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50 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Wall. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Wall, often where they are interviewed.

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50 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Wall. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Wall, often where they are interviewed.

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Heat vs Celtics, Nuggets/Clippers Game 7, Future in doubt in Houston, John Wall Controversy

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On this edition of Hoopsology, the hosts discuss the Heat and Celtics colliding in the East Conference Finals, Game 7 between the Denver Nuggets against the LA Clippers. Matt and Justin also breakdown what’s next for the Houston Rockets and the John Wall controversy. Get in touch with the show through Facebook and Twitter, leave us a review on iTunes and email us on hoopsologypod@gmail.com.

#basketball #NBA #lebron #MiamiHeat


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Sep 15 2020 · 1hr 11mins
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9/14 Hour 4- John Wall showing gang signs, WFT win, Junkies Leaderboard

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  2:18 Junks fantasy update

  9:39 John Wall showing gang signs

24:17 More calls on WFT win over the Eagles

35:05 Junkies Leaderboard

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Sep 14 2020 · 41mins

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Online Marketing Tips and Tricks w/ John Wall

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​Ah, marketing!

​If online business was a game of chess it would be the Queen (your execution is king FYI).

It's the one thing that can mean you will be able to make money even if you were selling dog crap in a bag. But do we spend enough time taking it seriously?

John Wall, from Marketing Over Coffee, joins the podcast to chat about:

  • What are the best social media platforms in 2020 (and what are the best long term platforms)
  • The 3 types of content that you can put out into the world
  • Some sneaky tips for improving your marketing today
  • And much more
As always the last few minutes sums up the main points and leaves you with one little piece of action you can take away. 
Find the show notes here
Check out Make Time Online to find out how you can make money online to free up your time and live life on your own terms.
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Keep changing for the better!
Jul 30 2020 · 47mins
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S2-E9 - Emerging Tech Impacting Society - Security and Data Privacy Issues in Autonomous Vehicles and Health Tech with John Wall and Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy

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This episode of the Make the Future podcast features:

Jun 09 2020 · 22mins

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The Reinvention of John Wall

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Wizards' John Wall drops in to talk with David and Wos about Lockdown Life, the killing of George Floyd, the disruption of civil society and the blessings of fatherhood. Plus John lets the guys know when he will return to the court and the steps he is taking to get himself back into prime shape. Also John talks about his fundraiser called 202 Assist to help people in the poorest section of Washington D.C. dealing with Covid .

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Jun 04 2020 · 52mins
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S2-E8 - Emerging Tech Impacting Society - Autonomous Vehicles and AI in Health Tech with John Wall and Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy

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This episode of the Make the Future podcast features:

Jun 02 2020 · 22mins
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John Wall on the truth about artificial intelligence and marketing success - MAF244

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John Wall on the truth about artificial intelligence and marketing success - MAF244

My guest this week is John Wall, co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast and partner at Trust Insights.

We talk about AI. It's not all Skynet and Terminators, it can help you grow your business and enhance your marketing. John explains how.

Welcome to episode 244 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

We chat about:

·      How Marketing Over Coffee was one of the first podcasts

·      The 50/50 approach to marketing - spend as much time on the offer as you do on the communications

·      What AI really is and all those Skynet Terminator myths

·      Text mining

·      Network graphing

·      Data clustering

·      Driver analysis

·      Forecasting

·      Lighting up dark data

Who is John Wall?

John speaks, writes and practices at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. He is the producer of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program that discusses both new and classic Marketing with his co-host Christopher S. Penn.

He's also a Partner at Trust Insights.

Links and Show Notes.

For links to the books and apps mentioned, please visit http://rogeredwards.co.uk/MAF for the show notes.

What is the Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast?

The podcast for ideas and inspiration on marketing your business and growing your business, and for discussing topics on all things finance.

I’m Roger Edwards, a marketing guy and keynote speaker from Edinburgh. Talk to me if you want to cut the BS and complexity from your marketing strategy.

The MAF Podcast is a 30-minute radio show you download from http://rogeredwards.co.uk/MAF, iTunes or Spotify.

Each week you'll hear interviews with business experts, marketers, entrepreneurs and journalists. Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill. Or even in the bath!

We talk about:

  • How you can grow your business using content marketing and social media
  • How you can keep your Marketing strategy and communications simple
  • Topics, issues, products and business models from the world of finance

You’ll take away one or two big ideas that you can apply to your business. So, you can keep marketing your business to keep growing your business.

Please subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes and I’d be grateful if you would leave a review. http://rogeredwards.co.uk/itunes

Fancy Appearing on the Show?

Would you be interested in appearing on the MAF Podcast? Have you an exciting marketing or finance story to tell? Do you fancy drawing out some inspirational ideas that MAF listeners can take away to use in their own businesses? Do please contact me if you want to get involved. http://rogeredwards.co.uk

May 07 2020 · 32mins
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Interview with John Wall

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Today Laurie is joined by UEFA A & UEFA Youth Licence coach John Wall. John is also CEO of GameInsight Soccer and co-written 'Rotations & Inter-Changes' with Hans Backe inspired by the work of Marcelo Bielsa.
The book is available on https://www.duktigbrand.com/collections/all
Apr 24 2020 · 46mins
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John Wall talks about whats new in Marketing and Technology

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Co-host of "Marketing over coffee" and Partner at Trust Insights, John Wall talks about using predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to give brands valuable, ongoing insights into customers
Apr 19 2020 · 44mins
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How This "D" Will Help Maximise Your Marketing with John Wall

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Resource Links:

Data is a rich source of abundant information that any organisation can benefit from. The key is knowing what kind of data to collect and being able to analyse it to gain a better understanding of your market and business.

In today’s episode, John Wall of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast joins us. As a partner in Trust Insights, he is a big fan of data. He breaks down how small business owners can get started collecting data, making sure it’s secure, and leveraging it to get insights. We also do a segue and let John talk about how he grew his podcast. 

As a small business owner interested in taking their marketing data into the next level, you should not miss this episode.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The importance of having good data [2:12]
  2. Key areas business owners should focus on [3:19]
  3. John’s background and the shift to data [4:20]
  4. Technology and the current coronavirus crisis [7:57]
  5. The realities in the startup world and starting his own company [11:32]
  6. Growing his podcast into a business [14:35]
  7. Reaching critical mass and leveraging his audience [17:06]
  8. Avenues and tips for growing a podcast [19:11]
  9. Useful tools for collecting data [21:30]
  10. New gear and looking to the future [25:17]

About John Wall

John Wall is a partner at Trust Insights, a marketing data and analytics consulting company. He is also the producer of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, which he co-hosts with Christopher Penn. 

You may also reach John on Twitter and LinkedIn

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Apr 07 2020 · 26mins