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Ayesha Mazumdar - Why Accessibility Is So Bad and How to Fix IT

The New Stack Podcast

In this The New Stack Makers podcast, The New Stack Founder and Publisher Alex Williams spoke with Ayesha Mazumdar, senior UX designer at Optimizely, during Node+JS Interactive in Montreal about what needs to be done — and why human-centered designs are becoming not only nice-to-have features but technical requirements. Oftentimes, when developers and engineers think about human-centered design, there is a “very prominent tendency to go around designing for humans like us,” Mazumdar said. “This is subconsciously something I think we all fall victim to, but I think [human-centered design] is becoming this technical requirement,” Mazumdar said. “We’re realizing certain users aren’t able to interact with the application we’ve built in certain ways, because we never accounted for that use case in the first place.” The main issue is that a design might be accessible for some people, but not necessarily for the end user, Mazumdar said. “Accessibility has to be continued down the line, and show up in the developers workflow so that we can ensure the final product is actually usable by absolutely everyone in all aspects,” Mazumdar said “And so I think, making it a technical requirement involves making it part of your development process,” including making it part of GitHub and Q&A processes, for example. “Inserting accessibility checks along the way ensures that we don’t lose it at any point during the development cycle,” Mazumdar said.


3 Feb 2020

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Building a culture of accessibility from step zero with Ayesha Mazumdar

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Ayesha Mazumdar is a Senior UX Engineer at Optimizely and works to enable everyone to access the web no matter their ability. How does one build a culture at their company that values accessibility from the beginning? Where does a11y factor in when creating design systems, and later component libraries. How much ARIA is enough...or too much?Fable and Access Works both let you test your applications with people with disabilitiesCordelia Dillon's Accessibility Bake Off talkAn example of W3's Keyboard Interaction guidelines (link is specifically for Listbox)Ayesha's ReactBoston Scaling Accessibility video and slides


12 Dec 2019

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