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328: Anime (w/ Cody Ziglar & Brodie Reed)

High and Mighty

Cody Ziglar and Brodie Reed join gabrus to wander through the wonderful world of Anime. Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action Boyz Advertise on High & Mighty via Gumball.fm. Shout out to Gainful for sponsoring this episode of High & Mighty. To get $20 off your personalized supplements, go to gainful.com/mighty.  And shout out to Stat Hero for sponsoring this episode of High & Mighty. Go to StatHero.com/MIGHTY, sign up for FREE, and get three times back on your first play.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 1min

16 Sep 2021

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The Worst Owners & Best Manga In The NBA This Year w/ Matt Christman, Brodie Reed, & Joe McAdam

Roundball Rock

Sean and Joey talk are joined by Matt Christman (@Cushbomb) of Chapo Trap House to decide who is the worst NBA Owner of the year. Then, Joey talks to Brodie Reed (@AyoBroBro) of the Dark Weeb podcast about Brook & Robin Lopez's manga. Finally, Brook and Robin have a very special episode featuring their brother, Chris (Joe McAdam, @ButtGuys) to talk about their manga and also different flavors of Jolt ColaAlso, subscribe to one of the two best substacks here: https://basketballfeelings.substack.com/Buy a T-shirt, Mug, Tote, Sweatshirt, or Covid mask here: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/roundball-rock-the-podcast?ref_id=13068 (Promo code: RoundRockPod for 30% off)SUPPORT: www.patreon.com/roundrockpodTWITTER & IG: @RoundRockPodE-MAIL: RoundRockPod@gmail.comPHONE: 323-682-0342MERCH: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/roundball-rock-the-podcast?ref_id=13068ALBUM: www.roundballrock.bandcamp.comSONG: "We're In A Death Cult" by Da Boo Hoos See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 56mins

27 Aug 2021

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Saw VI with Brodie Reed

The Best Little Horror House in Philly

Hello BLHHiP-heads... I'd like to play a game.For years you have been ignoring the later Saw installments, dismissing them as simple gore for gore's sake. But now you have a chance to redeem yourself - all you have to do is listen to Brodie Reed from The Dark Weeb Podcast talk about his pick for the best horror movie ever made, Saw VI. Do you have what it takes to make it through us pitching The Big Saw? Or will the discussion of misleading your audience with the Kuleshov Effect be too much? You must decide. Your time starts now. 

1hr 14mins

21 Jun 2021

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Watching Movies at the Bar

We talked to Brodie Reed (THE DARK WEEB, THE MALE GAZE PODCAST) about kung fu, the Shaw Bros. version of the studio system, and what one could learn building scaffolding at Guitar Center. Check out this doc on the Shaw Bros (https://youtu.be/rDe-cUBl7es) and this twitter (https://twitter.com/TimesSqKungFu) for more kung fu action/edification. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 May 2021

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VFV#282 the Mitchells vs the Machines w/ Brodie Reed

Views From the Vista

Comedian BRODIE REED (the Male Gaze, the Dark Weeb) joins the VFV Crew to review "The Mitchells vs the Machines"!

1hr 11mins

4 May 2021

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21 - Masc Off feat. Brodie Reed

Mex Flentallo

Los Bros Flentallo are joined by Comedian/Podcaster/Filmaker/Musician Brodie Reed to talk about John Arcudi and Doug Mahnke's deranged late 80's comic that inspired the slightly less deranged early 90s Jim Carrey movie The Mask. They also talk about the world of comedy and growing up different.

2hr 24mins

25 Mar 2021

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56. Batman & Robin vs. ADMMSCS* (with Brodie Reed)

Contest of Content

*Arrested Development/Mad Men/Schitt’s Creek/Succession. Brodie Reed inputs all the data and synthesizes judgements for the battles of Fashion, Don’t Eat the Rich, and Biggest Anti-Mask Character.

1hr 19mins

15 Mar 2021

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GameStop w/ Brodie Reed

Mall Talk with Paige Weldon and Emily Faye

Brodie Reed joins us to talk about Lawndale Mall, Fox Hills Mall, Guitar Center, Best Buy, the golden age of gauges, malls as the perfect setting for any genre, and finally, the “successful years” of GameStop and its surprising offerings today. Plus a Forever 21 update, unreasonably expensive containers, and Emily’s exciting new Home Good.JOIN THE MALL TALK PATREON:https://www.patreon.com/malltalkpod/BUY MALL TALK MERCH:https://www.teepublic.com/stores/malltalkpodcastFOLLOW BRODIE:https://twitter.com/ayobrobrohttps://www.instagram.com/ayo.bro.bro/ FOLLOW MALL TALK:https://www.instagram.com/malltalkpod https://twitter.com/malltalkpod See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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3 Feb 2021

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Creativity and Time w/ BRODIE REED

Grashlyn Party

Brodie Reed talks about stand-up comedy, video games, anti-depressants, new forms of creativity, and allowing oneself time to process and heal from traumatic events, while Grant fixates on Brodie's cats. Follow Brodie on Twitter and check out his podcasts The Male Gaze and The Dark Weeb.

1hr 12mins

3 Feb 2021

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302: “Proshai, Livushka” With Brodie Reed

Pod Yourself A Gun - A Sopranos Podcast

Sopranos season three continues on Pod Yourself A Gun this week with a discussion of "Proshai, Livushka," episode 302 and the second part of a two-episode premiere that originally aired March 4th, 2001. Our guest this week is Brodie Reed (named a "best up-and-coming comedian" by Vulture), host of the Dark Weeb and Male Gaze podcasts.Brodie joins your regular hosts Matt Lieb from Newsbroke/AJ+ and Vince Mancini from Uproxx/FilmDrunk to discuss arguably the greatest Sopranos episode there is. In this episode (SPOILERS TO FOLLOW, DO NOT @ ME) Livia dies, we meet both Svetlana the gruff nurse and Noah Tenenbaum, Meadow's film buff pseudo boyfriend, help AJ with his Robert Frost assignment, and try to understand Christopher's position on fingerprints at a truly epic funeral for Livia (where Janice, against all odds, once again monopolizes the conversation). We tend to love the funny episodes and this one is surely one of the funniest.I absolutely love this episode of the Sopranos (whaddya gonna do? ...at least she didn't suffer) and I hope you love this Pod Yourself A Gun episode just as much. Nay, twice as much. In fact if you don't love it, maybe you should get some therapy.As always, please leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts and/or wherever you get your podcasts.

1hr 8mins

24 Sep 2020