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106 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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106 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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'Want to Buy Some Illusions?' - Cabaret Performer, Kim David Smith

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Kim David Smith has been described variously by The Wall Street Journal as ‘slyly subversive’ and Broadway World as the ‘David Bowie of Cabaret’. The New York Times labelled Smith as the ‘male Marlene Dietrich’. All are appropriate labels and signal Smith as a cabaret performer of incredible ability, nuance and sensuality.Departing Australia, he headed for New York City and promptly established himself as a cabaret artist of note. He crafted deft performances that celebrated the glitter, doom and decadence of 1920’s Berlin in his show Morphium Kabarett.Smith’s piano-based program, Morphium Kabarett, provides an intimate evening of German, French, and English repertoire, with many unexpected twists. Smith has toured Morphium Kabarett throughout Australia, earning a 2015 Helpmann Award nomination for “Best Cabaret Performer,” while also enjoying performances in the NYC at Joe’s Pub, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Café Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie.His cabaret style explores a repertoire of popular tunes and European song in an approach that is inspired by Weimar-era artistry. The fusion provides unique and intoxicating renderings of Minogue, Madonna and Marlene. He is masterful at bringing fresh interpretation to the repertoire of Piaf, Hollaender, and Weill.Kim David Smith’s most recent cabaret programs Mostly Marlene and A Wery Weimar Christmas debuted at Club Cumming in New York, while Kim Sings Kylie premiered at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre in 2018, saluting perennial pop goddess Kylie Minogue in an intimate cabaret fantasia. Kim Sings Kylie has since been performed at the inaugural Sydney Cabaret Festival.Kim starred as Salomé in Oscar Wilde’s classic and controversial play at the Provincetown Theatre, and has also portrayed the Emcee in Hunter Foster’s production of Cabaret at the Cape Playhouse.He recently released his new album Kim David Smith: Live at Joe’s Pub. It is available on digital and streaming platforms and as a physical CD. More information at KimDavidSmith.comKim joined Stages for a long overdue catch-up. We discuss the album, all things cabaret - and a little bit more.The Stages podcast is available from Apple podcasts, Spotify, Whooshkaa and where all good podcasts are found.
Oct 28 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Epidemiology in Veterinary Medicine with Dr. David Smith

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AABP member Dr. David Smith joins us in this episode to discuss basic principles of epidemiology. Dr. Smith defines epidemiology as studying population and group dynamics to understand health and disease. We begin by discussing the evidence pyramid to discuss the types of evidence and how to evaluate each level for incorporating results into practice. We also review basic epidemiologic terms such as sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, confidence interval, p-value and treatment effect or effect size. Listen to his recommendations for how practicing veterinarians can determine if an effect they are seeing is due to a specific intervention or disease process. Dr. Smith also makes recommendations for veterinarians that do not have a large sample size and how to apply evidence-based decisions to your treatment and prevention protocols. We also discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and how epidemiology is applied to testing and control measures. Join us for this refresher course on epidemiology that can be applied by every veterinarian!

Oct 26 2020 · 45mins

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297: ‘Subscribed to a Hamburger’, With David Smith

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Special guest “Underscore” David Smith joins the show to talk about iOS 14 widgets, WatchOS complications, sleep tracking, and his App Store chart-topping hit Widgetsmith.

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Sep 30 2020 · 2hr 46mins
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Why You Need To Hire A Business Lawyer Right From The Start—with E. David Smith

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This week’s esteemed guest is E. David Smith. A Principal of Smith & Associates, David serves as outside general counsel for companies, family enterprises, and family offices, guiding his clients in the creation and growth of their wealth. He specializes in helping business people solve complex problems, from positioning them for growth opportunities to assisting with risk mitigation and asset preservation. In our interview, we discussed why it’s important to be proactive about legal issues in your business, the key legal areas that business owners typically neglect, and the number one reason a potential buyer would be turned off when they start looking into your business. David also provides some practical tips for what to do before hiring a legal firm. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Sep 22 2020 · 35mins
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The Brains, The  Brawn, and The Beauty - David Smith

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In season 2 of Automate, Delegate, Eliminate we are paying homage to all those SaaS out there that make those 3 things possible! Our first guest is David Smith of Gravity Forms!

