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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Abby Lawson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Abby Lawson, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Abby Lawson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Abby Lawson, often where they are interviewed.

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9. Abby Lawson: A BRCA1 Previvor Organizing Life

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This week’s guest on Happiness through Hardship - The Podcast is previvor, Abby Lawson. She’s the founder of Just a Girl & Her Blog and an organization and design expert, who with her husband runs an entrepreneurial venture. She’s full of advice for anyone wanting to organize their home, design a new space and even help show others how blogging can be a family run business. While I found her and fell in love with her organization of Lego space, she’s known for offering courses and free printables on a variety of topics. Though we could talk for hours about creating a thriving home, on today's episode Abby shares her story as a BRCA1 previvor. A Previvor is someone who has taken action to eliminate risks of disease, often having a predisposition to cancer. This group includes people who carry a hereditary mutation, a family history of cancer, or some other predisposing factor. Abby tells us about the decisions she made knowing she was a carrier of BRCA1. BRCA1 is a genetic mutation and those who carry it have a much higher risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer compared with someone who doesn't have the mutation.

Abby’s story about being a BRCA1 previvor is informative and enlightening. She’s incredibly sweet and feels like a new friend...so please listen to this episode and if you like rate, review and subscribe. This helps with our podcast ranking and increases the chances of others finding it.


Blog: https://justagirlandherblog.com/

Abby's Printable Library: https://justagirlandherblog.com/free-printable/

Genetic Testing - MyGeneCounsel: https://www.mygenecounsel.com/about-us/

SIMS Clinic - Yale Medicine's Sexual, Intimacy and Menopause Clinic: https://www.yalemedicine.org/departments/sexual-intimacy-and-menopause-program/

FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancers Empowered: https://www.facingourrisk.org/understanding-brca-and-hboc/information/previvors-survivors/cancer-previvors/

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Jul 22 2020 · 39mins
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195: Everything you Need to Know about Email Marketing with Donnie and Abby Lawson of Just A Girl and her Blog

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I'm so excited to have two guests on today's episode that I happen to know quite well! Donnie and Abby Lawson are the husband-and-wife team behind JustaGirlandherBlog.com, and they are also my brother and sister-in-law!

Just A Girl and Her Blog primarily focuses on organization, productivity, and home decor, but Donnie and Abby also share their blogging strategies to help newer bloggers learn how to grow.

I'm partnering with Donnie and Abby for their Browser to Buyer course. They walk you through a three-part email marketing system, give you tangible examples from their own business, and even show you their stats and what works for them!

So not only is the course on sale from Tuesday, July 30, through Monday, August 5 for $79 (it's normally $99!), but they're also doing it LIVE on August 5-7.

To get your hands on this course, you need to go to brilliantbusinessmoms.com/B2B. You want to go directly to that page because that's where the sale is happening.

Go to brilliantbusinessmoms.com/episode195 for full show notes.

Jul 30 2019 · 1hr 2mins

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20 | Blogging as a Pro Organizing Niche with Abby Lawson

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In today's episode, Abby Lawson joins me to share all about her experience as the owner of the popular organizing blog, Just A Girl And Her Blog.  Abby is truly one of the queens of the organizing world. She has built her entire career around creating quality video and blog content through organizing her own home and office.  In this interview, Abby has lots of tips on creating videos and blog content, as well as how to get started with affiliate marketing.

(00:00) – Introduction to the episode(01:00) – Introducing Abby Lawson(03:17) – Abby shares her experience creating content full time for her blog and YouTube(05:58) – How Abby found out about the professional organizing industry(07:30) – Tips for starting a blog and what to post(11:20) – Abby’s #1 tip for posting on social platforms(12:47) – Some ways Abby has monetized her blog and Instagram(20:30) – Abby shares why she started her YouTube channel(24:19) – How Abby plans out her projects in advance(26:34) – How video makes your audience feel more connected to you(29:10) – The one big thing that Abby would do differently if she could start over(30:54) – Abby explains why email marketing is crucial to sales(33:20) – Why email marketing is important for professional organizers(35:50) – How to create quality content when you don't have a chic home(39:01) – More info on applying for affiliate marketing(40:05) – Abby’s preferred email marketing service(41:05) – Episode Wrap-Up

