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134 Becoming the Total Package that Handles Everything with Tara Bradford

Working Women's Wealth: The confidence to grow yourself and your money to achieve your goals and dream retirement

Every time we do something new, we feel like an impostor. It doesn't matter how good we were at our previous venture, the fear of failure and the unknown kicks in. On our journey to becoming the Total Package we need to understand the stages we will go through so we're able to Handle Everything. I chat to Tara Bradford about how to fast-track the 6 stages of going from Impostor to Influencer, how to calm the noise, and some practical ways to overcome the side effects of impostor syndrome. Only then will you be able to become the Total Package for the clients you serve. We also discuss the key to being able to Handle Everything and the quick re-frame tool she uses to expand our thinking. She shares with us the one thing she has learnt that moves us quickly through the growth phase.


27 May 2020

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14: Stop Undervaluing Your Work and Learn How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Tara Bradford

Homemade Side Gig

Have you ever thought that maybe you’re not really as good at something as people think you are? And people are going to find out that you’ve been fooling them?Or that people are going to think you’re a fraud, a fake?Maybe you give away your services and products because, if people pay you for them, they will be expecting more value from you, more than you actually provide?Are you always looking for validation from others? You’re waiting for people to tell you how good your idea is and if they don’t, you feel like a failure? These are all forms of Imposter Syndrome. And Tara Bradford shares with us how to overcome the mental blocks that are holding us back from living our best lives. Imposter syndrome is the belief that you are not good at what you’re doing, that you've fooled everyone, and that you'll be found out. Tara went from being an ICU nurse to being an entrepreneur and Emotional Resilience Coach, when she discovered that helping people was her passion. Once she was able to start doing what she loved, people started noticing how happy she seemed and asked her to share what she was doing. Why was she so happy? Because she was doing all the things she wanted to do. And she finally stopped worrying about what everyone would think. She stopped feeling selfish for wanting to do things for herself. Tara defines what it means to her, to do the work you love... it brings you joy, you love doing it, people are asking you about it, and you can get paid to do it. When she started for her business, she was featured in the media every two weeks for two years. People started telling her how good she was at writing. Then imposter syndrome set in.She's worked with people in the early stages of their businesses, when they feel like none of their past experience counts toward their new thing that they’re doing. They are side hustling and they feel like they are less credible and that people won't take them seriously because it’s not their full time job.They’re telling everyone about their idea and they’re waiting for people to tell them it’s a good idea and offer to pay them. But nobody is going to offer to pay for something that they can get for free. Continually giving away your service for free affects how you value yourself. You start to feel like you don't deserve to get paid for your thing. It’s okay in the beginning, to barter in exchange for a testimonial, but limit yourself. Tara shares that, when things come easily for you, you don’t understand the value it has for someone else who thinks it’s hard. How do you overcome imposter syndrome? By focusing on our strengths. Have other people do the stuff you aren’t good at. Then you become more confident in what you’re doing.  When people have imposter syndrome they tend to quit right before they get to the finish line.  Listen on Apple Podcasts Social Media Info Tara Bradford: Website https://www.tararaebradford.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tararaebradford.co LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-rae-bradford Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tararaebradford Twitter https://www.twitter.com/tararaebradford Homemade Side Gig: Instagram: @homemadesidegig Facebook: @homemadesidegig Website:  www.homemadesidegig.com If you liked this episode, please give it a 5 star rating and share it with your friends! 


26 Feb 2020

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Reputation By Design With Tara Bradford

The Market Your Genius Podcast

PR is not just about logos on your website. In fact, that's just a bonus. Media & PR is all about building relationships with the media AND your target audience. In this episode, you'll discover what PR really is and how to leverage it to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry and grow your business. Here are 3 ways to start designing your reputation: 1. Snag Tara's PR Roadmap. 2. Get A Free PR Framework On-demand Training. 3. Download Tara's PR Checklist. If you haven't already - I would love to hear what you think of the show! Please leave an honest review. Thank you for your support! I'd also love to answer your questions and/or support you on an upcoming episode. Simply send me a DM on Instagram and submit a question for the show and for a chance to get coached during an episode.


21 Jan 2020

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034: Use Fear to Find Joy - Tara Bradford

