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The Future of Education with Dr. Kent Ingle | Season 0, Episode 1 | RTPT

Real Talk with Pastor Troy

The Future of Education with Dr. Kent Ingle | Season 0, Episode 1 | RTPT by Real Talk with Pastor Troy


29 May 2020

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Framework Leadership with Dr. Kent Ingle

Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

Visionary leaders don't succeed with just great ideas. They succeed because they've built a framework that inspires others and provides their teams with the necessary tools to perform."I was recently blessed to have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Kent Ingle. In this fast-paced conversation, Dr. Ingle delivered huge leadership wisdom and value -- and I think you'll get a lot from this conversation. Dr. Ingle is President of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. He's also author of multiple books including Framework Leadership, 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership, This Adventure Called Life, and The Modern Guide to College. He also hosts The Framework Leadership Podcast.Here are just six of the key takeaways from our conversation:1. Focus on being self-aware and self-disciplined. Self-awareness allows you to understand who you are, your gifts, your passions, your abilities and experiences. And always knowing that helps you to understand the opportunities before you.2. If you want to succeed as a leader, you need to build habits of discipline. Whether they be physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, or other, your ability to be disciplined in your own life will greatly impact your ability to lead others. 3. People long for value and significance. As a leader, your responsibility is to help people understand their value and significance in the world. 4. Leadership is all about your relational connectivity and how you interact and influence and have impact. 5. One of the most difficult and challenging things for any organization is to be excellent at systems thinking where you see the big picture, understand how the individual parts really interconnect to each other to accomplish the big picture. Especially at times of change, if you aren't growing your systems at the same speed of your overall growth, you're probably going to hit some plateaus. 6. To be successful as a leader, when leadership requires you to build a map to a place you've never been before, you need a framework. A successful framework for leadership requires four key elements: Listening - You must constantly listen to all stakeholders and constituencies.Contextualize - After you've listened to all involved, make sure that you've appropriately contextualized the situation so you fully understand what the issue really is.Audit - Continue to audit your perceived understanding of the issue. When you think you've listened, and you think you understand the context, keep clarifying until you have certainty that there's shared understanding of the issue. Align the vision - Align the strategy, the finances, the people, and the systems to meet the vision. You can grab the full show notes here. I hope you enjoy this insightful conversation!Special Offer from our Episode Sponsor, Velocity Strategy Solutions:


13 May 2020

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5LQ Episode 386: Kent Ingle

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins is joined by Kent Ingle, author of The Modern Guide to College, Framework Leadership, and 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership, and the president of Southeastern University. During their conversation, they discuss how systems help organizations move through change and how routines make our whole life more healthy.BEST QUOTES“We have six frameworks that guide every decision we make for our organization.""If we are going to grow, we are going places we've never been before.""A system provides a structure, rationale, method for moving an organization forward in the change process.""If I'm not healthy physically, everything else is going to suffer.""Routines every day bring vitality, life, learning, a lot of elements to our home that make us strong and healthy." "Discipline and routine is extremely important on a day by day basis in our home.""Always be others oriented in everything you do.""Think of ways that you can still providing that mentoring influence in a way that will understand boundaries."RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkThe Modern Guide to College by Kent IngleFramework Leadership by Kent Ingle9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership by Kent IngleSoutheastern UniversityLead to Win PodcastThis Episode's Sponsor:  Every church must be equipped to respond well in the initial stages of learning about instances of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. That is why the Southern Baptist Convention, Lifeway, and ERLC partnered together to create Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused. This training curriculum of a handbook and 13 videos brings together top experts from various fields to help volunteers and leaders understand and implement the best practices for handling the variety of abuse scenarios at church, school, or ministry. You can access this free training at ChurchCares.com.


22 Oct 2019

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What is the Key to Leading Millennials? (Kent Ingle, Alan E. Nelson, Leadership)

Framework Leadership

Over the past several years we've been inundated with articles decrying the millennial generation as self-absorbed, lazy, and impossible to manage. So when Kent had the opportunity to sit down with leadership and mentoring expert Dr. Alan E. Nelson, he wanted to dig into Dr. Nelson's experience with millennials. In addition to teaching in the MBA program at USC's Marshall School of Business and the Naval Postgraduate School, Dr. Nelson is a social innovator, professor, and author. He is also the founder of LeadYoung Training Systems, a premier organizational leadership training curricula for 3- to 23-year-olds.  To find out more about Dr. Nelson visit: http://www.alanenelson.com/ To connect with Kent Ingle: www.kentingle.com Twitter: @kengingle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kent.ingle/


1 Feb 2018

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021 | Kent Ingle (CLC17)

Century Leadership Podcast

Dr. Kent Ingle is the President of Southeastern University, in Lakeland, Florida. In the spring of 2017, Dr. Ingle was a featured speaker at our annual Century Leadership Conference. Entitled "Stewardship," Dr. Ingle challenged us to live as leaders who are stewards of the gifts they are given. To find out more about Dr. Ingle, you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


11 Sep 2017

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The Power of Discerning Faith- Dr. Kent Ingle

Highland Park Church (hplakeland)


9 Jul 2017

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015 | Dr. Kent Ingle

Century Leadership Podcast

Dr. Kent Ingle joins Jordan on the CL podcast to discuss stewardship and knowing when God has called you into leadership. Please note: we experienced some audio difficulties during the recording.  Notes: Dr. Ingle's Website Jordan's Twitter Century Leadership Experience


19 Jun 2017

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Dr. Kent Ingle

Victory Church Lakeland

Victory welcomes guest speaker, Dr. Kent Ingle, President of Southeastern University.


27 Apr 2014

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The Missional Church Shift - Kent Ingle

Northwest Ministry Network Podcasts

Annual Conference Workshops Full Title: "The Missional Church Shift: A Dialog on Spiritual Trends and Changing Values in The Ministry of the Church."


29 Apr 2008

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Creating a Connected, Caring Community-Kent Ingle

Northwest Ministry Network Podcasts

Recorded at Annual Conference 2006


2 May 2006