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Leonie Smith (Planetshakers) - It's in the oil

!Audacious Preaches

Pastor Leonie Smith is the wife of Neil Smith (International director of Planetshakers) who visited us in mid 2022. She brought a great message titled 'It's in the oil' which has helped and impacted so many people. Catch up on the full message here.


3 Jul 2022

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Leonie Smith (Planetshakers) - Its in the oil

!Audacious Chester Preaches

Pastor Leonie Smith joined us from Planetshakers Church, Australia and brought a great message titled 'It's in the oil' catch up on this challenging and life changing preach here!


26 Jun 2022

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Ep 40 | How parents can help kids be safer online - with Leonie Smith aka ‘The Cyber Safety Lady’ and host of the Digital Families podcast

The Get Cyber Resilient Show

This week Gar is joined by Leonie Smith aka ‘The Cyber Safety Lady’ and host of the Digital Families podcast. Leonie has had an incredibly diverse career with a pedigree in graphic design, performing arts and was the CEO of social media training and strategy company Digital Breezes. Leonie was an early adopter of the internet and the common thread in her work is meaningful communication and effecting change. Leonie and Gar discuss the important ways parents and carers can better navigate the internet, social media and gaming but more importantly how they can help their children. Leonie also lets us know about the three things she would have us do to be safer online, where the responsibility lies for keeping children safe online, the roles of campaigns and regulations for societal level changes, how to go about keeping kids safe while gaming and how to help our kids if something awful like cyber bullying or grooming should occur. Check out the Digital Families podcast here: https://apple.co/3kZQVVf


23 Nov 2020

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Cultural Catalyst Network - Presentation from Karl Staeyert & Leonie Smith


Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPwQeAbyWN4&list=PLOjcWjpjOqzbV9T3tSR6O7z_eic-Puqaa&index=8 Cultural Catalyst Network: http://culturalcatalystnetwork.org/


1 Jun 2020

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"What's That Mummy??" Protection From The Online Nasties Jordan Foster - YSafe Ep4

Digital Families

Jordan Forster is a Clinical Psychologist from Perth Australia and the founder of ySafe, a now nationally-adopted household name in the field of cyber safety.  Jordan has extensive clinical expertise in working with children and adolescents managing problematic technology use, including cyber bullying, image-based abuse and compulsive gaming.  During this chat we talk about what parents can do to create a safe place for children to report anything that they might find upsetting or challenging online. We talk about how to decide on safe apps for kids and much more and what to do if if your child does see something awful online! www.ysafe.com.au


16 Apr 2020

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"How To Start Tricky Conversations About Online Porn With Your Kids" Holly-ann Martin - Safe4Kids Ep3

Digital Families

Holly ann Martin along with her husband Roger run The Safe4Kids Child Abuse Prevention Education Program. For this podcast/vodcast I chat to Holly ann, about ways parents can talk to their children about the icky subjects like strangers, seeing upsetting content like pornography online and body protection. We also talk about the signs to teach our children to look out for, for "tricky" strangers online.  Holly takes us through some great easy ways for children to build a safe network around themselves and demonstrates how she teaches children to use find a trusted support group to help them when they need it wherever they are. She also talks about how to encourage children to come to us when they are afraid of something, or have made a mistake and they need us. Safe disclosure.  You can find out more about Holly ann at www.safe4kids.com.au She has a lot of resources for parents and schools on her website including picture books that parents can use to help teach their children about safety using appropriate language and messages. Find her bookshop here https://safe4kids.com.au/product/safe4kids-book-bundle/


9 Apr 2020

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Leonie Smith

Not Safe For Publication

Leonie joins us to talk about her work on epistemic injustice, epistemic self-defence, and awkward moments at conferences. We discuss some of the inherent injustices of the UK's 'social safety net' and how systems of knowledge and belief have huge impact on people's lives. Hosts this episode: Georgia and Joely.Theme music: Hat the Jazz by Twin Musicom


8 Jan 2020

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Neil and Leonie Smith (Planetshakers Church) - Our father's house - 24th November 2019

!Audacious Preaches

Neil and Leonie Smith (Planetshakers Church) - Our father's house - 24th November 2019 - For more information about !Audacious Church please visit our website https://audaciouschurch.com If you want to buy !Audacious Resources please visit https://www.audaciousresources.com


24 Nov 2019