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Embrace Your Becoming with Nicole Majik - New Fab You Show Episode 68

New Fab You Show Podcast with the fabulous Dorris Burch

Hear our powerful conversation about Embrace Your Becoming. Meet new bestselling author Nicole Majik as we talk about unapologetic permission in becoming. What’s the difference between wishing for something and seeing it become true? It’s more than thought. It’s incredibly directed thinking.Website www.majikllc.comFacebook Page https://www.facebook.com/majikllcInstagram https://www.instagram.com/nicole_majik/Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolemajik/


8 Sep 2021

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Ep 69 - Nicole Majik - Empowerment Alchemist

The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast

Nicole Majik is the Empowerment Alchemist. Her incredible story that includes recovering from mercury poisoning, finding her purpose, and helping people to make amazing transformations in their lives will inspire and inform you. Learn more about Nicole and some of her great programs at https://majikllc.vipmembervault.com/af/138827724


12 Jul 2021

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Meet Nicole Majik one of the authors in our upcoming book Don’t Be Invisible Be Fabulous: A Mile In Her Shoes

New Fab You Show Podcast with the fabulous Dorris Burch

Touching the lives of others through powerful story making. Just making a difference in women’s lives.We all have 'Don't Be Invisible Moments' -those powerful moments that change, us, redefine us, and move us forward toward our most fabulous versions of ourselves. Join me in meeting the authors in our upcoming new book Don't Be Invisible Be Fabulous : A Mile In Her Shoes - These women took the courageous step to inspire others with what they've been through and what they have learned as we use stories to connect us and bring us closer to one another.


24 Jun 2021

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Episode 51: Align, Define & Manifest with Nicole Majik

Fast Lane With Sara Jayne


13 May 2021

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Empowering Alchemy To Remove Limiting Beliefs with Nicole Majik

Lois Koffi's Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Podcast

There is so much more to business and health and wealth than meets the eye We are all energy - as is money....and today we open that conversation up To help you identify with other ways you can ultimately find your highest and best Self Nicole Majik holds a bachelors degree in Biology/Chemistry and a Masters in Metaphysics. She is an accomplished leadership and empowerment strategist and educator, and has created a highly effective, life-transforming empowerment program: The Alchemy of Transformation™.  She awakens your true potential by erasing limiting beliefs and showing you how to live a life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love. Nicole has appeared on various radio shows, local TV, as a keynote speaker for international conferences and has even appeared on the Travel Channel for Greatest Mysteries: Smithsonian as well as Beyond the Unknown Season 2 Episode 13. Schedule a free clairty call link: https://nicolemajik.as.me/claritycall Here is the link to the portal with the freebies! https://majikllc.vipmembervault.com Want a special deal? https://www.majikllc.com/community/#benefits Coupon Code: Koffi30 Sign up for Lois' next free masterclass http://loiskoffi.com/freedom


15 Mar 2021

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Nicole Majik - Energy and Your Pelvis Part 2

Women's Pelvis Wellness

In this episode, you’ll learn:What it’s like seeing auras, spirits, and energy around others.Nicole’s story of seeing visions about herself and the people in her life.The contribution of energy work that physical therapy cannot fulfill.An introduction to chakras and its three different kinds.What does it mean to be grounded? How does it enhance your intuition?Other exercises to strengthen your intuition.And more!---About Nicole Majik:My intuition and divine guidance, as well as my ability to see auras since I was a very small child, allow me to perceive many levels of awareness for a person or situation. As a scientist and metaphysician, I love igniting interest, passion and curiosity in people and allowing them to awaken their true potential and divine purpose.”---Connect with Nicole Majik!Website: https://www.majikllc.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolemajikTwitter: https://twitter.com/majikllcFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/NicoleMajik11/\Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicole_majik/~Connect with Amy Lee!Website: https://www.soulhealingmassage.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulhealingbodywork/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulhealingbodywork/


26 Aug 2020

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Nicole Majik - Energy and Your Pelvis

