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Selene Yeager on Becoming the Face of Menopause with guest host Tania Dalton (Episode 52)

Hit Play Not Pause

Happy birthday to Hit Play Not Pause! As a special gift, past guest, personal trainer, and healthy ageing coach Tania Dalton turns the tables and interviews host Selene Yeager for a 1 year anniversary bonus edition of the podcast. The two dive deep into Selene’s background as an accidental athlete turned professional level cyclist as well as her career writing about health, fitness, and endurance sports. Selene opens up about struggles with body image, eating disorders, nerves, and anxiety, as well as finding her voice in this world and ultimately becoming the face of menopause for Feisty Menopause and the Hit Play Not Pause podcast. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in and supported the show. We’ve hit nearly 500,000 plays in our first year and we couldn’t have done it without you! Support the Podcast InsideTracker: 25% off at insidetracker.com/feistymenopause Nuun Hydration: 30% off at nuunlife.com with the code HITPLAY Previnex: 15% off your first order with code HITPLAY at https://www.previnex.com/

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8 Oct 2021

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Let's Talk about Menopause and How to Help Women Stay Fit, Well and Active. With Selene Yeager.

The Optimal Aging Podcast

Menopause is a part of life for half of all people everywhere, but  it’s not discussed much in general — let alone in the context of staying fit and healthy to enjoy a high quality of life for as long as possible.This week’s guest on the Optimal Aging podcast is all about raising awareness and informing women about how to make the most of menopause. Selene Yeager is a trainer, nutrition coach, journalist and competitive endurance athlete. And she hosts a podcast called Press Play Not Pause as part of the Feisty Menopause movement she’s leading.I love Selene’s approach to talking about all of this. I learned SO MUCH, and I know you will too. Links & ResourcesSelene YeagerHit Play Not Pause podcastNaamly -- Support our advertiser, who helps you keep in touch with your members“Essentialism” bookEat Me Guilt FreeColon Health Information


21 Sep 2021

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44: Selene Yeager "Hit Play Not Pause" with Athletics Through Menopause

Female Athlete Nutrition

In this episode I chat with Selene Yeager, host of Hit Play Not Pause, a Feisty Menopause podcast for active, performance-minded women. We talk about the realities of female athletes going through menopause, shedding light on a topic that has not been discussed for far too long! Selene is on a mission to help women continue to train and feel great in their bodies no matter their age or hormone fluctuations by educating women on what is happening to their bodies and what they can do about it... which we discuss in this episode! So no matter your current age, I hope this episode inspires you that you do NOT have to slow down in your athletic career just because of your age and inspires you with the knowledge of what happens to your body during menopause. Selene is a top-selling professional health and fitness writer who lives what she writes - as an NASM certified personal trainer, USA Cycling licensed coach, Pn1 certified nutrition coach, pro licensed off road racer, and former All-American Ironman triathlete. To connect with Selene and learn more about Fiesty Menopause please connect with @feistymenopause on instagram and request to join the Hit Play Not Pause Group on Facebook! You can also head directly to https://www.feistymenopause.com/ to learn more or sign up for their summit this month! This episode is brought to you by the Rise Up Nutrition Group Coaching Program Click here to Learn More & Join the Waitlist Learn more about Lindsey's Services and the Team at Rise Up Nutrition: www.RiseUpNutritionRUN.com


16 Sep 2021

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Selene Yeager: Menopause, health, and writing

