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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tony Blair. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tony Blair, often where they are interviewed.

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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tony Blair. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tony Blair, often where they are interviewed.

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Tony Blair

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Ruth speaks to former Prime Minister Tony Blair
Sep 13 2020 · 56mins
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Testing Tony Blair

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair joins Adam to explain why he’s turned into a testing geek – and how he thinks the international community needs to up its game to tackle Covid-19.

Not content with a single Tony, Jo Coburn drops in to update us on the row surrounding Mr Abbott, Australia’s ex-PM, becoming a UK trade envoy.
And Amol Rajan on whether the BBC’s new boss Tim Davie can win his battle against bureaucracy.

Studio Director: Michael Regaard
Producers: Ben Weisz, Lucy Boast
Editor: Dino Sofos
Sep 03 2020 · 35mins
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Treat them mean, keep them quarantine(d) | Dominic Raab & Tony Blair

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab explains why the government has reimposed quarantine for Britons returning to the UK from Spain, and why it was done with so little notice. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for more coronavirus testing, and lays out his concerns about the future of the Union. Plus Sophy and the team look back over the last few months.
Jul 26 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Tony Blair

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Can adversity ever be an advantage? Can early trauma shape future success?

Times’ columnists, Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson interview notable people about the challenges they faced in their early lives. What impact did these have on their identities and on their careers.

Today, they spend a morning with Tony Blair, talking TV, politics and parenting. “My father would have been a Brexiteer” he says.

Tony reveals how his father's stroke and his mother’s death shaped the person he became, his own political approach, and the family he and Cherie created.

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Jul 06 2020 · 54mins
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The British Births Survey, the 1970s and Tony Blair

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We explore the first decade of the 1970 British Cohort Study (1970) and the impact of its early years research on policy many years later.

Guests include:

  • Professor Jean Golding, BCS70 researcher during the 1970s/80s, and founder of the ALSPAC study, known as ‘Children of the Nineties’.
  • Dr Leon Feinstein, academic and author of one of the most well-known BCS70 studies, which influenced New Labour policy on early years education provision.
  • Study members, who share their memories of growing up in the 1970s, and their early recollections of participating in the study.

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Jun 25 2020 · 34mins
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EPISODE 16: Tony Blair, AdultSwim Choir, Joe Tracini, Procreate, AlphaBrain and The Washington Post!

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This week, I (Michael) have been watching a slightly dodgy documentary about Tony Blair. Davina's found a weird and wonderful online choir, as well as a fantastic chap to follow on Twitter. Then we discuss the benefits of nootropics, and my recommendation is a subscription to The Washington Post.

May 01 2020 · 59mins
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Houston We Have A Quality Problem (with Theo Priestley from Tony Blair Institute For Global Change)

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In the midst of the global health crisis, I sit down with author, futurist and newly appointed associate fellow with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Theo Priestley, to discuss the evolving role of testing in the future.

Mar 19 2020 · 46mins
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Tony Blair on Brexit, leadership and referendums

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Iain Dale talks with Tony Blair in 2019.

Iain Dale All Talk brings a sold out Edinburgh Fringe show to the podcast world, where he interviews some of the most high profile names from the world of media and politics. Rate and subscribe on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts and connect with Iain on Twitter: @iaindale
Feb 12 2020 · 28mins
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Should we forgive Tony Blair?

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The Cabinet minister re-iterated Boris Johnson's tough stance on the upcoming trade talks with Brussels, after Government sources confirmed the Prime Minister would use a speech in London on Monday to warn that the UK will accept no alignment and no jurisdiction from the European courts.
Feb 02 2020 · 1hr 31mins
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SHOW 133 - Tony Blair (Election Special #21)

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At the start of the final week of the campaign, Tony Blair shares his insights not just on this election but on the three he won. Would he do TV debates now? Is Boris Johnson right to hide from Andrew Neil? What does this election mean for Brexit? Plus the big question: what did he really say to Noel Gallagher when he saw him recently?

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