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Podcast-Based Networking (B2B Lead Gen) w/ Jake Jorgovan

Profit with Podcasting

A conversation with podcasting industry pioneer, Jake Jorgovan.Referenced in Today's Episode:Content AlliesLearn B2B PodcastingWorking Without Pants PodcastLeaders of B2B PodcastLead CookieConnect with Noah at:The WebsiteEmailIf you enjoy the podcast, please leave a positive rating and review!


22 Sep 2021

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3 Key Steps to Successful Outbound Marketing | Interview with Jake Jorgovan from Lead Cookie & Content Allies

Pathmonk Presents Podcast

We welcome serial entrepreneur and leadership, sales, and marketing connoisseur Jake Jorgovan. Jake joined us to discuss his journey with two of his successful companies, Lead Cookie, and Content Allies. Lead Cookie is a B2B lead generation agency helping to generate qualified sales opportunities. Content Allies help companies build revenue-generating podcasts. So really, he just does everything we love. Jake dives into the behind-the-scenes of his growing businesses well giving us access to his personal journey and offering us advice. With his expertise in outbound marketing, Jake can offer listeners perceptive suggestions and steps to take in order to be successful in outbound marketing. Outbound leads are unfortunately not built on trust in the same way inbound leads are. We have to ensure that our targeting is accurate, our message is relevant, and that we work to build the relationship with more intentional touchpoints. Click play and learn more about successful outbound marketing.


30 Aug 2021

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477 How To Start New Businesses with Jake Jorgovan @ Content Allies

thinkfuture with kalaboukis

Enterprise Podcast Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, & Creator.  A powerful new business building framework: a must-read for all startup founders.   https://jake-jorgovan.com/blog/my-framework-for-starting-a-new-business--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thinkfuture/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thinkfuture/support


25 Aug 2021

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Strengthening the Sales Process with Podcasts with Jake Jorgovan of Content Allies and Ledge Ledgewood of Add1Zero

Leaders of B2B - Interviews on B2B Leadership, Tech, SaaS, Revenue, Sales, Marketing and Growth

In this episode, they talk about how you can use a podcast to drive revenue for your business, and how you can turn podcast interviews into revenue-relationships. Ledge and Jake discuss multiple approaches and how they each approach podcast interviews. Ready to start your B2B podcast? Reach out to us today at ContentAllies.com.


29 Apr 2021

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$40M+ In Sales for Clients Through LinkedIn, Podcasting, and Content Creation with Jake Jorgovan of Lead Cookie and Content Allies

The Marketing Innovators Podcast

In this episode of The Marketing Innovators Podcast, Jake Jorgovan, Founder of Lead Cookie & Content Allies, shares his insights from generating $40M+ in sales for his clients through LinkedIn, podcasting, and content creation. In this quick 25-minute episode you’ll hear learn about: Growing Successful Companies including... The truth about staying ‘ahead of the curve’ in business, no matter what industry you’re in How NOT to spread yourself too thin (even while running multiple companies) A simple shift that guarantees positive client results BEFORE you take a client on Self-sabotaging mistakes Jake made for years and how he stopped shooting himself in the foot (this could save you years of frustration!) And a profitable lesson he learned after firing his accountant—this may be holding you back too. Podcasting and Content Creation including... The BETTER benefits of podcasting—beyond listeners turning into leads which is also great! The all-too-common Content Mistake most people make starting out And the Simple Shift you should make before you hit “Publish” on your very next piece of content if you want to reach and resonate with the right people. Succeeding with LinkedIn including... The “60-Minute LinkedIn Focus Fix” that turns profile browsers into interested prospects (Jake would do this FIRST if he was brand new to LinkedIn!) How to get the MOST value out of LinkedIn WITHOUT paying for LinkedIn Ads And the ONLY strategy you should use if you are going to pay for LinkedIn Ads (as told by “the world’s leading expert on LinkedIn Ads” according to LinkedIn!) Finally Jake reveals “The Untapped Opportunity” he’s tapping into in 2021. His opportunity may not be yours, but pay close attention and you’ll hear a simple way to discover your own. This quick episode is worth listening to more than once. Resources mentioned in this episode: How to start & produce a B2B podcast in 2021 — Jake Jorgovan Lead Cookie Content Allies Jake's Blog AJ Wilcox LinkedIn Ads The Marketing Innovators Podcast is brought to you by 2Web.ca. 2Web makes it simple to grow your business’ online presence without overwhelm.


12 Apr 2021

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Serial Entrepreneurship & Thought Leadership with Jake Jorgovan, Founder Content Allies

Get in the Mode

In this episode of “Get in the mode” David J talks with Jake Jorgovan, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Content Allies. Jake shares some of his thoughts on how he pursues ventures that are successful and when to cut bait on ones that are.  Jake also shares his views on thought leadership and how it can benefit entrepreneurs and leaders alike. Having a fully remote team in different time zones and Jake himself living like a digital nomad, this episode is a must watch if you are trying to keep your staff engaged and aligned on goals with the right tools. There’s plenty of nuggets on this episode you don’t want to miss if you are an Entrepreneur.


