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Episode 2: Interview with Alex Price from Christopher Newport

D3 Golf Guys

In this episode, we get the chance to sit down with Alex Price, from Christopher Newport University who competed in the US Amateur Championship this summer making it all the way to the quarterfinals.  Alex walks us through his experience at the tournament and things surrounding the breakthrough for the Division III star.  We hope you enjoy the episode.


6 Sep 2022

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The benefits of WordPress for B2B companies | Alex Price | FINITE

The Content Mix Podcast

Do you ever feel isolated as a B2B marketer? You’re not alone, according to Alex Price. That’s why he created FINITE, a global community for B2B tech marketers to connect with their peers, seek advice, and combat the unique challenges they face in the industry. In today's episode of The Content Mix, Alex tells Shaheen Samavati how he built FINITE, in addition to his other digital agencies, 93digital and 93x. Alex also shares great insights into the benefits of using WordPress for B2B companies.


29 Apr 2021

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014 Organic SEO for B2B: Why It Matters For Long-Term Growth (With Alex Price)

B2B Content Corner

In this episode of the B2B Content Corner podcast, Megan talks with Alex Price, Founder of 93digital, a leading UX, design and development digital agency working with marketers to build the websites that sit at the heart of their growth, and the community group FINITE, a global membership community for marketers in B2B tech, software & SaaS, about the importance of organic SEO for B2B SaaS companies. They discuss: * Stats taken from the 2021 B2B Marketing Trend Report & surprising findings* Why organic SEO is an opportunity many B2B brands miss out on* Common mistakes B2B companies make with SEONever miss an episode by subscribing to B2B Content Corner on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


14 Apr 2021

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Trends in B2B marketing technology in 2021 - Alex Price, Founder 93Digital and FINITE

Marketing Technology Podcast by Marketing Guys

In this episode, we discuss the trends that Alex Price identified in the research that he has done with his company 93X. Besides being the owner of a UK-based agency, he is also the founder of the FINITE community, a platform specifically for B2B marketers worldwide. Alex has a load of experience in the B2B marketing-field and explains some differences to B2C and explains why marketers should join FINITE. Things we discuss and were mentioned in the research: Trends in martech The growing role of data The changing role of marketers and a look into the future Trends in outsourcing A link to the mentioned report: https://93x.agency/b2b-technology-marketing-trends-in-2021/ LinkedIn Alex Price: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alxprce/ Website FINITE Community for B2B marketers: https://finite.community/ Website 93Digital: https://93digital.co.uk/ If you want to be on this podcast or would like to know more about Marketing Technology, visit our website at marketingguys.com or contact Elias Crum at e.crum@marketingguys.nl


29 Mar 2021

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How to Win Virtual Pitches with Alex Price

How I Built It

The global pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to change their processes and practices. One major drawback of not being able to meet in person is when we pitch new clients or customers, it has to be done digitally. That is a big change from being in the same room as you and your potential clients. Luckily Alex Price, owner of the 93digital WordPress agency, has some great tips for us. Show Notes Alex Price | TwitterEmail: alex@93ditigal.co.uk93digitalGet Rich in the Deep EndPositioningSara Dunn and Niching DownPliim ProSimple Streaming KitJoin the Creator CrewSponsored by: Outgrow | Restrict Content Pro | TextExpander


25 Jan 2021

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All About Alex Price

Knowing It All With Josh Neely

Episode #2 introduces comic Alex Price 


24 Jan 2021

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#256 – Alex Price – WordPress

The Next 100 Days Podcast

WordPress With Alex PriceWordPress Agency founder, Alex Price joins us on The Next 100 Days Podcast to discuss his leading enterprise. He also takes a look at Finely Fettled's WordPress website which was made by host, Graham ArrowsmithWhen Did You Start The Business?Alex began freelancing since he was 16 years old which was very simple and basic. Jumping forward, his WordPress agency got registered as a limited company around 6 years ago. From there, he hired his first full-time employee in 2015.Its been a very rewarding journey for Alex overall, working with a range of different clients. Lots of ups and downs but fortunately more ups overall. The Agency now has 25 employees with a range of skill sets. Alex describes his agency as an enterprise delivery of WordPress. Delivering WordPress into places where somebody's company is under scrutiny, security, speed, SEO, or sometimes all of them.http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/where-it-started.mp4These days, 93 Digital works with a lot of technology clients who are big fast-growing software businesses. They also do a lot of work with charities and publishers. They are the main three sectors 93 work with.Reviewing Finely Fettled (https://finelyfettled.co.uk)Alex begins by saying there's a lot of nice things on Graham's website and has a few tips that the listeners can also reflect on. The one thing that struck him when looking around was that it's personal in a really positive way. Graham uses pictures of himself and audio clips on the homepage. The majority of the text is written in first person which immediately gives people a feel for Graham on a personal level.As a query, Alex suggests a welcome video on the homepage would make things more welcoming, especially with COVID this year, it's nice to get a human side across to prospects.http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/homepage.mp4BrandingBranding wise, Alex thought Graham's use of imagery really jumped out to him. On the Finely Fettled homepage, Graham has a big splashback which he recently created by using a variety of smaller images of wealthy affluent related things. WordPress expert, Alex, thinks it quickly reflects the tag line of "Marketing to the Affluent" and it starts to give people a feel of what the business is about. This use of banding across the site stays consistent which is key.http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/images.mp4Something to think about for Graham is to keep the consistency and look at using higher resolution pictures as Price noticed some could be better.Compressing ImagesLike Graham states, many of us will be thinking the same thing when creating our own websites. We are aware of the general guidance of keeping the file size down to a level that doesn't slow down the load speed of the page. This is something Graham struggles with a lot. Finding a way to use high resolution pictures without affecting the website's load speed. Alex says that there are certain file formats that can press better than others like using a GIF or PNG. When you compress these formats, it doesn't affect the visuality of the picture, unlike a JPEG where the quality drops.http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/image-optimizing.mp4Anything above 85 Google recommends, but the file size does grow significantly. Alex says it's all about finding the in-between. Where the quality is good enough but also makes the site load fast enough. It's definitely a complex area but you can get plugins on WordPress that can optimize images too.As The London WordPress Agency, 93digital craft digital platforms that empower marketing & content teams to achieve success using the most popular CMS in the world: WordPress. If you would like to get in touch with Alex or take a look at his website, click here.Want to take a look at Graham's website that Alex discusses in this week's podcast?


15 Jan 2021

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"A Millionaire Will Be Born in This Pandemic" - Alex Price | If Only They Knew #47

If Only They Knew: Interviews with Young Entrepreneurs by Ted Lawlor

Alex Price, founder of 93Digital, speaks to Ted Lawlor about how he was able to leave uni to work full time, the struggles of running a company, giving back to others and much more!


15 Nov 2020

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119 – Virtual client pitches with Alex Price

Agency Highway

This year has forced a lot of change – and the ways you can pitch clients is one of them. Alex Price has switched his agency to virtual pitches. In the process, he’s learned that there are actually a lot of benefits to doing it this way. Here’s how you can win more pitches without ... Read more


3 Nov 2020

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Alex Price Bombs

What the Hell Is Wrong with You?

The funny and eccentric Indianapolis comedian Alex Price was on the podcast! Alex complains about having to be the biggest bouncer in all of Indianapolis. Alex also talks about his comedy background and the origin of his comedy company Let's Comedy! Nolan praises the fact his spider bite is looking less gross, but Nolan laments about not having any super powers except for some added bitching. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nolan--miller--ryne--ross/support

1hr 5mins

14 Oct 2020