Work From The Inside Out

Tara Bradford is the CEO and Founder of Rae Media Group, a strategic marketing communications firm, and sought after Communications Coach who works with everyone from startup founders to Inc 500 executives to help them be seen as trusted experts. She helps leaders communicate more effectively, both online and offline, so they can maintain their incredible reputation, stay top of mind for their ideal clients, and improve their bottom line. She lives in New York City where she strives to connect with at least one new person every day (even as an introvert). Tara started her career as a critical care nurse.  After a successful ten year career, helping patients and their families, something was tugging at her.  She saw her older colleagues doing the same things year after year and told herself, “I do not want that to be me”.  Tara considered her options and made a few different moves, eventually landing in New York City where she has her own communications firm.  She credits her ability to move through her fears as a pathway to experiencing joy and expressing herself creatively. In this episode we discuss: How Tara spent a decade working as a critical care nurse for people on life support and how she helped families communicate with each other and helped doctors communicate with family. Her life in New York City and her goal to connect with at least one new person every day, even though she’s an introvert. A random encounter Tara had with a stranger who was truly fulfilled and joyful, and how that conversation played into her decisions for the future. How she credits her ability to move through her fears, viewing them as a pathway to experiencing joy and expressing herself creatively. The journey Tara’s career took from nursing to coaching in which she helps leaders communicate more effectively to maintain their incredible reputation, stay top of mind for their ideal clients, and improve their bottom line. Her thoughts about being authentically who you are and sharing your voice with the world to make an impact. Listen, subscribe and read show notes at www.tammygoolerloeb.com/podcasts/ - episode 034


24 Jul 2019

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Who Needs to Hear Your Message? - Tara Bradford

The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk

A key part of having a successful speaking business is targeting your ideal client with your message. In other words: Who needs to hear your message? Today’s guest will help you think strategically and hone in on your ideal client when crafting and pitching your talks. In addition, she shares many actionable tips for developing an effective speaking business.


21 May 2019

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062: How to get more referrals through networking - with Tara Bradford

The Simplifiers Podcast

Networking can help you to get more referrals and more business success. But how do you network without feeling awkward, and make real and natural connections? Here’s how. My special guest today is a publicity strategist, who is here to teach us that networking doesn’t have to be painful and awkward. If you’ve got a networking event coming up on your calendar and you’re feeling a bit ‘UGH’ towards attending, cozy on up. This episode is for you.   Tara Bradford simplifies how to get more referrals through networking. Tara is showing us a different approach that’s centered around generosity. She's going to flip everything you think you know about networking, on its head.   In this episode, you will learn: Why we struggle to confidently talk about ourselves at networking events. And how to flip the spotlight on others instead Her 4-step method to better networking: Know your opening question Listen with intentionality Become a mirror Guide them to what you want them to do next Tara talks us through the ideal way you can spark more meaningful conversations at networking events. She uses a wedding planner as a case study to explain it all. No matter if you’re an introvert like Tara, or an extrovert like me, the tips she shares in today’s conversation are super valuable. Try them out at the next networking event you attend this month! It’s time to simplify. #DoTheThing! Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/tara-bradford-get-more-referrals-through-networking


23 Apr 2019

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2: Tara Bradford: Imposter to Influencer

Graceful Healing's Podcast

"What you seek is seeking you" - Tara Tara spent nearly a decade in healthcare, and now she has a special interest in the way emotions and loneliness guides our decision-making processes, communication, and behavior. She incorporates her background in cognitive neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology principles, emotional intelligence, and neurolinguistics into her work and is passionate about helping people everywhere create a meaningful connection through the service of others. She lives in New York City where she meets at least one new person every day.   Tara's story is nothing short of inspirational. Moving numerous times around the world her childhood was as unique as she is. From critical care nurse to helping others increase their publicity in the very crowded PR field. Her sincere and graceful way of living is evident in this interview.    Contact Tara at https://www.tararaebradford.com   She is a top-notch Publicity Strategist, Reputation Designer, and International Speaker. Tara has worked with everyone from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives to help them increase their visibility and become the center of influence. Her work has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Bustle and more!   Isn’t it a pain to meal plan? Just coming up with healthy recipes that meet your needs is hard - plus you have to figure out the ingredients, and whether it’s really nutritional for your specific chronic illness. Let me take the guesswork out of your day! Try this gluten free, dairy free and healthy recipes, shopping list and nutrition information FOR FREE!  You can get it HERE!


15 Dec 2018

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57 Imposter to Influencer with Tara Bradford

Working Women's Wealth: The confidence to grow yourself and your money to achieve your goals and dream retirement

When I started Working Women's Wealth, I often thought to myself, “Why would anyone want to listen to me?!” It has been a long journey from feeling like a social media imposter to be a soft influencer. I chat with Tara Bradford, a publicity strategist, who helps her clients design their reputations around their message. A publicity strategy is more than just website traffic and social media followers. It is about the building trust and credibility to your message!


5 Dec 2018

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Building Trust and Consistent Revenue Featuring Tara Bradford

