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200 | Sean Stephenson: "_____ Yourself Is The Most Dangerous Thing That You Could Do."

Depression Detox Show

The late Sean Stephenson makes his first appearance on the show to share his most important lessons about the mind.   Watch his talk here.   Connect with Sean Stephenson:    Website: https://seanstephenson.com   Instagram: 3footgiant   Book: Get Off Your "But": How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself   Hosted by Malikee Josephs (Pronounced Muh leek Jo seffs)   Follow The Show On Instagram @DepressionDetoxShow.


8 Sep 2021

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78. Sean Stephenson's Celebration of Life

The Lucra Life™

Mindie Kniss remembers her husband, Sean, two years from the date of his death, August 28th, 2019. This recording is from his Celebration of Life.


28 Aug 2021

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Sean Stephenson on How to Get Over Your Addiction to Pity

Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Sean Stephenson was born with "Brittle bone disease" and despite all of the hurdles associated with it and being only 3ft tall, he has gone on to become a successful writer and speaker endorsed by Jimmy Kimmel, President Bill Clinton, and Tony Robbins.


30 Jul 2021

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Becoming One of the Top Speakers in the World with Dr. Sean Stephenson and Joe Polish - Genius Network Episode #160

Genius Network

This week we are revisiting the episode where Joe Polish and Dr. Sean Stephenson shared how to overcome obstacles in order to become a great speaker.  In loving memory of Dr. Sean Stephenson.  Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Sean,and Joe in this episode: A simple mindset shift that will help you get totally calm, comfortable and confident with speaking, especially if you’re scared to speak to people 4 mistakes people make from the stage and what you need to do instead to keep people engaged The P.U.L. Method: Sean’s 3-part system for crafting a message that flows perfectly, moves people emotionally and connects with almost anyone


29 Apr 2021

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STUdio 9 Episode 6: Dr. Sean Stephenson

STUdio 9 Podcast

Today Stu talks with world renowned author and therapist; Dr. Sean Stephenson. Studio 9 Episode 6 Show Notes:- Where does Sean’s story start? [3:35]- First speech at 14, Governor of Boys State at 16. [6:16]- Living Through High School; being involved. [7:44]- Becoming the President of the USA? [8:04]- Sean talks University and the beginnings of his speaking career. [10:44]- Navigating challenges. [11:07]- Sean explains the difference between speaking to students vs speaking to corporations. [13:54]- What Sean hopes sticks with his young audiences from his speeches. [15:44]- Making a TV Show? [16:04]- Two minutes with Sean; viral video! [17:44]- Where is Sean on his journey and where does he hope to be in 5 years? [19:54]- “Take good care of yourself.” [22:24]- Who inspires Dr. Sean Stephenson? [23:27]- The pros and cons of being a motivational speaker. [24:54]- Sean’s most embarrassing moment. [25:59]Links: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWhMgzCUYs8 [17:44] - https://tim.blog/ [22:37] - https://www.facebook.com/theseanstephenson/ - https://www.instagram.com/3footgiant/?hl=en - https://twitter.com/theseantourage?lang=en - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sean-stephenson-show/id1306604508 [24:17]


4 Aug 2020

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#23 Sean Stephenson Interviewed, How To Be A Powerful Keynote Speaker

The Industry Rockstar Show with Kane & Alessia

Sean Stephenson recently passed away (2019), but was seriously an angel on earth! He was born with a rare genetic disorder, which ended up only allowing his body to grow to around 3 feet tall. But he let nothing stop him, and not only defied the odds of survival, but also went on to thrive massively in life and professionally. From being coached by Tony Robbins, to becoming an assistant for President Bill Clinton, to completing University studies and becoming a top international motivational speaker - if Sean could conceive it, he did it. In this interview, Kane Minkus got a chance to finally meet a long time hero of his (Sean). Both Sean and Kane knew each other from the Speaker industry, but never got a chance to connect until when they were presenting at an event together. The Interview you will hear, is from a very impromptu opportunity to get some time together talking about how to become a top speaker. 


28 Jul 2020

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241: Thriving Against All Odds with Dr. Sean Stephenson

Marketing Speak

It's tempting to make excuses when things get tough. Sometimes you might even think about giving up. Then you meet someone who has achieved greatness despite incredible odds, and all your little excuses seem pale by comparison. Sadly, my guest is no longer with us, but this interview is one of my most memorable Get Yourself Optimized episodes. Dr. Sean Stephenson was predicted not to survive at birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and made him extremely fragile, causing him to fracture bones over 200 times by the age of 18. Despite his challenges, he took a stand for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world. I am one of the people he's greatly inspired, and his message speaks louder today more than ever. Tune in for some inspiration. The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at marketingspeak.com/241


3 Jun 2020

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8. Sean Stephenson: Making No Apologies For His Pursuit of Wealth

The Lucra Life™

Dr. Sean Stephenson (1979-2019) was predicted not to survive at birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile (fracturing over 200 times by the age of 18). Despite his challenges, he took a stand for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world. Since 1994, his powerful message has been heard at live events in nearly all 50 states and in 16 countries. Sean has presented at hospitals, universities, prisons, and companies such as Nike, Whole Foods, Zappos, Walmart, and Sharp Healthcare. He’s shared the stage with U.S. Presidents, billionaire business moguls, celebrities, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to Jimmy Kimmel, in addition to online videos with tens of millions of views. The Biography Channel produced an hour-long feature on his life called Three Foot Giant. He is author of the book Get Off Your 'But.' Originally from Chicago, he lived in Scottsdale with his wife and business partner, Mindie Kniss, until his death in 2019.


