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The Tech Investor's Purpose Of Being With Zach Aarons

Propmodo Podcast

Investors have to juggle the interests of their limited partners, their portfolio companies, and their firm in order to succeed.


28 May 2021

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PropTech Arts Visionary Zach Aarons, Co-Founder of MetaProp VC

Alpha’a In-Conversation with Phil Russo

Phil talks with Zach about his generational vision of art in property and what it means for the value of both, as well as for the quality of life for people in remote or densely urban areas.


20 May 2021

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Zach Aarons, Founding Partner, MetaProp VC.

Alpha’a In-Conversation with Phil Russo

Phil talks with Zach about his generational vision of art in property and what it means for the value of both, as well as for the quality of life for people in remote or densely urban areas.


20 May 2021

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RE #82: Zach Aarons & Aaron Block - Co-Founders of MetaProp VC

The FORT with Chris Powers

Zach Aarons & Aaron Block are the Co-Founders of MetaProp VC, the most active early-stage real estate and PropTech investor globally with 125+ investments under their portfolio. On this episode, Chris talks with Aaron and Zach about their journey to becoming partners, the NYC venture capital world, the emergence of PropTech as an investable asset class, their processes for investing in companies, what early-stage founders do well when raising capital, and much more. Enjoy! Follow Chris on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FortWorthChris Learn more about Chris Powers & Fort Capital: www.FortCapitalLP.com (02:44) - Zach’s Background  (09:52) - Why do you say you weren’t capable of building and scaling a tech company? (13:21) - Aaron’s Background (16:48) - What ultimately led you to raise capital and start a fund? (18:08) - How large was the first fund? What are some things looking back that you didn’t expect? (20:48) - Did Zak Schwarzman have a VC background or institutional money experience? (24:23) - How large was your second fund? (24:28) - How much is being invested in PropTech globally? (25:02) - How many deals do you see per year vs. how many you ultimately invest in? (25:52) - Which things within deals jump out to you that immediately cause you to say 'no'? (29:50) - What are good founders doing well while they’re raising money? (34:17) - Do you require founders to have a co-founder? (36:10) - Do you care if the founder has a real estate background? (39:42) - What would a founder say is the value given to you from MetaProp post-funding? (41:56) -  How often do you communicate with the founders you work with? (46:59) - What's the difference between leading a round vs. just participating in a round? (50:12) - What does a typical project look like for your consulting and advisory side of the business? (51:27) - Is there a certain asset type that is getting more investment than others? (54:02) - What kind of technology is around single-family and multi-family? (55:35) - Is PropTech aiding in the effort to get people back into the office or the WFH situation? (56:33) - Do you think the idea of COVID Cleaning & thermal scanning could be seen as short-sighted? (59:55) - Do you have a crazy 5-10 year prediction? (1:00:49) - Do you have a crazy investment that got away? (1:03:29) - Do you have a morning routine? (1:04:03) - If you owned a billboard on a major highway and could put whatever you wanted on there, what would it say? (1:04:48) - How can people reach you? Email Zach: zaarons@metaprop.vc Book: PropTech101 The FORT with Chris Powers is produced by Straight Up Podcasts

1hr 6mins

22 Oct 2020

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Proptech and sales in proptech - by Zach Aarons.

Fundraising Radio | Startups | Venture Capital | Angel Investing

Zach Aarons, Co-Founder and Partner at MetaProp.vc explains what is going on in the proptech field and how it reacted to the COVID-19 hit. We also discuss how founders in this field should make sales, when is it appropriate to hire salesman/saleswoman and how to become a better salesman/saleswoman yourself. Awesome resources below! MetaProp: https://www.metaprop.org/ 101 Proptech written by Aaron: https://www.proptech101.com/ Get better in sales by becoming a volunteer at a a political campaign: https://action.dccc.org/page/s/volunteer


5 Sep 2020

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Zach Aarons (MetaProp) says adapt, rather than overreact

Future of Retail

Zach Aarons, co-founder and General Partner of MetaProp ($40M+ invested in 90+ real estate technology companies) joins Stephen Quinonez, co-founder and CTO of LocateAI, to discuss how retail and commercial real estate will change after COVID-19. Topics covered include: how to adjust strategy accordingly (hint: don’t overreact) is now the time to adopt new technology? the evolution of experiential retail the future of shopping malls the trend towards urbanization ------ LocateAI is a leader in retail real estate analytics and created the industry’s first AI-powered retail real estate brokerage. Our data science team uses 180,000 variables to build predictive analytics and market strategy maps for our clients, who rely on this objective data to make optimal real estate expansion decisions. LocateAI provides this data at no cost to retailers – learn more at https://www.locate.ai.


12 May 2020

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The Real Market With Chris Rising - Ep. 39 Zach Aarons

The Real Market With Chris Rising

In this episode of The Real Market podcast, Chris Rising talks to Zach Aarons, Co-Founder and General Partner of MetaProp, about venture capital, proptech, and where the world's heading.


14 Apr 2020

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Series 6 Property Heavyweights – Zach Aarons, Co-Founder & Partner MetaProp

The Property Voice

Today, I am delighted to share a conversation I had with Zach Aarons, Co-Founder and Partner of the $40m MetaProp PropTech venture capital fund. I want you to stick with me right through to the end of this one, as Zach shares some absolute pearls of wisdom and imparts some gifts as to how you […] The post Series 6 Property Heavyweights – Zach Aarons, Co-Founder & Partner MetaProp appeared first on The Property Voice.

17 Jul 2019

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Metaprop's Zach Aarons on Real Estate's PropTech Revolution

Change Order - Housing Innovation Podcast

Get updates about the Change Order podcast eepurl.com/gfT0aTIn this episode, I chat with Zach Aarons, co-founder and partner at the NYC-based venture capital firm, Metaprop. With $40 million dollars under management and over 90 companies in their portfolio, Metaprop is the world’s premier early-stage VC focusing on real estate tech, aka proptech. And Zach has established himself as one of the leading authorities on how technology has and will continue to affect how we build, buy, sell, use, and operate our built environments. Our conversation touches on how technology is impacting the real estate world; how traditional real estate operators are trying to make tech an integral part of their businesses; the similarities and differences between a proptech startup and a normal tech startup; and how all of this might impact where and how we live in the future. For more information about Zach and Metaprop, visit https://www.metaprop.org/Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaPropNYC https://twitter.com/ZacharyAaronsInsta: https://www.instagram.com/metapropnyc/For comments, suggestions, etc. email me, David Friedlander, at david at hothouse dot co.


16 May 2019

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Better World

On this episode the better word boys talk to Zach Aarons, angel investor, real estate tech leader, futurist and sound healing practitioner, discussing the future of green cities.


18 Dec 2018