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A Friendly Conversation with Chelsea Jeheber

Logos Legacy

In this episode I talk with Chelsea Jeheber again, about a range of subjects such as channelling, the Pleiadeans, current astrological energies, self-compassion, the Great Year (otherwise known as Yugas) and Chelsea even does some channelling for us. Why not check it out? https://www.youtube.com/c/ChelseaJeheber https://www.chelseajeheber.com/

1hr 29mins

8 Jul 2021

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Channeling Light Beings with Chelsea Jeheber

The Curious Intuitive

In this episode I interview Chelsea Jeheber, she is an Intuitive Light Channel and Alien Whisperer, channeling messages from light beings of higher consciousness, and realms that encompass infinite knowledge. Blurring the boundaries between spirituality and science, she specializes in a modern and accessible approach to multidimensional living and collective ascension. I ask Chelsea:  What is a channel and who is she channeling now? What her stance is on alien abductions. How Chelsea developed her gifts. How she came about working as a Channel and her recommendations for people who want to start their own spiritual business.  Find more about Chelsea here:  www.instagram.com/chelseajeheber/ www.chelseajeheber.com/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCpT9wV6YqXrEXQKEnbzhvrQ?view_as=subscriber Visit: www.jennydmiller.com/ for all Jenny's offerings and services. www.instagram.com/jenny.d.miller/


17 Jan 2021

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Intuitive light channel Chelsea Jeheber

Becoming Intuitive

Gabrielle chats with Chelsea Jeheber, an Intuitive Channel and Medium with a focus on healing the collective heart. Chelsea opens up about her own intuitive story; she discusses topics from aliens to light beings and everything in between.Connect with ChelseaInstagram: @chelseajeheberWebsite https://www.chelseajeheber.com/Connect with Gabrielle Instagram @becoming_intuitveFacebook Becoming Intuitive Podcast Websitehttps://www.becomingintuitive.com.au/


5 Jul 2020

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16. Intuitive Channel, Chelsea Jeheber & I Discuss Our Shadows


We get into our shadows, fears and insecurities: fear of being called lazy especially as projectors, having luxury and being okay with wanting it, fear of people copying, fear of losing yourself when you have a lot of money, stepping into our worth, being a fairy, fear of judgments IG: @chelseajeheber Website: chelseajeheber.com

1hr 25mins

4 May 2020

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10. Following The Bread Crumbs w/ Intuitive Channel Chelsea Jeheber


I am so excited about my first female guest. She’s an intuitive channel and Akashic Records reader. Things we get into: what the coronavirus means for of us, her journey on the spiritual path, Lacy Phillip’s The Pathway, Pleiadians & starseeds, currency changing, our core essences, listening and talking to the universe, multidimensional beings, elevating your energetic gifts, following your intuition, how she channels messages You can find her on chelseajeheber.com IG: @chelseajeheber

1hr 12mins

1 Apr 2020