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#700 What Catholics Should NOT Say to Protestants (w/ Cameron Bertuzzi) - Trent Horn

Counsel of Trent

In this episode Trent sits down with Cameron Bertuzzi to discuss his recent conversion to Catholicism and what things Catholics say to Protestants that can hinder instead of help their spiritual journey.…

11 Jan 2023

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Cameron Bertuzzi of Capturing Christianity Converts to Catholicism: The Cost of Swimming the Tiber

Revealed Apologetics

In this episode, Eli is joined by apologist Anthony Rogers to discuss the high cost of converting to Roman Catholicism. We also discuss the conversion of Capturing Christianity’s Cameron Bertuzzi.

1hr 54mins

10 Dec 2022

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#694 Gavin Ortlund on Cameron Bertuzzi’s Conversion to Catholicism - Trent Horn

Counsel of Trent

In this episode, Trent reflects on Cameron Bertuzzi’s recent conversion to Catholicism and Protestant apologist Gavin Ortlund’s take on the subject.…

5 Dec 2022

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Cameron Bertuzzi CONVERTS to Catholicism (Here's how it happened)

Pints With Aquinas

Cameron Bertuzzi discusses how and why he converted to Catholicism with Matt Fradd overlooking the Vatican. ... Please support Cameron Bertuzzi here: https://patreon.com/capturingchristianity Best Rosaries ever: https://catholicwoodworker.com/?utm_source=Matt+Fradd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=christmas_22 Please support us on Locals: http://mattfradd.locals.com/support

1hr 40mins

18 Nov 2022

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#649 Chatting with Cameron Bertuzzi about Catholicism – Part II - Trent Horn

Counsel of Trent

Trent sits down again with Protestant Youtuber Cameron Bertuzzi to share not just the case for Catholicism but also his concerns about Protestantism.Trent Horn:Hello, everyone, welcome to The Counsel of Trent podcast. I’m your host, Catholic Answers’ apologist and speaker Trent Horn. And today I want to share with you an interview that I did with Cameron Bertuzzi over at Capturing Christianity. Cameron is a rock star, he’s hip. He always knows how to make things look nice graphic-wise. That’s just a Protestant thing. Protestants are super good at that. They know how …

22 Aug 2022

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#644 DIALOGUE: Does Evil Disprove God? (with Alex O’Connor, Joe Schmid, and Cameron Bertuzzi) - Trent Horn

Counsel of Trent

In this episode Trent shares a conversation he took part in with atheist Alex O’Connor, agnostic Joe Schmid, and Protestant Cameron Bertuzzi on the problem of evil.Welcome to The Counsel of Trent Podcast, a production of Catholic Answers.Trent Horn:Hey, everyone. Welcome to The Counsel of Trent Podcast. I’m your host, Catholic Answers apologist, and speaker Trent Horn. Today, I want to share with you a four-person dialogue on the problem of evil. It features myself, Alex O’Connor a.k.a. the Cosmic Skeptic. He is an atheist who I previously debated on Pints with Aquinas, so it w…

25 Jul 2022

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Let's Talk About the Papacy with Cameron Bertuzzi

Alpha and Omega Ministries

I was joined by Capturing Christianity's Cameron Bertuzzi to talk about the Papacy and things Roman Catholic today for about seventy minutes or so. I did tack on about ten minutes at the end regarding the move toward -the Great Tradition- and -Classical Theism- at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

1hr 17mins

10 May 2022

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Leaked Roe, Cameron Bertuzzi and Isaiah 22

Alpha and Omega Ministries

Back in the regular studio for the first time in over a month- Wow, glad to be in the old digs again. Anyway, had to talk a bit about the leaked SCOTUS decision about Roe and the explosion of simple demonic activity all around us. Then we started reviewing some comments made by Cameron Bertuzzi related to Roman Catholicism and in particular the papacy. We eventually got to his comments on Isaiah 22, and finished focusing upon what it means to have peace with God.

1hr 37mins

3 May 2022

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Conversion to Catholicism, the Papacy, and Cameron Bertuzzi's Journey (w/ Dr Scott Hahn)

Pints With Aquinas

A chat about Catholicism, Protestantism, and conversion with Cameron Bertuzzi & Dr. Scott Hahn. 🤩 Join our Locals community: https://mattfradd.locals.com/ Join Locals as an annual subscriber at any tier, first 50 get a free Catholic Woodworker rosary! Best Rosaries Ever: (10% off with code: MATTFRADD): https://catholicwoodworker.com/collections/designer-rosaries?utm_source=MATTFRADD&utm_medium=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=easter Hallow! Get your first month FREE: https://hallow.com/mattfradd Cameron's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/capturingchristianity Scott Hahn's Youtube presence: https://www.youtube.com/c/StPaulCenter

1hr 38mins

12 Apr 2022

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CC159: Debating the Eucharist // Cameron Bertuzzi vs. Matt Fradd

Capturing Christianity Podcast

Matt Fradd and I had an informal debate a couple years ago on the Eucharist that was released to our respective patrons. We talked and thought it was time to release it to the public. Enjoy!Link to the YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tzS3GSPq7sOur Website: www.capturingchristianity.comOur Patreon: www.patreon.com/capturingchristianity

2hr 7mins

24 Sep 2021