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Why Team Experience is vital for success - Alan Barber Former VP Global Customer Success TAM

Get Amplified

There are so many pearls of wisdom and anecdotes in this podcast it is hard to do it justice. Alan joins Sam and I to share his experience leading European and Global teams  -we get to hear both the good experience and the bad experience  and the impact this has on  the business. We’ve already started putting some of the things we learnt from Alan into practice - we hope you can too!You can find the model that Alan spoke about hereIf you want to know more about Beaconforce - you can find it here 


23 Apr 2021

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Entrepreneur Alan Barber talks about See Me Live platform

Dream Chasers Radio

SML's patented Audience Tool motivates live video broadcasters to produce the quality, subject-specific, live content our audiences craveIt all started when I mentioned to someone how cool it would be to watch a live video of someone at the top of the Eiffel Tower, panning below, as it was happening, like a live travel video show. That person enthusiastically agreed and that started my “spidey sense” (I know something good is there) as I cultivated the concept of providing live video based on subject matter as opposed to followers like the other platforms…and it had to be interesting, or just plain good content, in order for it to work, especially since the main consumers of live video were Gen Z and Millennials, who are known for how easily they get bored. The epiphany came when I realized that people would commit to watching content they were interested in, and the presence of those commitments (our audience tool) would cause the production of that subject-specific content. I remember how excited I got when I said to my wife “we’re in the audience business”. Audiences driving content vs content driving audiences seemed so simple, yet nobody was doing it. People would gladly produce subject-specific quality content because we could provide willing audiences (that they don’t know) who wanted to be entertained in the subjects they were interested in … FOR FREE! In effect, we would provide a shortcut to fame and popularity while simultaneously providing a superior kind of live video content. How could this not work? It seems like a WIN/WIN deal.https://www.razitall.com/pitch/patented-see-me-live-video-platform-prelaunch


28 Dec 2019

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Episode 44: Alan Barber introduces See Me Live

The Transform U! Live Show

There's a lot of noise out there when it comes to finding good quality content. Some wonder if there's a solution to almost everything we consume or look for on the internet already. Often times the biggest fear does we have to switch platforms or what we currently are already doing. In this episode, Alan Barber will present to you his newest invention that will change the way you look at Live Video on the internet. In fact, if you are wanting to add another bit of diversity to your portfolio this is an opportunity you will want to take a closer look at immediately before it closes up.Alan Barber, inventor, and owner of See Me Live, a patented live video platform that provides FREE audiences for live video broadcasters who broadcast-quality subject-specific live video content.More on how to connect immediately with Alan and See Me Live:http://www.seemelive.tv/


9 Dec 2019

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Transient Ischemic Attacks - Alan Barber

Goodfellow Clinics

Professor Alan Barber talks about the diagnosis and management of transient ischemic attacks in primary care.


12 Dec 2016

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