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156th Episode with Candidate Master John Fernandez, U.S Chess Executive Board Candidate

National Master Evan Rabin, CEO of Premier Chess

In Episode 156, I converse with John Fernandez, an award-winning revenue marketer with two decades of experience drive hundreds of millions of dollars in B2B SaaS pipeline and tens of millions of dollars in ARR globally and across prime industry verticals. He has led organizations through $1.3 billion in equity events between Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C (2x), Acquisitions (3x) and IPO. In the chess world, he has been involved with the Internet Chess Club since 1997, as Administrator, Director, Public Relations and Executive Vice President, and Investment role since 2010. He is also the Founder of the New York Masters. Now he is one of three candiates for the US Chess Executive Board, along with Kevin Pryor and Randy Bauer. We speak about the applications of chess in marketing, the development of the Internet Chess Club, the online chess market, the founding and highlights of the New York Masters, an outlook on US Chess post COVID-19 and more.


26 May 2021

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Ep. 5: Dr. John Fernandez from Rush: Managing Hand Injuries

Sports Medicine Weekly

Dr. John Fernandez talks about the variety of hand injuries and how they are treated. Dr. Fernandez has created and innovated some of the advanced surgeries currently popularized in the treatment of the hand, wrist, and elbow. His original research has led to techniques minimizing surgical trauma while maximizing outcomes. As an inventor, he holds patents in some of the very implants developed for these minimally invasive surgeries. As director of microsurgery for Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, he has performed hundreds of successful microsurgical procedures. These have included replantation of amputated arms, hands, and digits, as well as complex reconstructions for deformity and wounds.


25 Mar 2021

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Ep18: John Fernandez, SVP, Marketing at Glia

The Datavana Podcast

To “Tell a story with the data” is John’s top priority when analyzing and looking for patterns. In episode #18 of our Datavana Podcast, John Fernandez, (SVP Marketing at Glia), talks about data infrastructure and programs he utilizes to better inform on decision-making processes. He is a champion pattern finder and understands people and how they work to get things done.“Numbers are really my goal” states John. Alignment is also very important to John, who advocates that tech and RevOps teams are an effective measure for creating an ideal, holistic business state. He argues an organization can only have an intelligent conversation about what the data says when alignment is achieved for: MetricsGoalsStrategiesTerminologyBrand voiceAvoid bad handoffs and keep conversation consistent with your customers, as “You're one company to them.”


16 Mar 2021

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Episode 28 - Russell talks with Senior VP of Operations - John Fernandez about his journey with Gringo's

10 Minutes with The Master Enchilada Roller

Russell talks with Senior VP of Operations - John Fernandez about his journey with Gringo's


16 Apr 2020

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Marketing Attribution with John Fernandez (Glia)

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

John Fernandez, SVP Marketing at Glia, joins the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast to discuss "Marketing Attribution."


10 Apr 2020

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Speaker: John Fernandez

Faith Village Church of Christ


14 Jul 2019

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Former VP Revenue Marketing from Contently - John Fernandez

Innovation and Leadership with Jess Larsen


19 Jun 2019

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John Fernandez Part 2

Innovation and Leadership with Jess Larsen


19 Jun 2019

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@WakeUpCall - Wounded Warriors Lt. Gen. Mike Linnington & John Fernandez

Wake Up Call

Jennifer talks with Wounded Warriors Foundation leaders Wounded Warriors Lt. Gen. Mike Linnington & John Fernandez .


7 Sep 2018

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206 - UNSUNG 2-11-17 - Kelly Fernandez - Sister of missing man, John Fernandez

Unsung Everyday People

The sister of a missing man discusses what has been done so far.


11 Nov 2017