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Dennis Kucinich and Lisa Wells

The Official Project Censored Show

23 Aug 2021

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Seattle author Lisa Wells’ new book asks how we can live in the face of climate change

Think Out Loud

This summer’s heat waves, catastrophic wildfires, and blistering drought have made climate change feel both very real and very overwhelming. What can we do, as individuals, in the face of such massive global disruption? That’s the question Lisa Wells set out to answer in her new book “Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World.” Wells, who grew up in Portland, talked to people all over the country who are trying to figure out new ways to live in a new world.


18 Aug 2021

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Parenting a Child with BPD (Lisa Wells)

Hope to Recharge

Lisa Wells is raising a son with Borderline Personality Disorder. As a little boy, her child was diagnosed with ADHD. He was throwing furniture, had to be taken out of school and went through all kinds of treatment. He endured a lot of ridicule, punishment, and rejection from school staff for not behaving in the way they expected. Lisa assumes this contributed to the trauma which led to him to develop BPD and an older teen.  Lisa shared with me her strategies for staying afloat while her son is drowning. One of the components needed to able to care for your loved one’s high-needs is to realize that you can't be available for them 24/7. You are human too, and if you don't take care of yourself, you won't have anything left to give. This can be terrifying because there are so many “what if’s” and lack of control when you don't do everything that they need. In the long run, if you both want to enjoy your life more and be able to be available without burning out, you cannot place all of the responsibility for their survival on yourself. You sometimes have to let go, and that's okay.  Another major strategy Lisa utilizes on a daily basis, is to recognize and measure her physical and emotional capacity to help somebody else. If her son is calls her on the phone, Lisa will pause and take notice if she has at least 50% of her capability to deal with whatever situation might be. If she's already feeling overwhelmed by other things in life -- lacking sleep, the dog barking, and she's involved in getting something done, she takes a “self-care break”, works on her mindset to bring herself back up to at least 50%, and then chooses to reach out and support her son. Lisa has come to realize that the best way to help her son is simply using the practice of radical acceptance. No judgement. If he's only wearing one shoe, she won’t say something negative or critical, but just rolls with it. If he really wants some cigarettes, she will actually go buy them for him. If she shows up in his space, and it is clear that he really just needs to be left alone, she leaves. Fighting against whatever is going on in his life that isn't immediately life-threatening only makes him feel criticized, which can be a big trigger. Lisa chooses to believe that he's doing the best he can, and doesn't push him to be anyone besides who he is in that moment.  She communicates her boundaries with her son. When he has a meltdown, she will calmly say that she will not tolerate being yelled at. When a conversation starts to go off track, she will clearly tell him that she's not leaving forever; she just really needs to go get dinner on the table or do some other task, and she will call him again in a couple hours when they both have had time to regroup. Because so much that happens in his life seems like an emergency, it can be hard for him to understand how his mom could choose to not help him in his seemingly desperate situation, but she is working to help him understand that she is a person too, and her needs are just as legitimate as his own. Lisa relates how funny he is and how good he is at the things he's passionate aboutand often invites him over to help her with a project and delights in seeing how he finds the quickest and most efficient way to solve the problem she has presented him with. He loves to help out others. If he has a few extra dollars, he’ll go give it to a homeless person because he knows what it is like to be on the street. He loves being encouraging and making jokes with his neighbors and those around him. BPD is not all darkness. Those suffering from it are full of light… just often not for themselves. Thank you for listening to Hope to Recharge! if we are important to you, help us out and Leave us a review on iTunes. It makes a huge difference! ————————————————————————— Work 1 on 1 with Matana - With our 1 on 1 coaching program, you can work directly with Matana. Get a free 30-minute fitting tryout call to see if this is right for you. You do not have to walk through your mental health struggle alone. Because as always, together is better! There is no substitute for a listening ear. Get Your Free 30 Minute, 1 on 1 Consultation Today. https://hopetorecharge.com/1on1/ ————————————————————————— As we all know, sharing can help others. We are here to support each other and to learn from each other. In mental health, Together is better. If you need more support in your mental health journey please reach out to us in our private Facebook group. ————————————————————————— Interested in joining our monthly Mastermind Group?  Find out more info here! www.hopetorecharge.com/Mastermind ————————————————————————— Connect with Lisa: (Business Website): https://lisarwells.com ————————————————————————— Quotes: “The last thing he needs is for me to be pointing stuff out to him if he’s having a rough day… So, I thought, “I’ll just kind of be with him,” and “How can I help him?” Instead of my mind immediately going to, “Why cant he?” It was, “How can I?” “@LisaWells @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge “Don’t react. Breathe. Stop. Pause.” @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge “If I can’t answer the phone with a smile, I probably shouldn’t be answering the phone.” @LisaWells @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge “Instead of just slapping a label on it, what I’d like to do is to work toward asking him, “Tell me what you’re feeling right now.” … at least we can work through feelings rather than slapping a label on it and just saying, “Well, then, there’s nothing we can do about it.”” @LisaWells @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge ————————————————————————— Topics Discussed: Coping strategies for caregivers “Empathy with boundaries” Doing away with judgement Dealing with your child self-medicating Raising multiple children when one has severe health issues NAMI; the importance of peer support for caregivers ————————————————————————— Suicide Hotlines: USA: 1-800-273-8255 USA Crisis (Text): 741-741 Canada: 1-833-456-4566 United Kingdom: 116-123 Australia: 13-11-14 International Suicide Hotlines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines ————————————————————————— Connect with us! Website: https://hopetorecharge.com/ Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2079694042156503/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matanajacobs/ ————————————————————————— 3 WAYS THAT YOU CAN HELP THE PODCAST: 1) Subscribe via iTunes and leave a review.  It costs nothing. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hope-to-recharge/id1464788845 ————————————————————————— 2) Spread the word via social media.   It costs nothing. 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IMPORTANT: Be sure to click this link in order to get the 10% off code.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/hope-to-recharge/donations