Movers Mindset

Selene Yeager doesn't shy away from topics other might avoid; in fact, she is leading the conversation around menopause. She shares her journey into creating a podcast about menopause, and her own experiences with menopause. Selene explains her thoughts on diet, nutrition, health tracking, and cycling. She discusses her relationship with writing, and what she's currently reading. Selene Yeager is a professional health and fitness writer, cycling and nutrition coach, personal trainer, athlete, and podcast host. She has written articles for many publications, including Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, and Men's and Women's Health, in addition to authoring, co-authoring, and contributing to over 2 dozen books. Beyond writing, Selene is the host of Hit Play Not Pause, a podcast focusing on menopause for athletes. For more information on this episode, go to moversmindset.com/103 Can you support our work via Patreon? Hi, Craig here :) Through a combination of hard work and luck I've gotten inside access to the brilliant minds and lives of people all over the world. Since 2015 I've tried to show respect and humility by giving back and sharing conversations through the Movers Mindset project. I’ve already been able to talk with over one hundred people, and have shared those conversations with thousands. I have a lot more work to do, but I need help. If you are able, I would be honored if you could contribute by supporting the Movers Mindset project on Patreon. https://patreon.com/moversmindset …and I completely understand if that's not feasible for you. If you want to help me in another way, simply go start a conversation with someone. Even better, start a conversation with someone you don't already know. Ask questions. Practice listening. Repeat. My personal mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. And Movers Mindset is one of the things I do in service of my mission. Drop by https://constantine.name for my weekly email, my other podcasts, writing and more. Cheers!

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4 Aug 2021

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Selene Yeager: You Can Do Rad Sh*t

Talk of the T-Town - All Things Track Cycling

Thanks to B Braun Medical Inc. for sponsoring the Talk of the T-Town Podcast. BBraun is a global leader in infusion therapy and pain management, B Braun develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical products to the healthcare community. They are also strong believers in supporting the quality of life in the communities where their employees work and live.Visit thevelodrome.com to learn more about the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. Selene YeagerInstagram: @fitchick3 @feistymenopauseFacebook: @FitChickSeleneYeager @feistymenopauseTwitter: @Fitchick3Websites: seleneyeager.comLive Feisty Podcast Episode with Dr Stacey Sims https://livefeisty.com/hit-play-not-pause-a-feisty-menopause-podcast-breaking-down-the-science-with-dr-stacy-sims-episode-1/

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1 Jun 2021

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#158: Selene Yeager on the Power of Cycling & Why Balance is Bullshit

Sparta Chicks Radio: Mindset | Confidence | Sport | Women

Selene is also an extraordinary athlete in her own right. She’s been a semi-professional athlete since her late 30s and has competed in everything from Hawaii Ironman to 7-day mountain bike stage races and 200 mile (that’s 320km) gravel classics. And she hosts the popular podcast ‘Hit Play Not Pause” for active performance-minded women in their 40s and beyond. Get the full show notes for the episode here. — Visit the Sparta Chicks Radio website here Follow Sparta Chicks Radio on Facebook: facebook.com/SpartaChicks  Follow Selene on Instagram: @fitchick3


18 Apr 2021

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Step Into Your Power with Selene Yeager (S14E13)

IronWomen podcast

This week on the IronWomen podcast Alyssa and Haley catch up with feisty legend Selene Yeager. Selene is a former professional cyclist, author, and accomplished journalist. In 2017, Selene co-authored the book ROAR with Dr. Stacy Sims which featured a chapter dedicated to menopause. Selene explains how the release of this one chapter exposed a massive hole in credible information for female athletes seeking to maintain a high level of performance during their menopausal years. Fast forward to 2020, she began a second book with Dr. Sims dedicated entirely to menopausal athletes, and joined forces with Live Feisty to launch the Hit Play Not Pause podcast to bring more information to female athletes who are training hard into their 40s, 50s and beyond. An accomplished endurance athlete herself, Selene started out in triathlon qualifying for Kona at her very first Ironman in Louisville and racing at the world championships just six weeks later. She had a successful professional mountain biking career that is highlighted by wins across the globe, and used her love of cycling to transition from a medical writer to a sports writer, regularly contributing to Bicycling Magazine, Shape, Women’s Health, and many others. Selene tells us why it’s important to put yourself out there to make connections and make things happen for yourself, and talks about the benefits of growing older and wiser and stepping into her true powerful self. Support the Podcast Sign up for the Feisty Triathlon Team at feistyteam.com Orca Sportswear: Code - IRONWOMEN15 = 15% off Nuun Hydration: Code - LiveFeisty = 30% off at https://nuun.life/feisty-podcast Zealios Skincare: Code - ironwomen = 15% off Previnex: Code IronWomen15 = 15% off your first order InsideTracker: 25% off at insidetracker.com/ironwomenThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacyChartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