The rest of the show notes can be found at proorganizerstudio.com/blog/blogging-niche

Jul 17 2019 · 43mins
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075: From a Humble Blog to a Thriving Family Empire | Abby Lawson

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'Mummy bloggers' are taking the world by storm. It's been inescapable over the last few years. Not surprising really. Blogging's made for mums since it can be done around the craziness of family life. Some mums set out to conquer the blogging world, others ended up there entirely by accident.

In today’s episode of Mum-to-Mum Monday we'll be talking about starting a blog. How you can successfully build a blog from the ground up, and still be a Mum at the same time.

My guest today is SuperMum, Abby Lawson.

Abby lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Donnie and sons Connor and Caleb who are 8 and 5. Feeling like she needed a little more in life, and on a whim, Abby set up 'Just a Girl and Her Blog'. She wrote about anything that came to mind; parenthood, home renovations and children's parties. As her confidence in blogging grew, so did her following and social media presence. Within 18 months of starting the blog, Abby recognised that there was a niche market and set about turning her humble blog into a business.

Since then, her blog has become so successful that it's no longer 'Just a Girl'. Her husband Donnie quit his job and now works full time alongside Abby. The two of them, as well as her sister, now form a team which consistently creates 5 figures every single month! This has given them a lifestyle to be envious of. Abby and Donnie share both quality time with the kids, and the work in the business. They do this four days a week... and the fifth day is reserved for family and fun.

In today's episode, we learn the step-by-step process of setting up a blog from scratch. From finding an idea, discovering your niche audience, to create engaging content every time. We also talk about the dreaded technology, and how to simply set up a website without too many headaches.

I'm delighted to welcome Abby to my show today. She teaches you that it's possible build a blog from humble beginnings (when you think no-one's reading), through to a thriving business that gives you the lifestyle of your dreams.

You can find the full write up from this episode including the Show Notes at www.Lisa-York.com/075

Go Conquer Motherhood!

Sep 24 2018 · 47mins

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Stop getting bogged down by blogging deatils - Abby Lawson

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Abby (Just a Girl and Her Blog) is an incredibly successful blogger and teacher of blogging--and today we're going to talk about:

* balancing blog time with young kids

* balancing passionate and personality-driven content--with the nuts and bolts of technical marketing and SEO

* lots more :)

The full post is here: https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/abby


May 23 2018 · 54mins
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Time To Unleash The Organized And Productive Deity Within | Abby Lawson

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In this episode, we're going to talk about extreme productivity and organization with our guest, Abby Lawson. She is the girl behind Just a Girl and Her Blog, where she offers help and resources to those who want to create a beautiful home, life, and business.


* http://justagirlandherblog.com/ – Abby's Blog
* http://justagirlandherblog.com/Kevin – Abby offered us a free course called Intentionally Organized!
* @JustAGirlAbby – Abby on Twitter

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Apr 19 2017 ·
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163 - Abby Lawson

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Abby Lawson is the founder of JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com, where she helps people to create a beautiful, thriving home life and business. Since 2013, Abby has turned her blog that she initially used as a creative outlet into a full-time family business. And she is helping others to grow their audience and make a living online.
Oct 24 2016 ·
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1004: From clueless blogger to publishing 5-figure income reports with Abby Lawson

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Abby is the girl behind JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com, where she writes about organization, home decor, creative projects, and random happy thoughts. She is passionate about helping other people grow their online audience and believes that business is best done in community.

Feb 10 2016 · 34mins
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From clueless blogger to publishing 5-figure income reports with Abby Lawson

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Abby is the girl behind JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com, where she writes about organization, home decor, creative projects, and random happy thoughts. She is passionate about helping other people grow their online audience and believes that business is best done in community.

Jul 22 2015 · 35mins