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S6 Ep67: Laura Lexx (26th July 2022)

The Netball Show

Natalie has been finding more about Laura's "Pivot" which is available now and like she says if you love her voice there's even an audiobook Available in all the usual places !  Essential Listen to the latest episodes with no download: www.pod1.co/netballshow NOW AVAILABLE VIA SKY HD / Q / GLASS via the sports podcasts rail The Netball Show : Proudly partnered with Flyhawk.com Please email the latest info from your club here


26 Jul 2022

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RHLSTP Book Club 17 - Laura Lexx

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

RHLSTP Book Club 17 - Pivot - Richard talks to brilliant stand up Laura Lexx about her assured and joyous first novel, Pivot, which is partly about netball, but mainly about friendship and changing direction in life. They chat about where the idea came from, why writing doesn’t have to be planned out, why Laura doesn’t describe her character’s appearance and why most men don’t read books by women (and why they should)Buy Pivot here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audible-Pivot/dp/B09X241NR5/ or wherever you get your booksSUPPORT THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELBecome a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITE See details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATES See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/rhlstp.


8 Jul 2022

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PIVOT written and read by Laura Lexx - audiobook extract

HodderPod - Hodder books podcast

A story of dropping the ball, picking it back up and turning things around.58-year-old Jackie Douglas thinks she has everything she wants—kids, grandchildren and a comfortable retirement with her husband, Steve. Until one afternoon she comes home to find Steve packing a bag and her comfortable life suddenly moves out of bounds.Her best friend, Ros, a law firm boss with an appetite for life, laughter and (just the right amount of) wine, immediately leaps in to help Jackie back to her feet but soon finds herself feeling second best to Jackie's other priorities.Their barmaid/friend/wine protégé Jay is back home with her mum at nearly 30. Brilliant. After losing her job in London she's returned, working in the pub job she thought she'd left behind at 18.In tipsy search of something—anything—new, they wind up the leaders of a ramshackle, barely functional netball team: The Skids. Facing confusing exes, divorce, betrayals, financial woes and more, Jackie, Ros and Jay are about to discover that finding your team might just be the key to turning things around....


29 Jun 2022

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Round and Round the Garden with guest Laura Lexx

Namaste Motherf**kers

In this episode, Cally talks to comedian, actor and writer Laura Lexx about about writing books, prescription drugs, break-ups, performing, life on the road, success, self-esteem, personal trainers, eye make-up, climate change, love, cold water swimming, and Wookey Hole.If you haven’t already, why not follow Namaste Motherf**kers at https://auddy.co/shows/entertainment/namaste - that way you’ll never miss a show!Twitter: @lauralexxInsta: @lexxlauraPre-order Laura’s latest book, Pivot, here:Laura’s websiteLaura' podcast National TreasureMore about CallyInstagram: @callybeatoncomedianTwitter: @callybeatonProduced by Mike Hanson and Kourosh Adhamy for Pod People ProductionsTwitter: @podpeopleukInstagram: @podpeopleukMusic by Jake YappCover Art by Jaijo DesignSponsorship: info@theloniouspunkproductions.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


12 May 2022

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Desert Island Dicks

From the title of this podcast you've probably already guessed that this episode features comedian Laura Lexx, and if you hadn't yet worked that out, here's further confirmation that this episode features comedian Laura Lexx, choosing the people and things she'd hate to be stuck on a desert island with. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Feb 2022

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RHLSTP 363 - Laura Lexx

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

#363 What Women Want! - Richard has got Covid 19 - always late to the party - but nothing can stop him podcasting and so this remote recording carries on regardless (with social distancing of 100 miles, which the NHS has determined is fairly safe). His guest is comedian and author Laura Lexx. They discuss the genesis of her hilarious new book, Klopp Actually (Buy here- https://www.lauralexx.co.uk/klopp-actually), how lockdown prompted creative ways of working, whether Somerset should change its name, Perkin Warbeck, appearing in Panto and the worst thing to have in your mouth. Will this be the last RHLSTP ever? And who will host the show if it is. It’s all sorted out in the podcast and so this should be considered a last will and testament.Live RHLSTPs coming up in London, Bristol, Leicester and the Leicester Square Theatre. Guest and ticket link info here http://richardherring.com/rhlstpt/tourSupport the live streams (and it’s the only place to get a series pass) with our kickstarter http://rhlstp.co.uk/kickstarter and check out live dates and upcoming guests here http://richardherring.com/rhlstpt/tourSUPPORT THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELBecome a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITE See details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATES Buy DVDs and Books from GO FASTER STRIPE See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/rhlstp.

