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S4 E38 - Good Times, Good Vibes and Finding Wives (with Yasmin Evans, Nick Bright and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Starting a petition to get Sir Tom Jones sent in as a bombshell for Liam...Yasmin Evans and Nick Bright are in the driving seats of the podcast today while Kem and Arielle are away. Are they the coolest supply teacher duo ever? Most definitely. Can they help Kem and Arielle understand what the NVQ system really means? Absolutely not. Ok, we're gonna cautiously say that everything seems, like, really happy and settled in the vill- oh, wait there's been a bombshell sent in there to shake everything up, never mind. The peace and quiet never lasts for long in there... Although - there wasn't much peace and quiet in the bedroom last night. Is that a round of applause we can hear? Aw - it's nice to know that everyone's cheering each other on. GET THOSE NVQS! Last night we saw our boys compete in the Sex Gods challenge - whether you loved or hated those lil gold pants, we can all agree that seeing Jake stuck in the lava was *priceless*. It's just a bit of cornflour, babe! Got a life dilemma that needs solving? Well, Olivia Attwood is your woman - get your emails in to us on themorningafter@itv.com and we could get her to solve your problem right here on the podcast. We're biased, but her advice is ALWAYS on point. Right, off to the bank to see if we can get a Business Loan to start up a sweet treats brunch place - a menu of grapes, fizzy sweets and unpeeled carrots jammed in some hummus. Who wouldn't want to invest in that?!


11 Aug 2021

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S4 E16 - Stop Using Your Teeth, You Have To Suck It (with Yasmin Evans and Steff Todd)

Love Island: The Morning After

Well, hopefully the villa catering manager wasn't planning on making huevos rancheros for dinner. Arielle's away this morning - so Yasmin Evans is Kem's bombshell co-host for the day! We've got a new boy heading into the villa! Cue the girls: YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! Make sure you tune in tonight to see how Daddy - oh, sorry - Danny gets on during his dates. There were a lot of very interesting chats last night... AJ has been making her mark on some of the boys. Are the OG girls rattled? Not sure... but Faye's nails are looking very well shaped. Also - is Laaron on the cards in the near future?! And Hugo has familyzoned Sharon. We know it's not a thing, but we're gonna make it a thing. Steff Todd is here for our Friday morning impression fix. Tbh, not sure we gave Yasmin enough warning about Kem's attempts. Brace yourselves. If you have a dilemma that you need Liv to solve, or if you have a crush that you want us to shout out in Crush Club - then log on to the internet and email us on themorningafter@itv.com. You can also tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast - how modern! Kem has promised that he is going to retire if he doesn't find Hugo a girl during this series... his move to The Love Island Retirement Home For Elderly Islanders could be closer than we expected.


16 Jul 2021

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Episode 8: Yasmin Evans

Chattin’ Shit

DJ, presenter and Radio 1Xtra legend Yasmin Evans joins us this week for yet more high-calibre chat. And one of our most challenging Three Questions rounds yet!Recommends include:Read - The Emotion Code by Bradley B NelsonWatch - Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins 2020For any queries, questions or comments please email chattinshit1@gmail.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 1min

9 Sep 2020

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How do our cultural diets affect our bodies? With Yasmin Evans and Linia Patel

Unpretty Podcast

For people of colour, food is a huge part of our lives, it not only represents our culture but also the community we are part of. In this episode we want to discuss the impact of cultural diets on our skin and hair.The bottom line is that whatever’s going on inside your gut will eventually show in your skin and hair. Food is the foundation of our lives, and diet is the main way for the body to obtain the required substances for growth and maintenance.Modern science has proven that an imbalance in nutrition and poor eating habits are important causes of skin troubles and skin ageing. E.g psoriasis is more prevalent in western diets - high fat diet compared to developing counties.Black and South-Asian people are often praised for their "good skin”, but is there more to it than genetics? Is there something about the foods from these cultures that actually help with promote healthy skin?Are there elements of different cultural diets that have a more negative impact on skin, and if so, what are the alternatives? What can we learn from other cultures? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


17 Jul 2020

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JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast

Catching up with good friend Yasmin Evans, Chuckie Online gets into lockdown life, chasing new dreams, SAS training and more for the latest episode of the JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast. Leave us a rating and let us know who you want to hear on the next episode of JD In The Duffle Bag.


14 May 2020

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359 Yasmin Evans / Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins

How To Kill An Hour - with Marcus Bronzy and Friends

This week Marcus Bronzy and Yasmin Evans Kill Time With:Celebrity SAS: Who Dare’s Winswww.lockdownlocals.com (great way to buy lockdown groceries).Plus Yas has this in her Kit Bag: -Sony GX Samson Q2U Usb MicRing Light (alternative link here)Join our Facebook Group by clicking here! Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/howtokillanhour. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 11mins

3 May 2020

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S3 E5 - If You Didn't See It, It Didn't Happen (with Yasmin Evans)

Love Island: The Morning After

Who was the cheeky devil who decided to throw a Connagh into the villa - did they not think of us poor podcast presenters? Having two boys in the villa with names that sound EXACTLY THE SAME is going to be VERY CONFUSING. Yasmin Evans is in the studio with Kem and Arielle to discuss how our Islanders reacted to the new boys taking some of our girls out on dates... but most importantly - how impressive was it that no one spilled any of that red wine?New Connagh left Shaughna's head spinning, Original Connor was stressing out, and Siannise was NOT impressed with Nas' finger sucking. Oh, and Finley has a foot fetish. Good. Make sure you're watching tonight on ITV2 at 9pm, because there's going to be a recoupling and the girl who isn't picked is going to be dumped, so there will be some SERIOUS grafting. Do we really have to say goodbye to someone already? Send us all your hilarious tweets using #LoveIslandPodcast - and make sure you have subscribed and left us a lovely rating, thanks lads!


17 Jan 2020

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Jack Maynard and Yasmin Evans

Worst Dates

Zoos, kidnapping and papparazzi - all feature in this week’s selection of Worst Dates with Luke Franks and Arielle Free. Plus, that feeling when your ex’s parents prefer you to their new partner. Quite awkward.


16 Aug 2019

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EP 151. Cut the Braid chat ft Yasmin Evans

Cut the Chat

Yasmin Evans stops by the Barbershop for a chat.

1hr 25mins

26 Jul 2019

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S2 E16 - So, How Was Your Date? (with Yasmin Evans)

Love Island: The Morning After

Poor Curtis, finding a stray model in the garden while he was trying to make a coffee....Kem and Arielle are joined by the fabulous Yasmin Evans this morning to discuss last night's episode. New girl Arabella caused some waves by taking two of our boys out on dates. Anton was THRILLED but tried (and failed) to play it cool, and Yewande wasn’t even slightly thrilled that Arabella picked Danny. Was that the longest awkward silence we've ever seen on Love Island? Subscribe, chat to us using #LoveIslandPodcast and join The Morning After Crush Club by emailing us on themorningafter@itv.com and we could ask out your crush right here on the podcast. HOW CUTE!


21 Jun 2019