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Episode 5 – You Are What You Eat... or Maybe Where You Eat. Meet To-Dine-for-TV's Kate Sullivan

The Working CEO: Real Advice for Busy Business Leaders

Food is the great bridge, spanning divides between cultures and people.And for Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, it was the perfect entrée (pun intended) to connect with some of today’s most innovative, creative, and just plain exciting personalities over a meal at their favorite joint. She launched the popular multi-season “To Dine For” streaming series and podcast, and joins us today on The Working CEO…


24 Mar 2022

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Season 2 - Episode 7 with Kate Sullivan

Legally Vocal

In this episode we speak with travel enthusiast Kate Sullivan, Head of Legal at EasyJet and former GC at Lonely Planet. Kate speaks about what drew her to the role at EasyJet and why she wasn't apprehensive about joining an industry heavily affected by the pandemic. Nino and Kate also discuss the importance of bringing your 'whole self' to work and how legal can play a part in supporting the world's sustainability issues.


27 Oct 2021

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How to Start a T.V show with Kate Sullivan (To Dine For)

Unbox Your Gift: Passion to Profession Podcast

To Dine For with Kate Sullivan  It's taken me some time to introduce you to Kate. Kate is the Host and Executive Producer of the tv Show on PBS called To Dine For. She interviews movers and shakers at their favourite restaurant about what it takes to pursue the American dream. Here's why thats important for you... Because someone didn't hand her the show and say, "here host this amazing show"... INSTEAD... Just like the entrepreneurs she interviews, this is Kate's own show and from idea to broadcast - she has had to think like a business woman (when for years she was paid to be a  journalist)   and fund her own show to be aired on a major network. So whether.... your passion turns into a profession from your bedroom, kitchen table or an office space, it has been the same entrepreneurial spirit that has had Kate turn her passion, very publicly, into a profession called, To Dine For, on TV. With NO experience of hosting her own show or even how to go about it, no experience in sales or marketing  😲 She has managed to get people on her show like Sarah Blakely of Spanx, Founder of Tom's Shoes, Mel Robbins and a whole lot more.... Just like any business that starts off, Kate's the sales, customer service, appointment setter, marketing and the talent... It's just that you don't expect it from Kate because it's a show on TV and on Amazon Prime, you assume the tv network is providing her with all of it... Journalist Although she's still a journalist because she's asking questions, she left her comfy job as a tv news anchor and started fresh as an entrepreneur with a tv show. This is a brilliant conversation on how to start your own show, on tv, podcast, or simply apply her hustle in your idea (with no experience) Listen In--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rita-joyan/message


23 Sep 2021

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Kate Sullivan, Host, To Dine For, PBS

Fearless Fabulous You

Who doesn't enjoy an engaging conversation and a delicious meal? That's "To Dine For" (PBS-TV), created & hosted by Emmy Award-winning broadcast news journalist Kate Sullivan, who interviews dreamers and doers who've reached uncommon success through ingenuity and innovation. Interviews take place at restaurants selected by her guests who've included SPANX Founder Sara Blakely, Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland and "Shark Tank" Entrepreneur Marc Cuban. https://www.pbs.org/show/dine-kate-sullivan/Fearless Fabulous You Radio Show is broadcast live at 12noon ET Wednesdays on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (www.w4wn.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (www.talk4radio.com) on the Talk 4 Media Network (www.talk4media.com). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (www.talk4podcasting.com).


17 Mar 2021

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Ask Questions, Tell Stories, Eat Well, Create Relentlessly with Kate Sullivan Ep 503

How She Creates Podcast

In this episode we are joined by the incredibly inspiring Kate Sullivan! Kate is a four-time Emmy Award Winning Journalist and is currently the creator and host of To Dine For with Kate Sullivan on PBS where fantastic food and great conversation meet at the guest’s favorite restaurant. Today she shares behind the scenes of what it's like to create so publicly during covid, what she's learned from the creative endeavors of entrepreneurs and she shares tips to help you interview the important people in your life to tell your family's story.Get Lauren's free 5 Day Photography Course here: Free Photography Course: http://www.lauren-likes.com/FREECOURSEFor shownotes and links visit: http://www.lauren-likes.com/how-she-creates-ask-questions-tell-stories-eat-well-create-relentlessly-with-kate-sullivan-ep-503/


9 Mar 2021

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Kate Sullivan

Turning Chickens and Breaking Dishes

My guest today is from the only American state that I can’t pronounce. She is graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame, she began her career as a journalist in South Bend, Indiana, from there she has worked in Arkansas, New York and  Chicago. She has been named one of the Top 30 Irish Americans in Media by Irishcental.com. She is the host of the PBS show "To Dine For with Kane Sullivan". instagram.com/turningchickensbreakingdishes https://www.todinefortv.com/ https://www.pbs.org/show/dine-kate-sullivan/


10 Feb 2021

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082: Be a person who is curious and cares with Kate Sullivan, To Dine For

