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EP 171 Bruce Damer Part 2: The Origins of Life – Implications

The Jim Rutt Show

Jim continues his discussion with Bruce Damer on the origins of life...Jim continues his discussion with Bruce Damer on the origins of life. They discuss Darwin's "warm little pond" hypothesis, hydrothermal fields as selection engines, wet-dry cycling, proto-cells, competing theories, implications of the hypothesis, niche construction theory, the origin of life as mostly collaborative, the Probability Interaction Memory (PIM) model, effects of crowding together, sharing results, the emergence of memory, PIM as a general principle of emergence, Covid-19 as an example of amplification, applying PIM to civilizational health, the loss of face-to-face community membranes in late-stage capitalism, "hearthology," applying PIM to the search for artificial general intelligence (AGI), collaborations with Ben Goertzel & Google's AI group, protocellular systems as general learning systems, creating a genesis engine, the Fermi paradox & the Drake equation, the new concept of urability, the low probability of sustaining life long enough to reach complexity, new data from Mars & exoplanet atmospheres, the possibility that Earth is extremely rare, bringing the galaxy to life, creating hundreds of thousands of warm little ponds using asteroids, and much more. Episode Transcript JRS EP 167 - Bruce Damer on the Origins of Life BIOTA Institute JRS EP140 - Robin Dunbar on Friendship JRS Currents 072: Ben Goertzel on Viable Paths to True AGI The Open Cognition Project (OpenCog) Tierra (Wikipedia) Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History, by Stephen Jay Gould SETI InstituteCanadian-born Dr. Bruce Damer has spent his life pursuing two questions: how did life on Earth begin? and how can we give that life (and ourselves) a sustainable pathway into the future and a presence beyond the Earth? A decade of laboratory and field research with his collaborator Prof. David Deamer at UCSC and teams around the world resulted in the Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life, published in Scientific American in 2017 and the journal Astrobiology in 2020. The scenario has now passed its first key experimental tests in the laboratory and at volcanic hot springs around the world and has emerged as a leading contender for a general theory of abiogenesis. Implications of the work are now spreading through evolutionary biology, philosophy, AI and the search for life beyond Earth. New work with collaborators has proposed the urability framework, how life can start on many different worlds, and addresses some aspects of the Fermi Paradox.

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20 Dec 2022

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EP 167 Bruce Damer on the Origins of Life

The Jim Rutt Show

Jim talks with Bruce Damer about the origins of life...Jim talks with Bruce Damer about the origins of life. They discuss what Earth was like 4 billion years ago, how the oceans formed, the new concept of urability, the distinction between supporting life & bringing it into being, the source of organic building blocks, combinatorial selection, the ocean vents theory vs the warm little pond hypothesis, the Murchison meteorite, wet-dry cycling, the water problem, using stromatolites & other natural analogs to test conjectures, finding the oldest evidence of life in a hot spring setting, shouting matches as evidence of paradigm shifts, what warm pools were made of, a one-pot solution that's testable at every stage, the source of vesicles, why the ocean is implausible as a starting point, chemical gardens, the great search for the origins of emergence, semipermeable membranes, "the ignoble sludge of the Progenitor," the jacuzzi origin of life, the origin of life as a communal unit, the ratchet to greater complexity, thermal change in near-real time, the error catastrophe in evolutionary computing, actual experiments being performed, the Fermi paradox & astrobiological implications, a hot spring on Mars, urability scores, the Drake equation, where complexity theory meets biology, the rarity of complex life & the responsibility that comes with it, bringing the universe to life, and much more.Episode Transcript Bruce Damer's TEDx talk: The Origin & Purpose of Life JRS EP40 - Eric Smith on the Physics of Living Systems The BIOTA Institute "The Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life," by Bruce Damer & David Deamer JRS EP18 - Stuart Kauffman on Complexity, Biology & T.A.P. "The Water Paradox and the Origins of Life" (Nature), by Michael Marshall "Urability: A Property of Planetary Bodies That Can Support an Origin of Life," by David Deamer and Bruce DamerCanadian-born Dr. Bruce Damer has spent his life pursuing two questions: how did life on Earth begin? and how can we give that life (and ourselves) a sustainable pathway into the future and a presence beyond the Earth? A decade of laboratory and field research with his collaborator Prof. David Deamer at UCSC and teams around the world resulted in the Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life, published in Scientific American in 2017 and the journal Astrobiology in 2020. The scenario has now passed its first key experimental tests in the laboratory and at volcanic hot springs around the world and has emerged as a leading contender for a general theory of abiogenesis. Implications of the work are now spreading through evolutionary biology, philosophy, AI and the search for life beyond Earth. New work with collaborators has proposed the urability framework, how life can start on many different worlds, and addresses some aspects of the Fermi Paradox.