6 Apr 2021

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[PS #0010] How to hire your next A-player with Jake Jorgovan

Productize My Service with Tyler Gillespie

Hi Productizers, Today, we have Jake Jorgovan, serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advisor, talking to us about the one subject every single person looking to run a productized service NEEDS to hear: How to succeed in your next hire and bring on a-players in your businessJake is also the founder of Lead Cookie and Content Allies, and runs both companies with minimum involvement - a testament to his excellent processes, both hiring and otherwise. Through these companies, he has generated $40M+ in sales for his customers.Today, he shares with us the secret to turning every hire into a success. This was a special Masterclass presentation that goes deep into hiring strategies. Grab your notepad and let’s build some leverage in your service business.TylerExclusive Masterclass:Golden Timestamps:7:44 - The top hiring mistakes that people make9:14 - Find out why hiring someone for sales can sometimes be a mistake10:25 - How to find out who you need to hire13:50 - Someone else will love the work that you hate27:45 - How to set up a new hire for success29:00 - Breaking down the four phases of success for a new hire32:00 - When someone fails to deliver, look at the manager (AKA - you!)36:00 - The phases of leadership that people usually hire for41:09 - How to determine pay for contract and full-time hires46:04 - Should you work with contractors or full-time resources?49:04 - What you can do as a founder if you don’t have the time to interview people58:55 - When is the right time to make your first hireKey Takeaways:Pay attention to where you are becoming a bottleneck to your own business. Entrepreneurs are best used when they’re doing the work that nobody else can, so look out for moments where you may be limiting the growth or sustainability of your company.Set your new hire up for success. It’s important to be clear about expectations, consistent with constructive feedback, and chart out what success looks like for your new hire’s first quarter.Ensure that you carve out a very specific role for a new hire. Don’t expect them to be a version of you, instead, map out the tasks they need to do, and the skills they need to succeed. This will reduce the likelihood of frustration for both you, and the new hire.Lead Cookie Business Model Breakdown:Customer: Small B2B businessesMechanism: Outbound LinkedIn efforts by optimizing, engaging, and converting leadsResult: Generate qu --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/productize/message

1hr 2mins

24 Feb 2021

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E187 Build a strategic partnership with podcasts with Jake Jorgovan

The Digital Agency Show | Helping Agency Owners Transform Their Business Mindset to Increase Prices, Work Less, and Grow Profits

Jake Jorgovan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster and Business Advisor. He is the Founder of Lead Cookie, Content Allies, and Arete Incubator. Jake is also the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast and shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com. Jake’s professional focus is to build companies that enable freedom of time and financial profitability. He does that by being an active entrepreneur in the trenches and through training others on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales & marketing.


27 Jan 2021

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069: Hiring The Right People For Your Team With Jake Jorgovan

Say it Online

Trying to build a team that’ll help your agency grow – and make you sweat a little less when you have to hand off work?  Say chats with Jake Jorgovan about exactly that, getting him to share all his secrets when it comes to hiring the right people for your team, from common mistakes that business owners make when hiring to why your onboarding process is so crucial. Jake Jorgovan is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advisor.  He is the founder of Lead Cookie, Content Allies, and Arete Incubator. Through these companies, Jake has generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. Jake is the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast and shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com.  Jake’s professional focus is to build companies that enable freedom of time and financial profitability. He does that by being an active entrepreneur in the trenches and through training others on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing.  Jake has a degree in entrepreneurship from Belmont University and has been awarded Nashville’s Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. He has spoken at conferences such as SXSW and has been featured in publications such as Inc and Forbes. Jake lives a nomadic life and has traveled the world while running multiple companies. In this episode, Jake dives into how to anticipate when you’ll need to hire next, how to support your new hire throughout the onboarding process, and why you should NEVER hire in a hurry. Tune in to learn how to: Identify green and red flags throughout your hiring process  Build teams that love to work together (and get stuff done!)  Nurture employees who have potential but haven’t found the right space or direction to fully hone their skills.  Connect with Jake at jorgovan.com, contentallies.com, and leadcookie.com


11 Nov 2020

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EP 16: Jake Jorgovan – Using Personality Tests With a Team, Visualizing a Future, and Doing More Than One Thing Well

Show Your Business Who's Boss

Anyone can take a personality test. I bet you’ve taken quite a few yourself before. They’re easily accessible, insightful, and entertaining. Rarely, though, do people take what they’ve learned and applied it practically into their lives. But what if we did? What if you applied the information to structure your work day, what you work on and what you outsource, and even what your business should focus on? Spending the majority of your time working on things in your zone of genius is a great way to be more effective AND more fulfilled—and that might just be your next step to showing your business who’s boss. Today’s guest is a huge proponent of personality tests and a total boss of his business, Jake Jorgovan. Jake is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advisor and the Founder of Lead Cookie, Content Allies, and Arete Incubator. Through these companies he’s generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. He’s also the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast and shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com. Tune into this episode to hear: How to use personality tests, like Strengths Finder, to most effectively focus your time, and communicate with those around you How a personality test helped Jake find a much more effective position for one of his employees Jake’s brilliant hiring process that helps him save time by weeding out 95% of applicants upfront and still find the person who will best fit in with the team Plus, Jake helps me get my mind right about bringing people in house Learn more about Jake Jorgovan: Jake-Jorgovan.com Jake’s About Me page ContentAllies.com Connect with Jake on LinkedIn Learn more about Pia: No BS Agency Owners Free Facebook Group The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course Start reading the first chapter of my book Piasilva.com Other resources from this episode: CliftonsStrengths


13 Aug 2020