Podcast Envy

Episode 082. “When I do an interview, I try to throw out any sort of expectations of the interview that I want to have, and really try to meet someone where they are in that moment, in that second.“ ~Kate Sullivan A pandemic can make you question all sorts of life and podcasting choices. Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Sullivan offers up a solution: return to your why. Why do you care? As host of To Dine For, a multimedia celebration of ingenuity, hard work, and achievement told over food, Kate explores the universal motivator with her guests. Why do they do what they do? Why is this restaurant the location for the conversation (each guest gets to choose the place in which the interview takes place)? In crafting each episode, Kate’s reminded of her why: to tell inspiring stories over food.  Although To Dine For began as an idea for a tv series - now streaming via PBS and Amazon Prime - “the podcast started as my way of pivoting in the pandemic, of trying to create and continue to do what I love,” Kates says.  Peace, love & podcasting, Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss Hear more of my conversation with Kate over on the crossover interview for The Creative Impostor. Get the full show notes including links to shows and episodes referenced at:  http://www.thecreativeimpostor.com/podenvy082 Podcast Angel: Podcast Envy Pro Pod A network of podcasting peers who who get you and your show... what could be better?! To learn more and apply click the link in the show notes for this episode to thecreativeimpostor.com/podcastenvypro We are waiting for YOU! Don't wait to reach out. Together we’ll solve your most pressing questions around growth, sustainability, craft and culture for your show.  Apply now! Not sure yet? Book a quick call with me and we'll talk through it together. Connect with Kate To Dine For Podcast Instagram Facebook Twitter Connect with me Email andrea@thecreativeimpostor.com Instagram: @thecreativeimpostor LinkedIn: @andreaklunder (I only accept connections from people I actually know, so include a message to say you're a Podcast Envy listener.) *** Do you LOVE Podcast Envy? What's your fave episode? What have you learned? What mistakes have I saved you from making with your show? Let me know in a review here: http://ratethispodcast.com/envy


4 Feb 2021

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124: Tell inspiring stories over delicious food with Kate Sullivan, To Dine For

The Creative Impostor

Episode 124. "In the midst of uncertainty, when there is this kind of situation of not knowing what to do, you realize that the majority of people aren't doing anything. So there's an opportunity there to do something.” ~Kate Sullivan Good conversation over a delicious meal with friends is the stuff of my pandemic daydreams. Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Sullivan has found a distinctive way to tell inspiring stories over food - and package the combo for streaming.  To Dine For is her celebration of ingenuity, hard work, and achievement told over food, now available via PBS and Amazon Prime. There’s also a companion podcast. Each episode showcases a conversation between Kate and her guest at a restaurant of her guest’s choice. Whether recorded in a Michelin-starred dining room or a booth at IHOP, Kate’s genuine curiosity makes for intimate and revelatory discussions. With a side of buttermilk pancakes. Or garlic noodles. As a viewer, To Dine For’s format feels especially transportive right now. Part armchair travelogue, part ask-me-anything, the show offers respite from the uncertainty swirling around us. The interviews remind us that daring to dream is always an option. Kate says the process of crafting, pitching, and producing the show taught her the same. It took a leap of faith to leave her secure but draining job in local news and trust that inspiration would lead to personal and professional fulfillment.  Full show notes, resources, opportunities, other podcasts & books mentioned... You can find them here: http://www.thecreativeimpostor.com/124 Special Music -  "Glass Bass by Frankum & Frankumjay on Freesound.org. Licensed under the Creative Commons. Hear more from Kate about To Dine For over on the crossover interview for Podcast Envy! Coming soon... *** JOIN THE COMMUNITY The Creative Impostor Collective on Mighty Networks is free to join. AND... Are you a creative professional who podcasts? Apply for our Podcast Envy Pro Pod now. Or book a complimentary podcast "tea" with me to learn more about the 2021 cohort and see if it's right for you. Connect with Kate To Dine For Podcast Instagram Facebook Twitter Connect with Andrea Email or Voiceandrea@thecreativeimpostor.com Facebook Page @thecreativeimpostor Instagram: @thecreativeimpostor LinkedIn: @andreaklunder (I only accept connections from people I actually know, so include a message to say you’re a Creative Impostor listener.) Show some love for The Creative Impostor! I would LOVE if you could leave me a short & sweet review: http://www.ratethispodcast.com/creative. Send me a screenshot and I might even read it on a future episode. Get your books from somewhere OTHER than Amazon. Bookshop.org is a B-Corp - a corporation dedicated to the public good — online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. When you order from Bookshop, through my link, 10% of your purchase goes to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores and 10% comes to The Creative Impostor studios through their affiliate program. Grow your own online community using Mighty Networks! It's where we host The Creative Impostor Collective and when you create your own group with the Business or Community plan, we receive a thank you bonus from them for referring you.


31 Jan 2021

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To Dine For with Kate Sullivan

Feast Yr Ears

Kate Sullivan cut her teeth as a daily news anchor in NY and Chicago. After leaving the daily grind of live Television she started To Dine For, a PBS TV series where she interviews people about their lives and the American Dream, while dining at a restaurant of the guest's choosing. This dream job has taken Kate to Barcelona with Jose Andres to dine at Bodega 1900, and to IHOP in Dallas with Mark Cuban. Kate and Harry talk about making food TV during the pandemic, Regional food and more!Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support Feast Yr Ears by becoming a member!Feast Yr Ears is Powered by Simplecast.


18 Jan 2021

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Kate Sullivan: To Dine For

Why Food?

Join cohosts Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with Kate Sullivan. Kate is a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and creator/host of To Dine For on PBS. The show tells the story of creators and dreamers who have reached success through ingenuity and innovation. Their favorite restaurants become the backdrop for a passionate and fascinating conversation about life, success, and what it takes to pursue and achieve the American dream. Previously, Kate spent five years as the evening news anchor for CBS Chicago and the morning news anchor for CBS New York.Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support Why Food? by becoming a member!Why Food? is Powered by Simplecast.


16 Jan 2021