Women's Pelvis Wellness

Join Amy Kaiser and accomplished leadership and empowerment strategist Nicole Majik as they chat about energy, chakra, and pelvic health. Nicole loves igniting people’s passion and curiosity and awakens the true potential in others. Nicole brings her wisdom to the show today to teach you a lot of things about intuition and how to make the best out of it. Enjoy!In this episode, you’ll learn:• What chakra is, and the different relationships between the 7 main chakras• Chakra is associated with different colors, and as simple as they sound, the concept is actually  complex• How imbalanced chakra can cause depression, guilt and insecurities and how eventually  it will manifest physically• Intuition is our gut• And many more!~[Guest Bio] ← Nicole Majik is an empowered alchemist. With her diverse background in Biology/Chemistry, Metaphysics and Finance, she has many skill sets that can be applied in a multitude of areas and circumstances.  She works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who feel stuck in one or more areas of life — those who feel discouraged yet know that there is more in this world for them than their current situation has to offer. ~You can find Nicole Majik on... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NicoleMajik11/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nicole_majik/Website https://www.majikllc.com/---Connect with Amy Kaiser!https://www.soulhealingmassage.com/https://www.facebook.com/soulhealingbodywork/


4 Aug 2020

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Her Laundry Unfolded with Nicole Majik (ep 9)

Profit Up Chuck (Funny Business)

Nicole had a near death experience from mercury poisoning! Find out what Nicole learned from her experience and hear her story about how she empowers others to live a life they deserve without compromising who they are or what they love.


30 Jun 2020

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More than Fork Bending with Nicole Majik

theoracleswithjamestyson's podcast

James's good friend Brittany learned how to "bend forks with her mind" on line. So what's the trick her asked her. No trick, just focus she replied. Then off she went posting a series of videos of her twisting up perfectly good cutlery. Fascinated, James asked his guest Nicole Majic how she teaches this. Nicole Majik is not just a Speaker ~ Transformational Empowerment Alchemist ~ Aura  Photographer ~ Intuitive ~ Psychic ~ Seen on the Travel Channel who helps people around the world uncover their full potential with focus and realizing the power to change is within all of us. Join them as they discuss the power of the mind, near death, clearing past life trauma and more.  Nicole provides Classes/Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Aura Photography, Health/Wellness/Life Coaching, Crystals, Natural Products, Healing Sessions, Meditations & other Services. Drop by her website and see what she offers:  http://www.majikllc.com/home/

1hr 43mins

7 Jun 2020

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Episode 21: Nicole Majik - The Alchemy of Transformation

The Revelation Project

Nicole Majik is someone who walks into a room and makes you think: "Who is that cool chick? I have to know her!" In addition to being incredibly intelligent, she's also warm, soft spoken and welcoming. She brings a grounded optimism to her work in the filed of energy and helps to demystify cosmic concepts for application in our everyday lives. With a diverse background in Biology/Chemistry, and a Masters Degree in Metaphysics, Nicole Majik has a diverse skill set to assist women to transform from where they are currently, to where they want to be, using her unique process: The Alchemy of Transformation. "There is always something that we go through that we think is the worst thing, but if you fast forward and look back, you’ll see that this supposed negative experience helped shape you, and assist you to remove the people or situations that were not serving you." - Nicole Majik Nicole works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who feel stuck or discouraged, yet know that there is more in this world for them than their current situation has to offer, she helps them alchemize their own experiences in life into gifts they can use to assist themselves and others. Chakra clearing, working with the auric field, and transmuting energy into its highest and best use are just some of her many gifts. *Check out Nicoles amazing offerings on her website including her next online workshop FORK THIS, BEND THAT! "Forkbending is more than just a “stunt”. It is about learning techniques that allow you to access the quantum field and energetically alter physical material substance. This shows how energy work can directly affect physical substance….the techniques used can be greatly effective in healing. Some have been used to move bones instantaneously into proper alignment!" She maintains a 100% success rate working with her students. "Energy is very real and it’s very influential, so we have to be responsible for what we project on others." - Nicole Majik Links:Bruce H. Lipton, PhD | Epigenetics | Power of Subconscious MindNicole Majik on FacebookNicole Majik (@nicole_majik) on InstagramWebsite Transformation Alchemist – Majik, LLC


29 Apr 2020