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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kevin Shea. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kevin Shea, often where they are interviewed.

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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kevin Shea. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kevin Shea, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 004 Kevin Shea

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Kevin Shea entered the volunteer fire service in 1978 at the age of 18. He was hired by FDNY at the age of 24, in 1984. During his years with FDNY, Shea served on an Engine Co. 227, 108 Truck in Brooklyn, and on Rescue 1 in Manhattan. He was injured in the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center, but was able to stay on light duty as an Instructor after 18 months of medical leave. After several surgeries, he had to retire in 1998. He has taught for FDNY, as well as the state and county of New York. He has also been an instructor in the private sector, a former partner in Spec Rescue, and now owns Glacier Rescue Solutions. When not involved with training, he pursues his other passions such as hunting, fishing, and organizes firefighter hunts.

#firemen #firefighting #Leadership #dedication 

Aug 26 2020 · 55mins
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WCS EP 204 - Kevin Shea

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Hockey Hall of Fame Historian, author of many hockey books including The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication, radio personality, CJAMmer, and so much more; Kevin Shea joins Drake (05:02) on Zoom to chat about various topics. Kevin was born and raised in Windsor and eventually ended up working as a Hockey Historian. The two tend to talk and share stories about Windsor sports, The Maple Leafs, music, broadcasting and more. 

Aug 06 2020 · 1hr 6mins

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Imagine being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and having to deal with a pandemic while the government tracks your every move. That is exactly what our stranger today, KEVIN SHEA aka Mr. Shea, had to deal with as an American international teacher in China. We talk to him about what the government was and wasn’t telling them, sending his wife home before total lockdown, eating experimental foods, and much more!

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Jul 20 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Kevin Shea part 2: Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’

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The guys check back in with Kevin Shea to talk about his future train ride from Los Angeles to Seattle, and his previous trip to the Bahamas on a tension filled cruise.  

May 26 2020 · 1hr 2mins

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Kevin Shea part 1: Unauthorized Corporate Sponsorship

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Louis and Matt call Kevin Shea to talk about Kevin's early days on the road in which used his employer's corporate car and gas card to jump start his comedy career.  

May 21 2020 · 49mins
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Ep. 387 Kevin Shea, part 2: They're Terrible at What They Expect Us To Do

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The second half of our phone call with Kevin Shea.  The guys talk about Dating in LA in the late 90's, unemployment benefits, Matt's plan to get off twitter, how instagram is better than playboy, matching pajamas, National Horny Day, Matt's mother in law setting up a playdate for him, Kevin receiving racist comments, and Coronavirus conspiracy theories.  

Apr 26 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Ep. 386 Kevin Shea: I Lose All The Time

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The guys head out to their make shift studios to talk about the beginning of the Quarantine, Quitting Twitter, Social Media, Live Streaming Shows, Taping a Television Show, Alcohol, Facebook Spam, Wendell's Internet Arguments, and falling for the Hollywood version of romance.  

Apr 19 2020 · 58mins
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National Fireman's Journal Podcast: The Kevin Shea Story

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Host Bobby Halton talks with Kevin Shea, retired FDNY firefighter, about his years with the department. She recounts his participation in the "Rescue in the Sky" as well as being injured during the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, among other topics.

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Mar 30 2020 · 1hr 17mins
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Writing hockey books with Kevin Shea

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You know that old saying that we all have a book inside of us?  Well, it turns out that hockey historian Kevin Shea has has seventeen books inside of him with two more on the way. In episode 3 of The Creationists podcast, Kevin reveals how a story about Bozo the Clown helped to turn his passion for hockey into an unexpected second career as an author.

In 1999, Kevin Shea was a die-hard Toronto Maple Leaf fan who turned an unusual Christmas gift into his first book deal.  In this episode of The Creationists, Kevin discusses the process of piecing together his research and interviews with authoritative voices to tell compelling stories about the characters that laid the foundation for the history of hockey and how he got Wayne Gretzky to write the forward to his first book?

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Feb 10 2020 · 24mins
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Kevin Shea - Fun With Dumb - Ep. 52

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Kevin Shea joins us for the 52nd episode of "Fun With Dumb" - A new weekly podcast showcasing musicians, comics, artists, actors, k pop stars, chefs, and people from all walks of life! Listen on iTunes... https://goo.gl/Ng5MeK

Hosted by: @dumbfoundead



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"Fun With Dumb" Producers: 

Jonathan Park

Alex Oh

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Aug 21 2019 · 57mins