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1 Apr 2021

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34. Selene Yeager - 2 Wheeled Adventurer & Host of Hit Play, Not Pause Podcast

Faster Forward with Troy Busot

Instead of asking yourself "how long do I want to live", you should really start asking yourself, "how do I want to live". We all want to live forever, but if you're listening to this show, chances are, you've got some minimum standards that you'd like to set as the years pass by - especially of the athletic variety. On the podcast today, we welcome Selene Yeager - host of the Hit Play, Not Pause podcast - a show for performance-minded women who aren't willing to put their best years behind them. We discuss the affects of aging on the body  - especially in your 40s, 50s, and beyond, and how to optimize your physiology, maintain your fitness, and harness your power. It's not just for ladies, or even us older athletes - if you or someone you know is planning on getting older now or sometime in the future - even if you don't accept it - you need to give this a listen. Selene Yeager Official Web Site https://www.seleneyeager.com/ Selene Yeager on Athlinks https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/265318892?category=global&term=selene%20yeager Selene Yeager on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fitchick3/ Hit Play Not Pause Podcast https://livefeisty.com/category/podcasts/hit-play-not-pause/ That's the show, folks, Hope you enjoyed it - more people racing more often having more fun in the process is our mission at Athlinks.  Thanks again to Selene Yeager, aka FitChick3.  We do a special post for each episode on Instagram, so look for the post for episode 34 with a picture of Selene if you have comments or questions - we are @athlinks or shoot us an email to podcast@athlinks.com.  * The best way to support this podcast is to click subscribe on iTunes or follow on Spotify to be notified of new shows. Share it far and wide with anyone you think would enjoy it and please take a second to give us a rating and a quick review on iTunes. And, until next time, happy racing everybody.

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9 Mar 2021

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Selene Yeager - Hit Play Not Pause Host and ‘The Fit Chick’

Adventure Audio

Selene Yeager is Bicycling Magazine’s Fit Chick. Selene has had a prolific career as writer, having authored (or co-authored) dozens of books and a massive amount of articles on cycling, endurance, fitness and a number of other topics. In addition to writing, Silene is an accomplished athlete and now also the host of Hit Play Not Pause, a podcast dedicated to helping female athletes navigate menopause. Learn more about Selene at www.seleneyeager.com or https://livefeisty.com/category/podcasts/hit-play-not-pause/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adventureaudio/support


4 Mar 2021

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Ep 71- Selene Yeager- GRAVEL! And, The 2nd Biggest Eye Roll In History

The Strong Savvy Cyclist & Triathlete Podcast

Gravel riding has quickly grown the last 5 years to be one, if not THE most popular form of cycling. But the demands require many of us roadies, and yes cyclocrossers as well, to take a very different approach and mindset to these rides. In this episode, Selene Yeager, Author of "GRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide to the Gear,  Training, and Grit You Need to Crush it!" and I talk all about gravel riding. From the bikes and equipment, to the people and how much closer to nature you are. And much like a great gravel ride, we take a few detours along the way to explore some cool topics that come up along the way including:  The power of water SUP Paddle boarding Energy And much more!  Get Started: HVTraining's 12 week Gravel Base Strength Training Program Connect with Selene: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitchick3/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/selene.yeager/ Read Her Latest Book: GRAVEL Follow Her Professionally: https://seleneyeager.contently.com/ Listen to Selene's Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause Read more on the HVTraining Blog: https://www.humanvortextraining.com/ Subscribe to the HVTraining YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/HVTraining Coach Brodie's Book “Strength Training for Cycling Performance” Sign up for the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification Insiders List --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/menachem-brodie/support

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4 Dec 2020