating on Apple or Google Podcasts. This will help other people to find us.

1hr 9mins

2 Apr 2021

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Uncover Repressed Issues Through Psychedelics — Keith Norris

Younger with Dr. Robyn Benson

Key Takeaways: How did Keith start Paleo f(x)™ and what has his health journey been like up to this point? Keith’s health journey was a coping mechanism for the traumas he didn’t realize he had. Psychedelics opened Keith’s mind and helped him realize all the hidden trauma he had been suppressing. So many athletes use exercise as a way to run away from their problems. Keith learned something interesting about watching Wrestlers train. How did Keith find out about paleo? What are psychedelics exactly? And who are the types of people that need it? During a psychedelic experience, Keith wondered why he kept being called into such a dark place. He was getting psychologically beat up. Psychedelics help each person differently, but one thing it does, it releases the body of stress and unresolved issues it’s holding onto. It all comes back to self-love. What forms of psychedelics does Keith recommend? Everyone has their own story that they’ve created based on the traumas they’ve experienced. Psychedelics offer people an objective view of how that trauma happened so that they can recover from it. You will never be 100% healthy unless you look at the energies and traumas that are trapped in the body. All psychedelic facilitators are different. It’s important to work with one that matches what your goals are. How does Keith help couples recover from their broken relationship? You can self-empower yourself. You have all the answers you could ever need/want. Episode Summary: Keith Norris shares a candid story about his “addiction” to fitness. He used it as a way to escape and run away from his hidden childhood traumas. Although Keith turned to fitness, many of his friends turned to drugs instead. It wasn’t until he experimented with psychedelics did he unlock a newfound love for himself and he now operates from a place of peace, forgiveness, and understanding as opposed to anger and suppression of feelings. Keith shares his story on this week’s episode. Guest Bio: Keith Norris is the Co-Founder of Paleo f(x)™, a premier health and wellness event in Austin, Texas that he hosts every year. He gathers the best health and wellness industry leaders and companies into one room to discuss the latest science in longevity, biohacking, and the conference dives deep into the benefits of the paleo lifestyle. Resources for a Younger Lifestyle: Dr. Robyn Benson’s Free Youthful Aging eGuide FREE GIFT: Robynbenson.com/gift Connect with Keith: Paleofx.com/ & LinkedIn Quotes: “I finally learned to love myself, learned to love my body, and I did it out of love vs. expression of anger.” “Lance Armstrong was running from pain and suffering and that’s so common in so many athletes. It is their coping mechanism. It could easily be heroin.” “It’s up to you to start putting these pieces together to create a story. Figure out what that trauma is, work through it, and rewrite the subconscious.”


30 Mar 2021

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201: Keith Norris Starting A PRIMAL UPRISING To Empower People Out Of Victimhood

Real Talk With Jimmy Moore

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest show on the internet REAL TALK. Today Jimmy welcomes Keith Norris to talk about empowering people. “Trading safety for responsibility is a victimhood trap.”  - Keith Norris Join Jimmy Moore for LIVE Clubhouse interviews at the all-new #KetoClarity​ Clubhouse room I created over the weekend. If you’re not yet on Clubhouse because you don’t have an Apple device and/or you have not been given an invitation from a friend on the inside yet, I simulcast and record these episodes for you at the JIMMY ON CLUBHOUSE Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/jimmyonclubhouse/​) to watch LIVE as well as watch on demand at IGTV or on YouTube (search for “Jimmy on Clubhouse“). ⁣ ⁣ Today I have the cofounder (along with his life sidekick, the lovely Michelle) of the popular annual PaleoFX conference in Austin, TX named Keith Norris. His brand new book PRIMAL RISING is a primer on escaping the “human zoo” that so many people find themselves trapped in and to instead expect better for themselves moving forward in their lives. We went WAY deep on letting go of what’s holding you back from reaching your best self. ⁣ ⁣ So many people are asking me about this Clubhouse app and I’m telling you it’s revolutionizing social media like nothing I’ve ever seen. Right now they are limiting it just to Apple device users (iPhone, iPad) only AND you need to have a friend already on Clubhouse who has your phone number in their phone for them to invite you in. They only give us a few invitations each week, so please be patient. DM me if you need help getting in. I promise you it’s gonna be worth being on there!⁣

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25 Mar 2021

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Keith Norris, founder of Paleo f(x) chat medicinal medicine. This one's a "trip."

The "Who Are You?" Podcast by BioTropicLabs.com. (Visit The Site!).

Keith Norris and I take a long "trip" here chopping it up about all things in this first of four episodes about medicinal guidance in the arena of self help. Keith is the blue blood of all things KETO and PALEO and ancestral health but also has a deep and abiding love in the area of Medicinal Medicine.  He is an expert in the field of Psychology and also an expert in Plant Healing.  What's that you ask?  Come on in, check this one out.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-who-are-you-podcast/support


15 Jan 2021

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071: Starting a Paleo Movement with Michelle and Keith Norris

BiOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Our guests today are experts at many things, including starting a Paleo movement. Michelle Norris is the owner, co-founder and CEO of Paleo f(x)™ the largest Paleo platform and event in the world. Keith Norris is her husband and fellow co-founder of Paleo f(x); he's also a military veteran who became a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness world.  Join us for this illuminating discussion with Michelle and Keith Norris on this episode of Awesome Health Podcast!

1hr 6mins

15 Sep 2020