1hr 9mins

19 Jan 2022

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Laura Lexx and the Evil Gary Barlow

Eyre-Leigh Doors

Welcome to the Eyre-Leigh Doors community! Here’s what’s in your show today: Final episode in the series! It was recorded at the Brighton Fringe at Sweet Venues, definitely not in a toilet. Apologies that it does sound a little toilety. A very funny, sweet, thoughtful episode nonetheless and well worth tuning your ears into. Of course, Jurgen Klopp features (read Laura’s book, please do!) and, quite frankly, Laura disgraces herself in a way that only she could (well, and Louise. It’s based on a story from Louise’s life) Laura turns down the chance to live in a haunted house with the ghost of a GP’s receptionist. Not surprising, really. More surprising, though, she shuns a lengthy produce-based #ramblechat with much-loved podcaster Adam Buxton AND the chance to be in a double act with Jennifer Aniston. But why? And how? And what’s going on with Gary Barlow and the football? She explains her spat with Piers Morgan and why she doesn’t respect him. It’s not just because he has a ‘slap me’ face, which surprised Louise no end. No surprises whom she chooses to spend time with in another dimension, but some disappointment when she learns she could be hanging out with Danny DeVito if she’d held on a bit longer. Still, we have the joy of the newest detective agency, Stumpy and Stumpy, a crime-fighting duo with the biggest of brains (and the shortest of legs) But that’s the nature of the game… Have a lovely time (enjoy!) Who’s our guest and how can you reach them on the socials? Laura Lexx Find out more at : https://www.lauralexx.co.uk/Interact with her on Social Media: Twitter Instagram FacebookNational Treasures Podcast with Will Duggan  Buy her wonderful book, Klopp Actually, direct from Laura! (bypass the billionaires with the penis rockets!) Our Social media links: Find Eyre Leigh Doors online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and now Tiktok, for goodness sake! Find Louise Leigh on Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram and also on Tiktok, this is her finest workCatch up with Pauline Eyre on Twitter, Facebook and InstagramWhat now for you, lovely listener? We love that you’ve listened, whether for the first time or if you’re a returning listener. Please do subscribe to get every episode without having to search for it, and leave a review if you have enjoyed it. Thanks to our helpers: Lovely Ben Woolford wrote the music, delicious John Darvall of BBC Bristol fame is the voice of the Dominatrix.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jul 2021

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Laura Lexx, Mark Nelson, Krystal Evans & Rosco McClelland

Breaking the News

Des Clarke hosts Scotland's award-winning satirical news quiz.


23 Jul 2021

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10: Laura Lexx

Jackie Weaver has the Authority

Comedian, actor and author Laura Lexx joins Jackie to tackle life's big unanswered questions, such as... who would win in a fist fight, an angry cyclist or an angry driver?!      👋  Please consider supporting this show on Patreon for ad-free episodes, early access, shout-outs, Zoom calls with Jackie and tonnes of bonus content! Any donation really does help. Thank you to all our Patrons ->  | Kate Dawes | Alexandra Cowell | Helen Rounce | Penelope Kay Wesley | Rebecca Dutneall | Connor Farley | Judith Elliott | Wendy Wilde | Moira Turner 🎧 Remember to hit "Subscribe" or "Follow" and leave a nice 5* rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Or she might kick you out.  ✉️ Looking to sponsor the show, get in touch, or just have a natter? ohmy@giddyauntcomedy.com.


13 Jul 2021

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The Now Show - 2nd April ft Geoff Norcott, Laura Lexx and Huge Davies

Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present the week via topical stand-up and sketches in front of a remote audience - and all from their own home!Joining them from a safe distance is Geoff Norcott and Laura Lexx with music supplied by Huge Davies .Voice Actors: Emily Lloyd-Saini and Kieran HodgsonProducer: Pete StraussProduction Co-Ordinator: Carina AndrewsEditor/Engineer: David ThomasBBC Studios Production


2 Apr 2021