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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mae West. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mae West, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mae West. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mae West, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 94 - Pickle Mae West

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Episode 94: Pickle Mae West

The Gaylords return to South Korea for A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)! Stacie & Anthony talk wicked stepmothers, scary ghosts, pickles, and then in a SHOCKING twist, they fail miserably at The Chopping Block.

Find out more at https://gaylords-of-darkness.pinecast.co

Sep 16 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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Mae West: Sexual Freedom Warrior

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Mae West: Sexual freedom warrior 

Ever seen a mysterious big red button you just want to… press? That compulsion is practically the story behind Mae West’s career. The star of the screen and the stage built a life of glamour for herself by playing on her audience’s naughty curiosity, finding many admirers and horrified critics along the way. 

This week we delve into one of Hollywood’s most enduring sex symbols and discover a story of hard work, fierce confidence and even jail time. 

So go on. Press that big… mysterious… red… button.

About this podcast: 

Fierce Females of History is a dive into the stories of awesome women through history you should know about. 

A quick disclaimer: we’re journalists, not historians, but we do love our history. Tune in every week as one of our three hosts shares the story of one woman. 


Talissa Bazaz (@talissabazaz)

Erin Ramsay (@erin_ramsay)

Lucy Dean (@lucyintheskywithcarbon)

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Drop us a line here: fiercefemalesofhistory@gmail.com

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Sep 15 2020 · 33mins

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In honor of Mae West, no shame today.

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Aug 22 2020 · 59mins
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Episode 35 - Naughty Travel, Casualties of War, Broke Strippers and Mae West

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Hosted by Workin' The Tease's own Burlesque Gals - Julia Reed Nichols & Kitty Kat DeMille - along with special guest, Sienna Sinclaire. This week's topics include The Naughty Girl, Losing Your Genitalia to War, Broke Strippers, and the Marvelous Mae West.
Jul 21 2020 · 1hr 27mins

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Ep 14 - Mae West, Frankly: SEXTETTE with Frank Santopadre

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Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast co-host FRANK SANTOPADRE joins Mike and Aaron for a platinum-wigged, girdle-straining, Vaseline-smeared salute to Mae West’s camptastic 1978 swan song, SEXTETTE! So why don’t you come up and listen sometime? (i.e.—now!)
Jul 13 2020 · 1hr 17mins
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15 Self-Love, Quantum Leaping & Mae West

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Hey friends! We continue to be in the most interesting times and all we can hope for is that we grow and learn however we can. We are still coming out of our Covid holes and still not quite sure it's safe to come out haha. But this time certainly has afforded us the opportunity for reflection. Listen in as Betsy shares some of the things she's learned about herself, her relationships and preparing for a quantum leap. Oh and she's super excited to share some new found inspiration thanks to Mae West. What a sexually empowering pioneer she was! Lotsa Love as always. xoxo

Watch Betsy's guest appearance on Here We Come to Save the Day podcast

To order Price Pritchett's book - The Quantum Leap Strategy

and for some Mae West inspiration

Jun 25 2020 · 31mins
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Ep.17 : Michael J. Kouri on psychic reading for Liz Taylor and Mae West

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Our guest this week is renound Psychic/Medium to the stars, Author, Paranormal consultant for Film/TV, and Old Hollywood Historian Michael J. Kouri.

In the first of a two part episode, we discuss Michael’s books on the Paranormal, Walt Disney, Haunted Houses, his upcoming books — and we delve into the particulars of his gifts.

Throughout his career beginning in the mid seventies, Michael J. Kouri has done personal readings for Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, and Mae West among countless other Old Hollywood stars which we discuss in this episode and part two (available next week). To this day he reads for both Hollywood's living stars and anyone who would like a reading.

We ask questions like:
What exactly happens when a spirit appears to him?
What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?
How does a spirit ‘become’ a spirit guide to someone else?
Which Old Hollywood star has appeared to him most frequently?
and much more!

He shares with us insight on the life of psychic/mediumship, and shares stories of encounters he's had whilst performing seances and readings he performed with Mae West, Liz Taylor and even the time the table levitated while in the presence of a round table of Old Hollywood's A-List......

Coincidentally with his readings and books, Michael is also a ‘paranormal consultant’. He coaches Actors in Film/TV how to react authentically to ghosts and spirits for their on-screen performances. He has worked on a number of films in including the 'Insidious' films.

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/callingoldhollywood)

May 22 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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"Anne Carroll Moore And Mae West (Part 2)!"

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This week, the ladies talk surviving the flu before diving into the complicated life of educator, Anne Caroll Moore and part 2 of the glamorous life of Mae West!

Jan 22 2020 · 1hr 16mins
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"Mae West (Part 1) And Edith Louisa Cavell!"

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This week, the ladies tease a Patrons only episode of the current adaptation of "Little Women" before diving into the notorious tales of sex goddess, Mae West and the heroic tales of pioneering nurse, Edith Louisa Cavell.

Jan 15 2020 · 1hr 31mins
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Calling All Cars 35-03-19 (069) The Mae West Jewel Robber (re-dramatization)

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Dec 27 2019 · 30mins