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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Beav Brodie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Beav Brodie, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Beav Brodie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Beav Brodie, often where they are interviewed.

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Tactical Baby Gear Founder and CEO Beav Brodie Interview - Building a $10,000,000 + a year business

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In this weeks episode I was able to speak to Beav Brodie the founder & CEO of Tactical baby gear. Back in 2013 Beav found a giant hole in the market which would go on to create financial freedom and an 8 figure annual business. 

His wife had given birth to his second daughter, and as a guy covered in tattoos who created custom cars he wanted something masculine as almost all diaper bags were created to look like purses. When he didn't find anything online he decided to create something for himself. It didn't start out to be a business it was something that he needed for himself and like many great businesses it grew organically and eventually would be doing well over 10 million dollars a year.  

In this episode  Beav talks about the struggles of building a multi million dollar apparel business, dealing with prototypes that cost 10s of thousands and dealing with manufacturing in other countries. He also talked about partnerships and what its like to stay motivated once he has found success. 

Aug 25 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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#382 Beav Brodie

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Episode 382 Beav Brodie is a First Class Father, founder and CEO of TACTICAL BABY GEAR. Tactical Baby Gear is a lifestyle brand that’s heard the call of daddy. Only Tactical Baby Gear has engineered the toughest baby gear on the planet in its enthusiastic quest to provide you with the tools to handle some serious doodie. Designed with the idea that tactical is practical, Tactical Baby Gear efficiently organizes all your go-to items into one tough, dependable, military-grade tactical diaper bag. The first modular tactical diaper bag system on the market, the Tactical Baby Gear set is fully customizable and comes with multiple accessories. In this Episode, Beav shares his Fatherhood journey, he describes the circumstances that lead to him starting Tactical Baby Gear, he discusses the challenges of being an entrepreneur while being a dad, he talks about the the way dads have evolved over the years, he tells us his future plans for the company, he offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

Tactical Baby Gear - https://tacticalbabygear.com

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Jul 31 2020 · 32mins

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“Parenting without Instructions” w Beav Brodie of TBG

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In this episode we talk about parenting, entrepreneurship, and so much more. It was an honor to meet Beav and learn so much more about his passions in life. He has been able to achieve some incredible things. Enjoy the laughs, the lessons, and raw energy from this interview.

Beav’s Website: https://www.beavbrodie.com/

Tactical Baby Gear Website: https://tacticalbabygear.com/

Thank you for your continued support! Check out my website.

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Jul 17 2020 · 31mins
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Beav Brodie - Pilot Episode

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Apr 05 2019 · 20mins

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Beav Brodie - Pilot Episode

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Would love to hear what you guy think.  Looks like I ended up with Anchor.fm it will also be available on iTunes and everywhere else.

Thanks for listening!


Apr 04 2019 · 20mins
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Tactical Diaper Bags & Side Hustles with Beav Brodie

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"You can play video games all day if you want, but I'm busting my ass, I want to build an empire." That's what Beav Brodie told me about his journey building his Shopify store TacticalBabyGear.com, an amazing niche store selling tactical-style diaper bags for today's dad. (I know I'm buying one.)

Dads are actively dedicating themselves more than ever to their children’s upbringing these days. While a generation ago tackling a diaper change may have scared off many a dad, these days dealing with a baby’s messy habits is frequently a team endeavor. This co-parenting is a beautiful new norm that extends beyond loaded diapers -- it's a world in which parents find themselves in the trenches of child rearing together. So why are diaper bags still designed as if the wife will be the only one carrying them?

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  • The journey Beav took in starting his business
  • The exact Instagram Strategy he used to grow
  • And his favorite app to run their growing store


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