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13 Oct 2022

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Ep. 435 – Science & Spirituality: A Mindrolling Podcast Anthology with Dennis Mckenna, David Silver, Dr. Bruce Damer Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb, Lisa Broderick

Mindrolling with Raghu Markus

In this special anthology episode of the Mindrolling podcast, Raghu explores the brimming intersection of science and spirituality with an assortment of wise and insightful friends.We are excited to introduce a special anthology episode peering into how the topics of science and spirituality connect in our modern age, sourcing hand-selected clips from previous Mindrolling podcasts with David Silver, Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb, Dr. Bruce Damer, Lisa Broderick, and Dennis Mckenna.Check out a new Spring season of the Ram Dass Soul Land Music Series featuring artists such as Gone Gone Beyond, David Starfire, & Jai Uttal!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 3mins

14 Apr 2022

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Bruce Damer: The Origins of Life

Solutions with Mason Hargrave

Dr. Bruce Damer is the founding director and chief scientist of the BIOTA Institute. His work has touched on a vast array of topics, ranging from programming some of the first graphic user interfaces for personal computers, to asteroid mining, to establishing the hot spring hypothesis for the origins of life.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/masonhargrave/support

1hr 24mins

22 Dec 2021

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EPISODE 027: Bruce Damer - a new origin of life and how to mine an asteroid.

Space Café Podcast

Bruce Damer is a versatile scientist who may be on the verge of rewriting the story of the origin of life. Contrary to all our ideas and textbook opinions, life may not have originated at the bottom of the oceans. Quite the opposite. Many things speak against it and the scientific community is debating. Of course, the space community has also taken notice of this news and Bruce also has a very clear idea of what to look for on distant planets like Mars. Host: Markus Mooslechner: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markus-mooslechner-87878085/Guest: Bruce DamerPublisher: Torsten Kriening: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torsten-kriening-68456/ Who we are? SpaceWatch.Global is a digital magazine and portal for those interested in space, and the far-reaching impact that space developments have. While showcasing the technology that enables the industry to edge closer to the next frontier, SpaceWatch.Global also provides analysis, forecasts, and insight into the geopolitical implications of space developments. From space policy, exploration, and missions, to space weapons and technology, we provide a complete perspective on the emerging space sector as it expands into a global marketplace. The team behind SpaceWatch.Global is a dynamic mix of space geeks, tech junkies, space policy experts, regional specialists, and passionate writers. We fully believe that space should be used for humanity, that it enables knowledge, and enriches societies.SpaceWatch.Global is published by ThorGroup GmbH, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. In the true Swiss spirit, neutrality, ethics and integrity are at our core. SpaceWatch.Global abides by the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics; we seek the truth and report on it. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


12 May 2021

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Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on the latest Asteroid Return Missions, the Starship Tests, the Origins of Life, and us as Imaginal Cells in the Field.

