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Episode 5 - Zack Pennington - High-End Karaoke Bars in... Louisville? (during a pandemic)

Founder's Forge

Marcus and Adam interview Zack Pennington, an event-space entrepreneur attempting to break into brick-and-mortar entertainment in several cities in the Central US. The most important thing to consider when opening a new bar, karaoke spot, or casino? Uniqueness - what does your venue offer that no one else does? This applies as much to software as it does to karaoke. Also, how can you pivot to stay in business when your normal revenue source is literally illegal due to lockdowns? Zack's website. Want to come on the show? Fill out a questionnaire, and learn more on our Medium page, or find us on Twitter, Instagram, and of course on Axon Pages. We hope to see you enter the forge soon!


11 Nov 2020

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Zack Pennington | Serial Entrepreneur | Musician | Business Advice | Startups | Coffee Chats w Shah

Coffee Chats with Shah

In conversation with Zack Pennington.  ------------------------------------------------  Zack is an entrepreneur, musician, and community builder.  His most recent company, NoraeBar is a private room karaoke bar in the NuLu neighborhood of Louisville.  Zack recently moved to Austin, TX but is still deeply connected in the Louisville ecosystem.  When he's not building companies, he's playing drums or guitar.   Zack loves helping people and giving advice and would meet with anyone for the small price of bourbon or tacos  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Zack Pennington  Linkedin  ֍  https://www.linkedin.com/in/zackpennington/ NoraeBar ֍ https://noraebar.com/ ------------------------------------------  Thumbnail picture credit: Jess Amburgey  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Shalin Shah LinkedIn     ֍   https://www.linkedin.com/in/shalinshah2/ Instagram  ֍   https://www.instagram.com/coffee_chats_with_shah/ FaceBook  ֍   https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeChatsWithShah/ Spotify       ֍ https://bit.ly/CoffeeChatsWithShah Apple          ֍ https://bit.ly/CoffeeChatsWithShahApple -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  The information and opinions expressed on any of the episodes or material of  Coffee Chats with Shah are intended to address specific questions asked or situations described on the program and are not designed to constitute complete and professional advice or recommendations. Listeners should not act on or rely upon any and all information contained in any of the episodes without seeking the advice of other professionals in the field to which they have questions or wish to seek advice. Coffee Chats with Shah can not be held responsible or liable for any content and/or comments made by any of the hosts or guests on any of the programs that air live, recorded or as podcasts, on any given platform in any media form. The opinions expressed by the guests are their personal and do not reflect the sentiments or stance of their affiliated institutions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #entrepreneur #noraebar #business


7 Oct 2020

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Be Smart With Your Time: Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur with Zack Pennington

Monumental with Evan Holladay

Today’s guest is Zack Pennington. The reason I wanted to have him on the show is because I always admired Zack’s successful involvement in multiple ventures and ability to connect with everyone and anyone. He’s a true master networker and if you know Zack, you know that everyone loves him and companies want him on their team.Zack Pennington recently joined EdjAnalytics, a data science and predictive modeling startup as their Sales Manager. Zack is the founder and CEO of US Chia. Zack helped open Flying Axes, an axe-throwing venue based out of Louisville. Zack is also the co-founder of Herelancer, a local freelancer marketplace. Zack is a Board Member of Venture Connectors, a non-profit connecting members of the entrepreneurial community. Zack is a Facilitator for Startup Weekend, lead guitarist of the band Light Treasons, and loves helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals.So in today’s episode we cover how Zack is able to manage his time more effectively while being a part of multiple successful ventures, how he became the master of networking and how you can too, and so many more nuggets of value!Zack’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zackpennington/Zack’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thezackpennington/Zack’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zackpenningtonZack’s Band, Light Treasons:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lighttreasons/Website: http://lighttreasons.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lighttreasons/Twitter: https://twitter.com/lighttreasonsEdj Analytics Website: https://edjanalytics.com/Contact Ed Analytics here to get a free consultation for your business: https://edjanalytics.com/contact/Herelancer: https://www.herelancer.comUS Chia: https://www.uschia.comFlying Axes Website: https://flyingaxes.com/Venture Connectors FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/VentureConnectorsLouisville/Intro/Outro Music by The Pass:Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1YZ8Q9yDeYWrCDPFSz3crBSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-passiTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-pass/354059612sonaBLAST! Records: http://www.sonablast.com/Subscribe and leave a review for the Monumental Podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/eholladaySubscribe to the podcast and emails from Evan: www.evanholladay.comFollow Evan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evanholladay/Follow Evan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanHolladay/Follow Evan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvanHolladay


23 Apr 2018

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#51 How to Do It All with Zack Pennington

