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EP 107 : Early Stage Financing | Adith Podhar, (Founding Partner, GEMBA Capital)

The Startup Operator

Adith is the founding partner at Gemba Capital and has made seed investments in several startups. In this episode Adith and Roshan talk about the Dos and Don'ts of startup Investing, Evolution of founders in India and more.  Key Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 01:33 Decoding the current fundraising frenzy 03:29 Evolution of startup investing and the Impact of the Pandemic 05:19 Dos and Don'ts of startup Investing 08:46 Building dealflow 13:26 Options for passive investors 14:33 Principles for Investing  17:52 Easing regulations to encourage startup investments  22:44 Adith's Investment thesis 29:03 Evolution of founders in India 34:26 Trends in D2C space 40:05 Fintech and Insurtech 46:30 Dos and Don'ts of picking a partner/fund 50:54 Optimism for the future  ------------------------------------- Connect with Aniket: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniket-deb-a2859946/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aniketdeb ------------------------------------- Connect with Us:  Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/startupoperator ​Twitter: https://twitter.com/OperatorStartup​​ ------------------------------------- If you liked this episode, let us know by hitting the like button and share with your friends and family. Please also remember to subscribe to our channel and switch on the notifications to never miss an episode! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/startup-operator/message


13 Jul 2021

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#5 Adith Podhar (Gemba Capital)

AngelList India Radio

Adith Podhar is the Founding Partner at Gemba Capital, an early stage investment firm in India. Gemba Capital has invested in 20+ companies like Plum, ClickPost, Zuper, Upekkha, Finly, and many others. Prior to Gemba, Adith was VP at Motilal Oswal PE Fund, where his responsibility was across the investment cycle from deal sourcing to exit. Adith has also been an investment banker and founder of Crepeteria – a chain of quick serve restaurants. Adith is one of the few operators who has experience in both late stage and early stage investing.


30 Sep 2020

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EP#6 Adith Podhar – The micro-VC perspective, investor biases and decoding the art & science of venture investing

The VCpreneur: Startups | Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Fundraising

In today’s episode, Adith Podhar, Founding Partner @Gemba Capital, joins our host Digjay, to discuss among other topics, the nuances and challenges of running a micro-VC fund, evaluating founders at early-stage startups, the portfolio creation approach for first time VCs, identifying and avoiding VC investment biases and decoding the art & science of venture investing. Adith is the Founding Partner at Gemba Capital, a micro-VC fund which invests in angel and seed rounds in tech enabled startups that are focused on the India consumption story and cross border SaaS. Some of his portfolio companies include myHQ, ClearDekho, SureClaim, ShopKirana, Upekkha, Kaarva, SleepyCat, and HoiFoods, among others. Prior to starting Gemba Capital, Adith worked at Motilal Oswal PE (MOPE) fund in Mumbai with responsibilities across the investment cycle from deal sourcing - due diligence - negotiation - execution - monitoring - exit. He started his career with ICICI Bank, as a product manager for PE in the International Private Banking division. Adith is also the founder of 'Crepeteria' - a chain of quick-serve restaurants. Crepeteria got seed funded and Adith ran it for 4 years expanding it to 3 cities. You can connect with him here on Linkedin / Twitter If you liked our episode, you can subscribe to our podcast on any of the major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple iTunes and Google Podcasts. Please leave us a review on Apple iTunes to help others discover this podcast. You can visit thevcpreneur.com and follow us on Twitter @thevcpreneur_ & Instagram @thevcpreneur for more episodes and interesting insights on the startup ecosystem. You can also follow our host Digjay on Linkedin / Twitter Show notes – 1. (01:10) Adith’s background and how he ended up starting his own micro VC fund 2. (03:20) Thesis and Opportunity at Gemba Capital 3. (08:12) Relationship with large VC funds 4. (09:30) Evaluating founders at early stage startups; The ‘Founder Attribute Score’ methodology 5. (12:00) Defining & achieving Product Market Fit; Growth vs Profitability 6. (16:40) Challenges of running a micro VC fund – Long feedback loop, raising funds from LPs, building your brand/network, competition 7. (18:30) Niche/thematic funds vs Sector agnostic funds 8. (20:45) Portfolio creation for early stage VCs 9. (22:20) VC investing – An art or a science? 10. (23:50) Common investment biases of a venture capitalist & how to avoid them 11. (28:40) Rapid fire questions and closing remarks


16 Aug 2020

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Adith Podhar on his journey from PE fund to being a Venture Capitalist

Lifeselfmastery's podcast I Startups I Venture Capital

In this episode, Adith talks about if TAM plays an important role in investment decisions and why did he invest in Airmeet.


22 May 2020

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Adith Podhar, Gemba Capital

100x Entrepreneur

#100xEntrepreneur #Podcast with Adith Podhar, Founding Partner, Gemba CapitalAdith belongs to a typical Marwari family from Mumbai, after completing his MBA from the University of Mumbai, he worked with ICICI Bank handling fundraising for individual investors in Private Equity. During 2013 to 2017 he also headed Motilal Oswal Private Equity as their Vice President. In June 2017, he finally decided to start his own journey as an Early Stage Investors and started Gemba Capital. Some of his portfolio companies are myHQ, ClearDekho and HoiFoods.In this podcast, Adith shares his experience of operating as an Early Stage Investors and his learnings. Notes - 00:42 - Journey from Typical Marwari family to experiencing different stages in Entrepreneurial Journey and finally becoming a VC 05:11 - Why he started Gemba Capital? 06:48 - How did he develop his Priority Sectors and created his Investment Thesis? 11:40 - Investments, Vision & Thesis in Fintech 13:19 - Difference between companies which have scaled faster compared to others15:10 - Macro Factors behind Scaling faster and larger for a Company16:44 - Why is Cashout / CreditLine model becoming a popular product in Fintech?17:55 - How to crack your Distribution Channels suitable to your Products?22:04 - Ideal Co-investors24:20 - Overcoming Challenges and Hardships as a VC29:57 - Is the Sequoia Surge Programme a Threat to Small/Early Stage VC Firms?30:52 - Overcoming biases as a VC while Investing33:22 - Mistakes & Learnings as an Angel Investor


12 Jan 2020