Dr.Future Show, Live FUTURE TUESDAYS on KSCO 1080

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer 12.15.2020 One of our favorite guests, Bruce brings us up to date on the latest asteroid return missions, heralding a new era in our ability to collect samples from off planet in our solar system and bring them back to Earth. We delve a bit into the adventures of Elon Musk’s Starship, and Bruce’s Origin of Life research, including his inclusion in a feature article on the topic in the latest issue of Nature, the scientific journal.  We also discuss mRNA and why that is such a breakthrough approach for vaccines, understanding the creation of life via protocells, the rise of human consciousness as a kind of slime mold in the Gaian field, and our role as imaginal cells in the field. We discuss his collaboration with Dr. David Deamer, and the future of online collaboration with the next generation of scientists. Mrs. Future also reminds us of  the ‘Christmas Star’ that will appear next week, for the first time in hundreds of years.  Enjoy! Dr. Bruce Damer, looking up!

17 Dec 2020

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Future News & Report - Dr. Bruce Damer on Mars/Venus Origin of LIfe, Wildfire Stories, Taylor Barcroft on iPhone 12 releases, Mrs. Future on the Legalities of Medical Lockdowns.

Dr.Future Show, Live FUTURE TUESDAYS on KSCO 1080

Listen Now to Future News & Report with Dr. Bruce Damer, Taylor Barcroft, Mrs. Future 10.13.2020 For the first time in several years, Dr. Bruce Damer is in the studio with the Futures, giving his insights on the latest reports on finding life on our neighboring planets. Most intriguing is his notion of the fundamental algorhythm of life itself, something shared by all living organsims.  And Mrs. Future gives us an update on the laws regarding public health policy. She looks at how to we go forward with respect to people who are fearful, but with more respect for our freedoms and laws. She also brings up the Great Barrington Resolution. Enjoy.

15 Oct 2020

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The Dawning of Planetary Metta-Intelligence with Dr. Bruce Damer