1 Apr 2020

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207. Best of: In Memory of Sean Stephenson

Love Your Work

I decided last December that I would be taking this December off. I like to give myself some space toward the end of the year so I can recharge, and come into the New Year with a fresh perspective. So, I’m reaching into the vault of more than 200 episodes, and pulling out some of my favorites – especially ones that are good for this time of year. This is a fantastic conversation with Sean Stephenson, and it takes on special significance this time around. Though what you’re going to hear is the only conversation I ever had with Sean Stephenson, I always felt a special connection with him. So when I discovered that he was born exactly one day after me, it seemed fitting. When this episode debuted, my mother sent me a text message. She said, “Listening to interview with Sean Stephenson on my walk. Very good. I was struck at the very beginning that he was born the day after you, and what a different experience his parents were thrust into.” When Sean Stephenson was born, he wasn’t expected to make it through the night. He was born with brittle bone disorder. Throughout his life, he suffered hundreds of bone fractures. Even as an adult, his limbs were twisted, he never grew larger than three feet tall, and he was confined to a wheelchair. In July, I rushed from Medellin to Scottsdale to be by my mother’s bedside. She had suffered a brain hemorrhage, and – as you may have heard on other episodes – she later died. About a month and a half later on August 29th, I was still in Scottsdale – where, it happens, Sean Stephenson also lived. I was sitting in a cafe, and I took a break from writing to open up Instagram. And I was instantly saddened more than I was already. The first photo in my feed was of Sean, and it said “in memoriam, Sean Stephenson 1979–2019”. His wife, Mindy, had posted it that morning. When Sean Stephenson was born, he wasn’t expected to make it through the night. But he made it through forty years. In those years, through his work as a therapist and through his writing and public speaking, Sean inspired a ton of people. I was one of them, and when I returned to my parents house, from the cafe, I saw one of Sean’s books sitting on the shelf. Get off Your "But”. My mother had bought it after hearing Sean on the show, so I guess he inspired her, too. Listening to this conversation in preparation for writing this intro was even more powerful than it was the first time around. I always try to get a superpower from my guests, and listening again helped me realize that I had internalized some of the lessons I learned from Sean. Mostly that Sean has a way of helping you realize the limiting beliefs you put on yourself. The ways that you tell yourself you’re the victim. The scapegoats you create, on whom you can blame your shortcomings and failures. I always felt there was something messed up about that: Sean was dealt a tough hand in life, and so now I feel better about my own situation? That does sound messed up, but it works. And now that Sean is gone, this conversation serves as another reminder. A reminder to make the most of each day you’re here on this earth. Sean did that. I’m trying. One fun thing I didn’t realize until I listened to this conversation again: In this conversation, Sean recommends the book One Small Step. One Small Step is of course the book by Dr. Rober Maurer, who you heard on episode 187. That episode is a hit. It’s worth listening to. I had discovered Dr. Maurer’s work through another channel. It made me realize there’s so much valuable knowledge in the Love Your Work catalog. Even listening to each of these conversations several times, there’s always something new to discover. So if you’re craving new episodes, try re-listening to some of your old favorites, as we head into the new year. Our Weekly Newsletter: Love Mondays Start off each week with a dose of inspiration to help you make it as a creative. Sign up at: kadavy.net/mondayss About Your Host, David Kadavy David Kadavy is the author of The Heart to Start and Design for Hackers. Through the Love Your Work podcast and his Love Mondays newsletter, David explores what it takes to make it as a creative. Follow David on: Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Subscribe to Love Your Work Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stitcher RSS Email Facebook Messenger Support the show on Patreon Put your money where your mind is. Patreon lets you support independent creators like me. Support now on Patreon » Sponsors https://honeybook.com/loveyourwork Show notes: http://kadavy.net/blog/posts/sean-stephenson-memory/


5 Dec 2019

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Sean Stephenson: How To Leave People Breathless

The School of Greatness Hall of Fame

The next professor on the School of Greatness is known as the “Three Foot Giant”. He grew up suffering from a condition in which his brittle bones were incredibly prone to damage.  He broke more than 200 bones in his lifetime and the emotional and physical pain he endured is incredible. He persevered through his condition and become a Clinical Therapist, reached millions of people around the world, become friends with Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  He is one of the most powerful and vulnerable  guests we’ve ever had on. Please welcome, Sean Stephenson.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What it was like Growing Up With Osteogenesis ImperfectaThe Value in Facing and Persevering Through FearAbout Your Infinite BeingThe Unique Realities of Unconditional LoveHow to Leave Anyone BreathlessSecrets to Courageous VulnerabilityThe Difference between Airing Your Dirty Laundry and Being Courageously VulnerableHow the Scariest Things to Overcome are on the InsideThe Role of Decisiveness in MasculinityPlus much more…Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


29 Sep 2019