26 Apr 2021

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We the Women — Lisa Wells

Post and Courier Specials

It’s been 100 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified, giving women of the United States the right to vote.In celebration, The Post and Courier reporters interviewed South Carolina women about the ways they’ve used their lives and their voices and their right to vote. This series, called “We the Women,” will roll out the first weeks of August, culminating on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which became part of the Constitution of the United States on Aug. 18, 1920.Today, We the Women continues, featuring a conversation between Post and Courier reporter Mikaela Porter and Lisa Wells Vice President & Director of Watershed Services.


16 Aug 2020

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09/30/19 Guest Lisa Wells

SAFE Senior Hour

Join host Joe Gavalis, as he talks with his guest, Lisa Wells.Lisa just recently retired as the Detective who was the lead Detective conducting investigations of Physical and Institutional Elder abuse in Cobb County .


1 Oct 2019

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The Profitable Packages Class with Lisa Wells

The Freelance Podclass

In this class we talk about building profitable packages for your business. As you probably know, building service packages can be a difficult task that is hard to get right. Our expert instructor today, Lisa Wells, will show you how you can both save time and make money by transforming your services into profitable packages. She will unpack three simple steps to building the right kind of packages now! Interview Outline: 0:00 - Opening thoughts 0:40 - Introduction to Lisa Wells 1:56 - Lisa tells her “Freedom Story” 6:31 - Introduction to the topic of “Building Profitable Packages” 7:25 - Why Lisa thinks it’s important for freelancers to consider packaging their services 10:18 - How packages help freelancers save time and make more money 11:58 - The importance of specializing when marketing packages 12:54 - “Three Simple Steps to Building Your Perfect Package”: 13:34 - 1) Know your value. 17:31 - 2) Create packages that appeal to different segments of your market. 25:34 - 3) Use Lisa’s “Lifestyle Formula” to price packages. 31:58 - How to build custom packages 35:16 - How to connect with Lisa and access a Free Gift 37:10 - Closing thoughts Resources and tools mentioned in this episode: Connect with Lisa: https://lisarwells.com/ Free Gift for podcast listeners: https://lisarwells.com/FreeUGift Client Benefit List Training Video “The Art & Science of Naming Your Packages” Hootsuite: https://hootsuite.com/ LinkedIn Groups: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/186/finding-and-joining-a-linkedin-group?lang=en SendOutCards: https://www.sendoutcards.com/ Freelance Podclass site: https://www.freelanceu.com/podcast/


27 Mar 2019

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02.17.19 - Discovering Jesus: Worship - Lisa Wells

North Harbor Community Church

19 Feb 2019

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Lisa Wells (Former Food Addict)

Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Lisa Wells used to eat to excess because it was easier than dealing with the thoughts in her head. It was not unusual for Lisa to eat a whole family block of chocolate or an entire packet of Tim Tams in one sitting. In her Coffee Chat with Matt Collins, Lisa gets emotional as she opens up about this time in her life. Nowadays through her business Food, Fear and Freedom, Lisa assists others who are stuggling with the same uncontrollable, emotional thoughts which lead to over-eating as she went through.


24 Sep 2018

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The Secret to Getting Unstuck with Lisa Wells

Becoming Virtually Free: A podcast for virtual assistants, consultants and freelancers

Are you in a rut in your business? We've all been there. This is the episode for you! Lisa shares her knowledge on all things fun and joy in your biz.


8 Aug 2018

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Sexy Selfish interview with Lisa Wells Emotional Eating Coach @ Food Fear + Freedom

Sexy Selfish Podcast

Meet Lisa Wells, for 11 years Lisa lived with sugar addiction, which lead to depression and anxiety and living with overwhelm.Taking anti-depressants, seeing psychiatrists, psychologists and reading self- help books just couldn’t get to the core of the matter for Lisa, who found herself doing well for about a week after her sessions but she would always end up back on the couch stuffing her face with blocks of chocolate daily.Lisa started journaling to try and make sense of her out of control world and it was in one writing session she wrote “Each day we have the opportunity to face our stuff or stuff our face”.Not only did that make Lisa laugh, it also rang true for her, Lisa explains: “Each day I would stuff my face when really what I needed to do was to stop what I was doing and face myself emotionally.Lisa claims her now long lasting road to recovery started when she began to face her negative thinking and saw what lay beneath the surface of those unrelenting and exhausting negative thought patterns.“Either the situation is controlling you or you are in control of the situation.”“I was letting the food situation control me and when I realized that I could never eat enough chocolate or drink enough wine to fill the gap of what I really needed, I knew that I would have to take control of the situation.Living through such an intense and extreme emotional experience such as food addiction is a relief for Lisa now, who, thanks to the 10 steps she takes daily to ensure her freedom from food hell, has peace with food and no longer dreads going down the chocolate aisle in the supermarket.Overcoming binge eating, emotional eating, overeating and food addiction is possible and Lisa is excited to bring her experience and her unique techniques to help other Mum’s struggling with food addiction and over eating.https://www.facebook.com/foodfearfreedom/ www.sexyselfish.com


11 Jul 2018