Conscious Living Radio

In Vancouver, BC Tune in every Wednesday 6 – 7 PM to CFRO – 100.5 FM Anywhere in the world by Stream, Satellite, TelusTv - How to Listen Only last 10 shows are available to listen to for free - REGISTER NOW. Supporting Members have unlimited access to this and hundreds of other life changing programs - Click Here to sign-up In this episode of CLR, Join Marc Caron and Stephen Gray as we speak with Dr. Bruce Damer, one of this years speakers at the Virtual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, this October 23-25, 2020. Dr. Damer is an Astrobiologist collaborating with Prof. David Deamer in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz on the question of the origin of life. He has also contributed 20 years of mission simulation and design for NASA and other space agencies on the related question of how life might begin on other worlds and how to extend life and human civilization into our solar system. His training is in computer science and he has built an extensive archive of computing artifacts and history chronicling the rise of the digital world in the last 60 years. He is also a follower of the evolutionary edge of culture as a wanderer on the plant medicine path and curates archives of figures such as Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna. Want to hear more from Dr. Bruce? Dr. Bruce will be speaking at this years Virtual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference! We look forward to his presentation as he shares more of his work, insights and wisdom about the “The Dawning of Planetary Metta-Intelligence” Join us Oct. 23-25, 2020 for the Virtual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference! Keep Up to date with all Things Spirit Plant Medicine… Join the SPM FREE Membership and receive updates and access to past presentations, interviews with the experts and more! And..It’s FREE! REGISTER NOW – CLICK HERE https://spiritplantmedicine.com/ Discount Code: Damer2020 More can be found on his work and life in his Levity Zone podcast, Levity Salons on Patreon and scientific writings, all available at: damer.com Dr. Bruce Damer Bruce Frederick Damer, PhD (born 31 January 1962) is Canadian-American multi disciplinary scientist, designer, and author. Dr. Bruce Damer collaborates with colleagues developing and testing a new model for the origin of life on Earth and in the design of spacecraft architectures to provide a viable path for expansion of human civilization beyond the Earth. He began his career in the 1980s developing some of the earliest user interfaces for personal computers, led a community in the 1990s bringing the first multi-user virtual worlds to the Internet, and since 2000 supported NASA and the space industry on numerous simulations and spacecraft designs. He has spent 25 years chronicling the history of computing in his DigiBarn Computer Museum and curates archives of counterculture figures such as Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and others. He currently serves as Principal Scientist at DigitalSpace; Associate Researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at UC Santa Cruz; Associate of the NASA Astrobiology Center; Member of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, and Founding Director of the Contact Consortium. He also served as Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington and as a member of the Faculty at Charles University, Prague. He received his PhD from University College, Dublin; MSEE from the University of Southern California and BSc from the University of Victoria. . Detail – Science Dr. Damer is associate researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he collaborated with Prof. David Deamer to develop and publish (in 2015) the Coupled Phases model for the origin of life and in 2016 the full conception of the Terrestrial Origin of Life Hypothesis. This is perhaps the first “end-to-end” model proposed for life’s origins. The model begins with simple dissolved solutes and presents a testable series of steps which would carry encapsulated molecular systems far from equilibrium to a system capable of sustained growth and evolution. Dr. Damer’s TEDx talk and the Terrestrial Origins Wiki summarize this work. Space From 1999 to 2009 Dr. Damer’s company, DigitalSpace Corporation, was awarded contracts by NASA to build an open source 3D modeling platform for the simulation and design of space missions. He has recently completed a 30-year effort to design a concept spacecraft capable of harvesting resources from asteroids. In collaboration with Peter Jenniskens of the SETI Institute and Julian Nott of Nott Technologies he has proposed SHEPHERD, a spacecraft using a fabric structure to safely encapsulate asteroids. Using an introduced atmosphere, SHEPHERD would then handle, relocate, and extract volatiles from the asteroid, including water; minerals such as nickel for 3D fabrication; and create biospheres to sustain human life in space. See Dr. Damer’s TEDx talk on how SHEPHERD may be the key innovation to open the solar system to civilization and a future pathway for life itself. Curation and Collection: DigiBarn Computer Museum While working with Elixir and Xerox in the late 1980s, Dr. Damer began to collect artifacts and compile the oral history of computing focusing on the origin of the graphical user interface. Over the years he has built up one of the largest collections of computer artifacts and documents on the history of computing, now housed in his 5,000 square foot barn in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley. Opened to visitors by appointment since 2002, the DigiBarn Computer Museum collaborates with the Vintage Computer Festival and Computer History Museum to host important anniversary events and conduct numerous oral history projects, often featuring lesser-known innovators. Historical Archives: Counter-Cultural Figures and Virtual Worlds In the late 1990s, Dr. Damer met the