David Smith is the Community Lead at RocketGenius and was the company’s first hire. David has been a Gravity Forms developer for over 10 years and has published hundreds of Gravity Forms resources on his blog, GravityWiz.com. He enjoys short walks, preferably NOT on beaches.

For those who haven’t heard of Gravity Forms, tell us a bit about it, what does it do?

  • Gravity Forms is the premier Wordpress form builder available for Wordpress
  • It can build pretty much any online form that you need for Wordpress, from payment collection forms to data forms for automation via a service like Zapier.
  • It helps with data collection, data management, and data usage.

Who were the founders of Gravity Forms?

  • Carl, Alex, and Kevin.
  • Aka The Brains, The  Brawn, and The Beauty. Each founder has a unique personality and ability that they bring to the business.
  • The name of the company, RocketGenius, came from a slip of the tongue from one of the founders.

What gave them the idea to start their company?

  • All 3 founders were working for another company, all 3 were entrepreneurs. Carl (the Brains), had the idea to start a travel site together, Tiki Go.
  • They couldn’t get the site to fully take off and decided they needed to leave their full-time jobs to make their new business a reality.
  • When they decided to abandon Tiki Go and quit their day jobs they didn’t actually have a plan for what would come next. 

What led them to create a form builder?

  • Kevin was already doing freelance web development at the time, using Wordpress a lot, and one of the consistent pain points he ran into was forms. At the time getting the data from the site to its ultimate endpoint didn’t have a good solution. 
  • Alex had just built 2 form builders, and all 3 founders had built a form builder at their previous job. 
  • This was their Aha! Moment as to what RocketGenius needed to make. 
  • One of the legends of Gravity Forms was that the founders gave Alex a task to learn PHP, and he came back the next day and broke ground on Gravity Forms. 

What did they do to prepare for the launch?

  • They attended the biggest Worpress conference of the time, WordCamp Chicago.
  • Carl and Kevin throw Alex, the shy guy, into a t-shirt that says “Ask Me about Gravity Forms”. 
  • They did a lot of networking with the Wordpress community.

What sets Gravity Forms apart from competitors?

  • Ease of use, the drag and drop abilities. 
  • They were one of the first premium plug-ins.
  • User support.

What was the growth of the company like?

  • The revenue grew much faster than the employee base.
  • They wanted to keep the culture of the smaller company for as long as possible. 
  • They are currently at 25 employees, with a few contractors as well.
  • They have over 2 million active installs.
  • Up to 56 first-party add-ons
  • Over 300 third party add-ons

What would you have done differently?

  • They would not have resisted hiring more employees

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

  • Never be afraid to lose your company culture through growth, embrace the growth of the company. Learn how to properly delegate.
  • Stay focused on your key project, even if another seems more interesting at the time.
  • Commit to quality



Gravity Forms

Data Automation

Books mentioned: 

The Lean Startup

Leadership and Self Deception

The Anatomy of Peace

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Sep 16 2020 · 46mins
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10. David Smith MBE – Finding life’s purpose, winning gold at London 2012 and how he built resilience to enable him to learn to walk again four times.

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Two-time world champion and gold medal-winning Paralympian David Smith MBE was born with a club foot and has had a rare tumour in his neck which left him fighting for his life after several major surgeries and having to learn how to walk again four times. We speak about how learning and competing in karate as a youngster taught him a set of values which would lead him to competing at multiple sports for Great Britain as both an able-bodied and para-athlete. His experiences have taught him his true values and he has been able to build extraordinary amounts of resilience that have enabled him to, literally, pick himself up each time he faces another life-threatening surgery. Competing as an able-bodied and para-athlete he has experienced stigma and he shares some fantastic advice about dealing with his ‘chimp’ – courtesy of his friendship with author of The Chimp Paradox, Dr Steve Peters. We speak about how enormous challenge can bring about resilience and a strong mindset, how the power of sport can build good human beings and he shares some brilliant advice about how to build resilience

Jul 13 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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David Smith, PhD - On Mentorship, Allyship, and Being a Good Guy

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On this week’s episode of the Growth Edge podcast, I sit down with author, professor, and researcher @David to discuss mentorship, sponsorship, allyship, and advancing equity and inclusion in the workplace.

