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How Business Leaders Get Referrals with Titus Bartolotta - Episode 77


www.referralspodcast.com On this show, we are discussing how business leaders get referrals. In this episode of Referrals Podcast, we have guest Titus Bartolotta here to talk about how he started out in business and how he saw it as a way to get to where he wanted to be.


18 Feb 2020

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Ep. 3 - Do a "Lotta" Good - Titus Bartolotta

Business Legends

It's Christian's 30th birthday! Today we are joined by Titus Bartolotta - President of Business Leaders Unleashed (BLU), a premier networking group, CEO and founder of Collaborative Solutions Group, and Founder of the Lotta Foundation. Titus' story is one of triumph, perseverance, and hard work. You can find him at: https://collaborativesolutionsgroup.com/ Learn more about us at: https://www.businessmarketingsolutionsgroup.com/


29 Aug 2019

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LKN Business Podcast S2 E7, with Titus Bartolotta

Lake Norman Business Podcast

We're really excited to release this episode, featuring Titus Bartolotta. Titus is the force behind Business Leaders Unleashed, Collaborative Solutions Group, The Lotta Foundation, and believe it or not, that's only a partial list of what he's got going on! Check it out now! As always, big thanks to our sponsors this season - Chapter One Films and the Excel Marketplace Breakfast presented by Newsong Church.


27 Feb 2019

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Titus Bartolotta Discusses How Silence and Peaceful Heroes Shaped His Journey from Loss to ACTION

From Mourning To ACTION!

Titus Bartolotta, the owner and founder of Collaborative Solutions Group & The Lotta Foundation, joins us on today’s podcast to discuss how losing his grandfather and growing up in poverty helped to set him up for a driven and loving existence. This one is so full of wisdom and depth that you will be upset if you were to miss it! Some key takeaways from this one:*Have you ever had the desire to pick up the phone to call you lost loved one? Yep, we get it!*The power of sitting in silence to find your creative voice*What does an apple versus an apple pie have to do with anything? (hint: Too many of us want that apple pie now!) *Find out the significance of the phrases “of myself I am nothing,” and “peace be still”*Learn how attention gives access to so much.*It’s ok to face the dark and turn on the light. *Don’t go it alone in your journey of grief, loss, or any other struggles for that matter. Titus Bartolotta’s website:team-csg.comFrom Mourning To Action: Powerfully Working Through Loss is a podcast based on Dr. Damon Silas’s first two books - From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss; and What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck in Your Life Now! In these books, Dr. Silas discusses the various losses he has experienced (and not just death), how he has personally worked through these losses; and what he has noticed professionally as a psychologist and coach that has proven helpful for clients and patients as they work through their own losses. You can find either book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other platform that offers books, or by going to his website here:https://damonsilaspsychology.com/store/#podcast #frommourningtoaction #fm2a #mourning #action #grief #loss #healing #heal #overcomeloss #overcomingloss #actionplan #affirmations #creativity #talk #introspection #openness #now #presence #present #meditation #spirituality #faith


31 Jan 2019

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Episode 13: Titus Bartolotta President and Founder of Lotta Foundation

Marketing Monster Mashup

Welcome to Marketing Monster Mashup, the official podcast of Leading Results! Join host Matt Starnes for episode thirteen to hear Titus Bartolotta, President & CoFounder of the Lotta Foundation and BLU: Business Leaders United. Titus shares the unique soundtrack that wakes him up at quarter to five in the morning and makes him happy! You have to listen to Titus' story of how he went from a challenging life in Queens, NY to a life of abundance and giving as an adult. Also, Titus shares how when he became frustrated with some networking events he took matters into his own hands and founded BLU. Overall I think you'll find Titus' attitude and generosity infectious. So give the episode a listen...or two! Find out more information about the Lotta Foundation and BLU: Business Leaders United here and here. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher and never miss an episode!


21 Jun 2017