American philosopher and storyteller Terence McKenna and formed a collaboration investigating the connection between computer virtual worlds and the inner worlds experienced through alternative states of consciousness. Following McKenna’s death in 2000 he worked with Lorenzo Hagerty to digitally remaster McKenna’s talks and collect his last remaining papers. In 2006 he became an agent for the estate of Dr.Timothy Leary and received the remaining books, news archive, record collection, and ephemera from Leary’s archives. Working with the Internet Archive he established several online libraries of historical materials: Psychedelia, which contains unique materials from counter-cultural figures and Archiving Virtual Worlds focused on the early history of virtual worlds, and games, built in collaboration with Dr. Henry Lowood of Stanford University. Software Design: 1990s Virtual Worlds Beginning in the 1990s, Dr. Damer helped organize and develop the field of Internet-based multi-user virtual worlds through the Contact Consortium, which he established with anthropologist Jim Funaro. The Contact Consortium hosted many of the first online experiments in persistent 3D and 2D graphical environments with users interacting using avatars. His book Avatars: Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds (1997) chronicled the platforms and experiments during this innovative period. Dr. Damer collaborated with other researchers and entrepreneurs to found a number of conference series to forward the field including the annual Avatars conferences (1996-2004), Digital Biota (1997-99, 2001), and VLearn3D (1999-2002). At the Earth to Avatars conference in October 1996, several individuals met who would go on to new Internet venture (Reid Hoffman, John Sculley) and academic disciplines (Celia Pierce, Brenda Laurel). The Avatars98 conference was the first conference to be hosted entirely online in graphical virtual worlds. At the 1998 Digital Biota 2 meeting in Cambridge, UK, Richard Dawkins conceived of his book The God Delusion while listening to a speech by Douglas Adams. In 2000 Dr. Damer met with Prof. Dawkins in Oxford and first proposed a computer simulation framework and international competition for the origin of life that became his Evolution Grid project. Software Innovation: 1980s Optical Computing, Early Computer User Interfaces In the mid 1980s, while an undergraduate at the University of Victoria, Dr. Damer developed and presented architectures and simulation software for optical computing at IBM Canada Development Laboratory (now IBM Toronto Software Lab) and IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center and carried on this work as a graduate student at the University of Southern California. In 1987 he joined Elixir Technologies Corporation as one of the first two software developers and co-authored one of the first graphical desktop environments on IBM-compatible personal computers, drawing from the Xerox Star 8010 workstation. This software was sold worldwide by Xerox, IBM, and others to enterprises and governments generating electronic documents through high-speed laser printing systems Education Dr. Damer attended public schools in Victoria and Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. In 1980 he began undergraduate studies in computer science at Cariboo College (now Thompson Rivers University), graduating with the a BSc from the University of Victoria in 1984. In 1981 he completed a study course in British history during a summer Guardian Study Vacation programme Royal Holloway College, U.K. In 1985 he began graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. In 1986 he completed his MSEE degree and determined that his desired PhD thesis topic, using computers to simulate emergent lifelike phenomena, was too ambitious for existing computers and networks and for his potential doctoral committee. He returned to this project in 2008, earning his PhD in 2011 at University College Dublin in Ireland for work on The EvoGrid: An Approach to Computational Origin of Life Endeavours (PDF). Teaching and Posts Dr. Damer is currently an associate researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz. From 1985-87 he served as a research assistant and graduate student at the Optical Materials and Devices Laboratory, University of Southern California. From 1987-94 he was a software developer at Elixir Technologies Corporation and subsequently served as CTO, board member and advisor (2001-present). From 1991-94, he was a member, of the staff in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, Prague, teaching software engineering approaches in special projects to student teams. During this same period Dr. Damer became involved in the development and re-integration of post-communist Czechosolovakia hosting Silicon Valley style networking functions, helping equip a laboratory at Charles University and organizing a US tour for a Czech professor to raise support for education. In 1997 he served on the staff of  San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program. He currently serves as an advisor to the Transformative Technology Lab at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. In the past 20 years Dr. Damer has presented seminars and course modules at hundreds of conferences, universities, and companies worldwide. Design and Artwork Dr. Damer’s design portfolio ranges from early software user interfaces, avatar virtual world for learning and events, spacecraft concepts, chemical models for the origin of life, and recently, innovative costuming marrying Rennaissance themes with 21st Century wearable technology with the Cyberwearz project. Dr. Damer is a visual thinker using sketching to develop ideas. In his teenage years he produced a series of fantasy art/technology pieces called Weird Machines as well as published comic strips. Intellectual Property Practice In 1997 Lawrence Lessig attended a presentation about avatars and