We dig into:

  • psychosocial elements of mentorship that are crucial in times of crisis
  • the unique differences between mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship
  • how to audit our networks and relationships for diversity and inclusivity
  • the benefits of reciprocal mentoring relationships

David's website - http://www.davidgsmithphd.com

Pre-Order David's new book, Good Guys, coming to print this October - https://www.amazon.com/Good-Guys-Better-Allies-Workplace/dp/1633698726/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=david+g+smith&qid=1594051441&sr=8-3

Jul 06 2020 · 42mins
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A Father's Encouragement – David Smith

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“Dads really need men to walk shoulder to shoulder with them and say, ‘I am here for you. You can be vulnerable with me. It’s ok to not always be strong. I am here to help.’”

This week on the podcast, David Smith is joining Crystal to share his story and a powerful word of encouragement to other special needs dads. As a dedicated pastor and husband, David – like many men – saw himself as a ‘fixer.’ When he and his wife Heather decided to start a family, they followed God’s call to adopt three children, not knowing what the next day may bring. But through fatherhood and the unexpected challenges of raising kids with special needs, David discovered an even greater reliance upon the Lord. Today he serves other families impacted by disability through Joni and Friends Missouri and has a gift for encouraging other dads in need of community. With Father’s Day around the corner, don’t miss this powerful conversation – share it with a special needs father in your life!

Read more from David on the Joni and Friends Blog.

Questions or comments? Email Crystal at podcast@joniandfriends.org

Support Joni and Friends to help make this podcast possible.

Follow Joni and Friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

*Joni and Friends was founded in 1979 by Joni Eareckson Tada who in a diving accident was left a quadriplegic at 17 years old. Ministry began as Tada, joined by friends around her kitchen table, responded to letters she received from people with disabilities in search of support. For more than 40 years, the ministry has grown to serve thousands of people impacted by disability worldwide: Joni and Friends has delivered more than 180,000 wheelchairs and Bibles through Wheels for the World and provided Christian care to 63,000 special needs family members through Family Retreats. The organization also equips individuals and churches with disability ministry training and provides higher education courses through the Christian Institute on Disability. For more encouragement, download the Joni and Friends radio podcast in English or Spanish, and view inspirational videos on the Joni and Friends website.


Jun 18 2020 · 50mins
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DAVID SMITH | Gold and Silver Will Free America from Debt Slavery

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David Smith of the Morgan Report sits down to discuss a very important topic germane to the financial state of America, debt slavery. This interview addresses the various entities that are and have been creating the demise of the of United States. We will address the Military-Industrial Complex, the Deep State, politicians, military adventurism, investing in gold, and silver stacking, we will not discuss the gold price or gold price forecast. Instead will focus on the merits of owning money, gold and silver, the dangers of owning currency. Also, Mr. Smith will share which resource stocks have his attention at the moment and why. Are any of the companies listed on the GDX? Finally, we present a solution, one which is incumbent for each us to take if we are to reclaim America and free ourselves from debt slavery.
Jun 15 2020 · 35mins
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David Smith, USA Men's National Team / UC Irvine, 6/2/20

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USA Men's National Team Middle Blocker and UC Irvine alumnus (you know I had to sneak that in there) David Smith jumps on The Viral Volley Podcast this week. 

We reminisce about the UCI days, the "Lights Out" incident in Happy Valley and how he was part of UCI's first National Championship team.

David then talks about his season in Poland with ZAKSA-- until the COVID pandemic broke out. From there it was a chaotic journey to get back to the United States, where he, as well as other USA athletes have started training with COVID protocols at American Sports Center.

David also talks about the challenges of being hard of hearing/deaf and having to be in social settings in this COVID-Culture with Social Distancing.

He then finishes off by offering some encouragement to give us perspective through this time in history. 

Jun 03 2020 · 44mins