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Disrupting the hospitality market, finding talent fast & working when you want (Michael Agema of Agema Hospitality)

The Impactors Podcast

"Creating impact HAS to come from the heart and the soul. Whatever that thing is that sparks you, what gets you back up from those bumps and bruises; once you know what that is, the question is what skill-set can you bring to create the most value or make the most impact?" Episode #28 of Season 2 of The Social Impactors Podcast features #SocialImpactor Michael Agema, CEO & Founder of Agema Hospitality, a company in the business of pain relief as a shift disturber. Their slogan is 'Find Talent Fast. Get Help. Work When You Want. Get Paid'. Michael and I talk about how he began as a shift disturber and wanted to disrupt the work shortage in the hospitality market, why he decided to build Agema Hospitality and how it is changing international citizens lives forever, and why he believes social impact is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Join the Social Impactors Community: 1. Leave a #iTunes review to help new people find it! Link: https://apple.co/2WI5Ckn 2. Check out my website and share it! There's even a #merch store to become a real life #socialimpactor! Link: http://bit.ly/thesocialimpactorswebsite #SocialImpactEverywhere--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theimpactorspodcast/support


5 Jun 2019