property in virtual worlds by Dr. Damer which influenced Lessig’s first book Code and other Laws of Cyberspace. Dr. Damer became an avid early supporter of Lessig’s Creative Commons, his DigiBarn being one of the initial sites to launch with the first CC licenses in 2002. In 2005 he helped draft part of a brief for the US Copyright Office to present to the US Congress on orphan works. Engaged by law firms such as K&L Gates, Dr. Damer has helped win a number of patent litigaton cases for clients through his expertise in the history of computing and user interfaces. Storytelling Performances and Podcasts Dr. Damer performs as a storyteller on a range of subjects under the moniker science + vision = hope. He began performing in 2003 and is featured at venues such as Burning Man, and the Esalen Institute. He also performs at music and art festivals worldwide including Buddhafield, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, and Lightning in a Bottle, covering topics ranging through science, space, deep evolutionary history, questions of origins, and the meaning and future of the human enterprise. Many of these talks many be found online through podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience, the Psychedelic Salon, the Biota Podcast, the Space Show, the Dr. Future Show, the C-Realm, the Third Eye Drops Podcast, and the Tink Tink Club. A good selection of Dr. Damer’s talks and philosophy as well as conversations and featured guest speakers are collected together in his own Levity Zone podcast. Find a collection of many of these talks and interviews at the Levity Zone Archive. Personal Philosophy Dr. Damer is a follower of a scientific version of the philosophy of liminality occupying a liminal boundary between rational, reductionist, materialist approaches to reality but open to inspiration from alternative states of consciousness. He has built a practice of intentionally seeking visionary experiences through meditative states that can be grounded in scientific insights or guiding stories. He has refined this philosophy since childhood when he occupied himself entering imaginal worlds and expressing those worlds through his artwork. Dr. Damer is currently researching a book based on interviews with other practitioners of what he terms the “endo way”, meaning insights sourced through endogenous methods who then pragmatically apply their insights to real world applications. Media Coverage Dr. Damer’s work has been covered in: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, BoingBoing, Leonardo, CNNfn, CBS News, Space.com, MSNBC, CNET, Wired, Popular Science, Astrobiology.net, Discovery & History Channels, Christian Science Monitor, New Scientist, Suddeutchland Zeitung, Ars Electronica’s CyberArts, Kybernetes, 3D Design, SIGGRAPH, COMDEX, InfoWorld, Knowledge Management, The Chronicle of Higher Education, ACM SIGCHI, Computer Graphics, CSCW, and elsewhere. His work has also been featured in numerous documentaries. Some of these are listed in media stories and in video and documentaries and in audio and interviews. Find a comprehensive collection of many of these talks and interviews at the Levity Zone Archive. Significant Publications Article, Life Journal: “A Field Trip to the Archaean in Search of Darwin’s Warm Little Pond” (2016) Article, Life Journal (with David Deamer): “Coupled Phases and Combinatorial Selection in Fluctuating Hydrothermal Pools: A Scenario to Guide Experimental Approaches to the Origin of Cellular Life” (2015) Article, NewSpace Journal (With Peter Jenniskens et al): “SHEPHERD: A Concept for Gentle Asteroid Retrieval with a Gas-Filled Enclosure” (2015) PhD Thesis: “The Evolution Grid, An Approach to Computational Origin of Life Endeavours” (2011) Book: “Avatars, Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds” (1997) Personal Quotation “The entire scope of my work since I was in my teen years is to try to understand how life came into being and how we humans can find a technological way to carry life forward, beyond the womb of the Earth. Of course I am also interested in other subjects and experiences in between these two very widely separated questions.” Contact and Booking Dr. Damer may be booked to present talks in science, technology, history and philosophy as well as compelling storytelling performances. Feel free to contact him here. Additional resources Current CV (PDF-June 2016) Find a large archive of Dr. Damer’s video, audio and documents at the Internet Archive Find Dr. Damer on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and videos on YouTube and Vimeo Some of Dr. Damer’s scientific articles are listed on ResearchGate A fun YouTube video:  Who is Bruce (Damer) the First Fifty Years (Jan 31, 2012) The post The Dawning of Planetary Metta-Intelligence with Dr. Bruce Damer appeared first on Conscious Living Radio.


16 Sep 2020

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#41 - Dr. Bruce Damer & Jonathan Zap at Burning Man 2013

Zap Oracle SteamCast

Mutant Mind Meld 1 - http://www.zaporacle.com/bruce-damer - Dr. Bruce Damer and Jonathan Zap at Burning Man 2013. Recorded at Palenque Norte/ Burning Man on August 31, 2013

2hr 4mins

2 Sep 2020

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Birthing the New Global Vision: StephenGray Vision interviews Bruce Damer

StephenGray Vision

Bruce Damer is an astrobiologist but more importantly for our purposes here, one of our truly great visionaries. Topics discussed include: Plant medicines are doorways into the numinous field;  Intention is generating a "meta-organism"—a "global body" is being born; A global shift as people recognize their trauma as "parts" that can be owned and healed, especially with the medicines; life's origins and our future as communities in collaboration, not an individual project; And, the need for  confidence and optimism in the stupendous brilliance of the collective consciousness field and shared intention.

1hr 8mins

10 Aug 2020