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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jo Westwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jo Westwood, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jo Westwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jo Westwood, often where they are interviewed.

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S2E6: Co-dependancy and dysfunctional relationships with Jo Westwood.

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In S2E6, Catri Barrett speaks to co-dependancy expert Jo Westwood. Jo is a life coach who specialises in helping women to escape the soul destroying cycle of codependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce. She is an author, speaker and creator of the online codependency recovery course, also called Lovingly Fierce.

In this episode Catri and Jo explore...

• What it means to be co-dependant and how you can recognised the signs and symptoms in your romantic, professional and family relationships

• The impact that co-dependancy can have on your mental health and emotional wellbeing

• Co-dependant behaviours and the need for external validation

• Dysfunctional relationships and why they are often co-dependant

• Co-dependancy as an addiction, the recovery process and attending co-dependant anonymous meetings

• The impact lockdown has had on co-dependants

• Manipulating kindness: what it means to  give without expectations of anything in return

• How you can recover from co-dependancy and Jo’s process to building healthier, happier relationships with yourself and others.

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Aug 19 2020 · 48mins
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Episode 91 - Living Lovingly Fierce With Jo Westwood

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In this week's minisode for creative women in business & female entrepreneurs, Amy and Debbie chat to Jo Westwood, a codependence coach, on how to escape the soul-destroying cycle of codependency and reclaim your life with confidence and live your life with confidence and live lovingly fierce!

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Nov 25 2019 · 48mins

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EP 80: Codependency and living Lovingly Fierce with Jo Westwood

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Hello! 👋 Vicki here, with a brand new episode for you 🤗
This week I had the pleasure of speaking to Jo Westwood all about the topic of codependency and what it means to live Lovingly Fierce. 
And wow, what an interesting conversation it was!
Jo is a life coach and author, who is known for her straightforward, down to earth approach in helping you to improve your life. And she specialises in helping women to escape from codependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce.
In this episode, we explore what codependency is and how it can show up in our relationships (from our friendships and work relationships to our family and romantic relationships), how it impacts us and what a recovery journey can look like. This is such an important topic and one that I don’t think is being talked about enough.
I learnt so much from Jo through this conversation and it’s certainly one I would like to keep talking about in future episodes. If this conversation resonated with you and if you’d like to go deeper into this topic then Jo has very kindly shared resources that can support you. Here they are below:
- Should I Stay or Should I Go by Dr. Ramani Durvasula PhD | LINK
- Codependents Anonymous "Big Book" (to note - this one supports the organisation of Codependents Anonymous and is much cheaper than Amazon) | LINK
- Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist by Melissa Schenker and Tina Moody | LINK
- Codependents Anonymous UK Meetings | LINK
- Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody | LINK

- Jo's 'Lovingly Fierce' Online Course (with Project Love discount of £25 off using code: lfpodcastlistener) | LINK

- And if you'd like to find out more about Jo then you can visit her website here and check her out over on Instagram here.
I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Do get in touch and let me know what resonated with you the most. You can email me on hello@loveprojectlove.com or send me a DM on Instagram @loveprojectove.
Love, V xx
Oct 17 2019 · 48mins
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Three Sixty Conversations with Jo Westwood on the addiction of codependency.

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Welcome to episode 18.  Today I am having a really deep and honest conversation with Jo Westwood on the addiction of codependent relationships. Trigger warning, although we do not share any graphic details this conversation is so honest it may be a little confronting for some. 

Jo Westwood is, a life coach and author that helps women and men escape from codependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce©.

In this conversation we talked about the nuance of codependent relationships and tackle topics such as trying to manipulate and control people with kindness.

Read full show notes here.

Jan 23 2019 · 1hr 18mins
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#14: How To End A Codependent Relationship with Jo Westwood

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Jo is a life coach and co-author of # HigherSelfie, known for her fun, real, no-BS approach to helping you improve your life. She specialises in helping women escape from codependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce. Her online codependence recovery course is available now at jowestwood.com

Topics will include...

- What Constitutes a Healthy Relationship
- The Difference Between Love and Codependency
- Discovering what You Really Want From Love & Life (and invite it in)
- Stopping Attracting the Same Toxic/Abusive Partners
- Releasing Your Need to Control the Relationship

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Life Purpose Workbook: www.georgelizos.com/lifepurpose
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Facebook Group: www.yourspiritualtoolkit.com
Website: www.georgelizos.com
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Dec 09 2018 · 39mins
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#47 Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood (Life Coaches): Talking About Modern Day Spirituality

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Lucy Sheridan is the world's first and only 'Comparison Coach' focused on helping millennials go comparison free. She’s appeared on Oprah’s lifeclass to discuss comparison and her work has been featured in Grazia, the Daily Mail, Stella magazine and the Evening Standard and more. Jo Westwood goes by the name The Spirit DJ and she coaches 30-something creatives and change makers who have successful 6 figure+ careers on how to invest in financial, energetic and emotional happiness. Her work has been featured in Psychologies, Look, ES Magazine, The Best You and Women's Health. Together they founded a movement called Higher Selfie which aims to bring spiritually to the digital age. Their book called Higher Selfie came out earlier this year and is a modern guide to love, healing and connection for Gen Y spiritual seekers who have their hearts set on creating a life they love, but are unsure how to do so.

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Nov 21 2016 · 42mins
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TGGC #39: Giving the finger to outspiriting, finding your tribe, & being spiritual online with Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood.

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Available on your favourite podcast app.

Today’s episode with Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood, the co-founders of #HIGHERSELFIE and it’s a very special episode because it’s the first time I’ve interviewed two guests together. Lucy and Jo just released their first book, which came out in April from Hay House and last year they put on the only spirituality un-conference in the world. We sat down to talk about how to get over the compare and despair that arises from seeing everyone’s highlights on social media, navigating a spiritual life in the modern age, how to find your tribe when you feel like the only “woo” in the village, and their favourite hashtag: #DONTWAITFORITCREATEIT!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Jo and Lucy’s personal journeys from complete skepticism to spiritual awakening and the paths that led them to launching their own heart-centred businesses and together creating #HIGHERSELFIE
  • The synchronicities that led to the creation of #HIGHERSELFIE and what the heck an un-conference actually is
  • The epidemic of “outspiriting” (or one-upmanship) that runs rampant in the spiritual community: what it is and how to manage it when you’re being outspirited or when you’re the one doing the outspiriting (because hey, we all have egos!)
  • How to use social media as an extension of our spiritual practice, rather than viewing it as something that inherently pulls us away from our spirituality
  • How to make authentic friendship and find people who “get you” as an adult
  • Why becoming “spiritual” doesn’t mean you have to cull your “unspiritual” friends from your life and how to navigate these relationships given your new perspective
  • How to get clear on which of your dreams to go after when you’re overwhelmed by having “too many” ideas
  • How to help create the things you wished existed in the world, even if you don’t want to be the one leading it

Links mentioned:

Where to find Jo:

Where to find Lucy:

Where to find #HIGHERSELFIE:

May 06 2016 · 1hr 2mins
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#0018 Make spirituality funky with Jo Westwood

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Jo Westwood (aka the Spirit DJ!) helps women find spiritual solutions for real life stuff. A life coach, spiritual mentor and teacher of A Course In Miracles, she takes esoteric spiritual principles and translates them into practical coaching to help her clients release stress and stagnation, anxiety, paralysis and procrastination and instead be happier, calmer, more confident and fulfilled in their life, work and relationships.

Episode notes and links:
Apr 19 2015 · 24mins