Drunken Money

Zack Pennington might be the coolest guy we know. In addition to being a co-founder or co-owner of Herelancer, U.S. Chia, and Flying Axes, he is also the lead guitarist for Light Treasons and is a Sales Manger at EdjAnalytics.  How to Do It All:  Zack is one of the owners of Flying Axes in Louisville.  Although his initial reaction was that it wasn't a great idea, after going to an axe-throwing venue in Canada, Zack realized it was a great industry that appealed to everyone (similar to darts and bowling).  The team also received great publicity thanks to Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon.   After graduating from college, Zack was in a band and toured across the country. He credits this band for helping him with business, sales, and marketing.  When Zack was getting his MBA, he started U.S. Chia, a domestic chia seed production company.  He started the company with a plant scientist, who had a patented variety of chia seeds that would grow in the United States.  Zack's biggest strength was giving the pitch in business plan competitions.  The secrets to a great pitch:  Make it simple enough for the average person to understand it.  Be confident and credible enough to make it seem like you know all the jargon and technical aspects of the company/industry.  Once U.S. Chia was established and could operate as a stable business, Zack and his partner decided to sell the company in November 2017.  Recently, Zack decided to start a new band, Light Treasons.  Listen in for a quick taste of "The Romantic".  Zack also started Herelancer, which connects people in the community with local freelancers.  With Herelancer, Zack was able to focus on aspects of the business other than strictly sales by teaming up with a partner who also has similar strengths.  Within the last few months, Zack pulled a 180 and went to work for Edj Analytics as a Sales Manager.  Since he is the first person in his position, Zack still gets to play the role of entrepreneur even though he works for somebody else.  He explains his reasoning for taking a comfortable job with a salary while still investing in other ventures.  How does Zack manage all his projects?  It's amazing how much can be accomplished when you condense your time and focus on the most important tasks.  He turns off all notifications and distractions on his phone and batches his time to get the maximum amount done.  What's the most important thing somebody should focus on when starting a business?  All that matters is how many people you can convince to purchase your product/service and how expensive is it to produce?  Last call questions and answers: What's the best career advice you've received? Invite people out to lunch who can teach you something or you can help.  Reach out to people you think are unavailable.  What advice would you give to your 22-year-old self?  If you make enough money early, you can do what you love forever.  What advice would your 60-year-old self give you today? Your optimism was the only asset that was perpetual.  Invest in the inevitable.  The best thing you have spent money on in the past 6 months: Buying food for other people.  What media do you recommend: The Hard Thing About Hard Things Seth Godin Rework Favorite thing to drink: Bourbon and Tecate  Angel's Envy Special shoutouts and show notes: Woodford Reserve - according to Zack it's scientifically the best bourbon.  Jameson Irish Whiskey Old Forester The 4-Hour Workweek Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey You can learn more about Zack by connecting with him on LinkedIn.  Have any topics you want to be covered or amazing people you'd like us to interview? Let us know! You can email us at info@drunkenmoney.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Please be sure to subscribe to our weekly mailing list at drunkenmoney.com/subscribe.

1hr 25mins

17 Jan 2018

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#502LeaderSeries No. 38: Zack Pennington

The Serendipitous Channel with @MisterJasonMudd

I sat down with Zack Pennington at Anoosh Bistro to talk about entrepreneurship and throwing axes. How cool is that? #YesBrands #YesLouisville


16 Jun 2017

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EP16 - Zack Pennington - Light Treasons / Flying Axes / Herelancer - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

Sean Vs. Wild

It's the SIXTEENTH episode of Sean Vs Wild, and we are joined in the studio by wildly entertaining guitarist/marketing genius Zack Pennington. Zack sits down with Sean over a delicious chai latte to discuss their thoughts on Dunkin Donuts, his band Light Treasons, being the C.O.O. of "FLYING AXES"- a brand new ax throwing venue opening up in Louisville, the art of throwing an ax, and his marketing service HERELANCER, which connects people with local freelancers and agencies for marketing/business projects. Zack also shares insights and gives advice to anyone looking to launch a business or project of their own. This is definitely the show to tune into to help get you motivated into meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams. So tune in, take some notes, and prepare to laugh out loud on this new episode of the Sean Vs Wild Podcast! BOOK YOUR EVENT AT FLYING AXES NOW!: 146 N. Clay St. Louisville, KY 40202 1-855-LETS-AXE ZACK'S LINKS: www.flyingaxes.com www.lighttreasons.com www.herelancer.com Today's podcast is brought to you by AUDIOPHILE INK. Are you in a band? Do you know someone that is? Do you have a job, group, club, cause, or organization? Do you have a witty phrase that you think would look great on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie... or maybe on a pair of underpants? Maybe you need digitally printed banners, business cards, stickers, promotional products? If so, you're going to want to use AUDIOPHILE INK for all your screenprinting needs. Audiophile Ink is located in the heart of Louisville, KY. and ships to all 50 states. So whether you're in my neck of the woods, or you're across the country, Audiophile Ink has you covered. High Quality, Competitive Prices, printed on the brands you want, you're not going to find a better deal than Audiophile Ink! Check it out at http://www.audiophileink.com SEAN VS WILD is now part of the NEVER NERVOUS NETWORK. Keep up to date on all the local happenings in the Louisville area at www.never-nervous.com and check out other excellent local podcasts including The Never Nervous Podcast, House by the Video Store, The Parade of Horribles Podcast, and Actual Conversations, all of which are available on iTunes! SEAN'S LINKS: Site - http://www.seanvswild.com Itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sean-vs.-wild/id1192530869 Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/m/Iqdwyk4q6aqnzzqffdeoql2n7kq?t=Sean_Vs_Wild iHeartRadio: https://www.iheart.com/show/263-sean-vs-wild/ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/seanvswild Instagram - @SeanVsWildPodcast Twitter - @SeanVsWild

1hr 14mins

12 May 2017

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Horse Tip Daily #1022 by Equestrian Collections – All About Chia with Dr. Ying & Zack Pennington

Horse Tip Daily

Today's tip is an excerpt from the Driving Radio Show. Dr. Wendy Ying & Zack Pennington from U.S. Chia talk about this amazing little see that is so much more than a kitchy gift. Listen in...Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=87421)


5 Dec 2014

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Episode 75 – Startup LIVE! with Todd Earwood, Emily Gimmel, Zack Pennington

Startup: Conversations With Louisville Entrepreneurs

The Louisville Free Public Library is now offering the Treehouse online learning tools to anybody with a library card, and to kick off that service Dan recorded a live panel discussion with TryItLocal.com’s Todd Earwood, The Graceship’s Emily Gimmel, and U.S. Chia’s Zack Pennington. It’s a hour-long discussion with three seasoned entrepreneurs about where they got their interest in entrepreneurship, their biggest challenge they’ve faced, and plenty of great advice on getting something started.

1hr 16mins

1 Oct 2013