Smashing the Plateau

Tara Bradford is a Publicity Strategist, Reputation Designer, and Communications Expert. She incorporates her background in cognitive neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology principles, emotional intelligence, and neurolinguistics to help individuals develop a strong personal brand that is in integrity with who they are so they can build a global audience of the exact people who need to hear their message. We discuss: What nursing and being a publicity strategist have in common [2:32] What’s necessary to remove and reveal in order to build trust, especially in a life-or-death situation [5:43] The types of publicity that would best fit different businesses and individuals [11:28] Why you should keep doing what’s working when you hit a plateau [14:20] Strategic levels of trust when trying to get more traffic in the door [18:01] Three ways in which Tara achieves consistent revenue, avoids low season situation and does what she loves [23:14] Why nobody smashes the plateau alone [26:22] Tara has worked with anyone from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives to help them become the face of their companies, increase their visibility, take ownership of their influence so it can be used to make a difference, and build credibility online. She is passionate about helping the world feel more connected and believes that the key to doing so is to inspire each of us to believe we are the center of influence through service of others. She is an International Speaker on topics that address diversity and inclusion and she sits on the Executive Board of a division of the American Stroke Association. Her work has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, Bustle, Talk Radio NYC, TEDxLincolnSquare and more! Learn more about Tara at http://www.tararaebradford.com, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Brief Description of Gift How to get noticed online: A Publicity Checklist URL for Free Gift www.tararaebradford.com/pr-checklistFacebook Twitter LinkedIn46Shares


3 Dec 2018

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How To Get Promoted On Purpose w/ Tara Bradford | # 013

Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

When you’re striving for recognition as an industry expert, you pull out all the stops. Some even sacrifice their authentic selves just for a sliver of the spotlight. But what if there was a way to gravitate people toward you without having to sell out…or sell yourself? Tara Bradford is an expert at helping others stand out so publicity and opportunities come to them. In this episode, she connects the dots of her journey from nurse to high-performance coach to founding her PR firm, Potentialista — and how she blossomed into a natural media magnet by planting the right seeds in the right landscapes.   Episode Topics How Tara’s makeup tutorials strengthened a marriage Using uniqueness as strength and being different on purpose Breaking into established groups in a new town How to become a magnet and get people to come to you first Building a solid network from complete scratch How Tara met Oprah and got featured on Dr. Oz → (almost) What holds people back from getting more media for themselves Leveraging deep connections and building a personal brand How Tara attracted clients without having to sell herself Common misconceptions about being featured in the media How Tara’s business coach inspired her coaching career Landing clients through social media and guest blogs Tara’s coaching certification program recommendations Challenges of moving and being the odd one out Building relationships and word of mouth referrals Taking the first step, vulnerability, and how it inspires others to help [3:58] Starting line: While she worked as a nurse, Tara started a side-hustle recording makeup tutorials. [6:02] Realizing potential: She started getting good feedback from the videos including one woman who thanked her for helping her marriage. [7:27] Hiring a coach: When she moved to New York, she worked with a business coach to help monetize her YouTube channel. But really, he improved her mindset. [8:50] Supportive network: Friends took notice of Tara's newfound confidence and encouraged her to teach others her ways. [10:24] Discovering passion: By the time she was done working with the coach, she wanted to be a coach and make a bigger impact. [13:46] First mentor: She met a serial entrepreneur who invited her to networking events but she refused —she never saw herself as an entrepreneur. [15:19] Paradigm shift: After a fateful conversation, Tara began viewing herself through other people’s eyes. “That’s when I learned more about personal branding and solving problems for my target audience.” [17:21] At a crossroads: Signed up for coaching certification not knowing if she’d pursue it as a business. She had 2 weeks to find her own NY apartment, a job, and inform her grad school she wasn't coming. [18:24] August 2017: One month after she found an apartment and landed a hospital admin job, she launched her coaching practice. [20:38] A walkthrough of Tara’s 10-week coaching certification program. [21:49] Featured on Dr. Oz…kind of: Although Tara wasn’t sure how to market herself, she was featured in the media every 2 weeks including on the Dr. Oz show. After her segment was bumped, she started exploring PR. [24:35] Seeing opportunity: She recognized the need to help people get publicity after being asked how she did it. One year into her entrepreneurial journey, Tara began doing PR for people. [27:49] Getting clients: All of her clients found her through social media, her website or guest blogs. "I never had to actually sell anything. People just came to me and said ‘I wanna work with you’." [29:17] The evolution of Potentialista: How Tara connected the dots between previous experiences and what she does for clients today. [32:07] Attention magnet: She put herself in situations where she could be a magnet for conversations that she's afraid to start herself. [32:53] Building a network from scratch: Attended events with established groups where she’d be the odd woman out. People wanted to hear her story. "When you put yourself out there and make yourself different on purpose, people want to help you achieve your goal." [42:09] How Tara uses Potentialista to help people build their ideal reputation. [45:10] “People think they can't be featured in the same publication twice and that's holding them back from getting more for themselves.” [47:28] Be vulnerable: “Doing something brave, courageous, and vulnerable is what makes people wanna help you…they think ‘wow you're really putting yourself out there in a way I could never or have never done. I admire that and wanna be a part of it.”   Connect with Tara: Tararaebradford.com Thepotentialista.com Subscribe to the Experts Unleashed YouTube Channel for exclusive video trainings and content. Join ourFacebook group  where you’ll find thousands of fellow experts plus access to hangouts and webinars to support you on your journey. Want Joel's personal help to develop, launch, or scale your business? Contact him directly for private consulting opportunities.


29 May 2018