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5. John Hession on investor-backed company boards: discipline, tough love and results.

On Boards Podcast

John Hession, legal advisor, business advisor and angel investor, holds the world land record for number of board meetings attended.  He’s been working with emerging growth companies for over 35 years and he has seen it all.  He talks about the discipline, tough love and results required if investor backed companies are going to be successful.  It is a message that all boards would benefit from listening to and following.   Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line or give us guest suggestions here. Links https://www.morse.law/attorneys/hession_john https://www.firstlightdx.com/ https://seraf-investor.com/compass/article/key-angel-investing-tax-issues-infographic Quotes Well, if they're investor backed (companies), you know, there's an insistence on having a good strong board and that often means that simple phrase: tough love. 3:01 If you don't hire a good board and build a good board, you don't have great guidance for the company.  ….an investor-backed company, it needs results and oftentimes they're going to be a more difficult, they're going to be more challenging on management strategy. 4:00 Investor backed boards, are much more conscientious, much more deliberative, much more demanding on management (than most private company boards). “You need to solve this problem.” 8:33 I'm delivering this advice (to you as CEO of the company), Joe, and it has to come through everything.  Because I would like to see you succeed. And even if I have to give you tough love, it's not personal. It's because I want to see you succeed. 15.47 You can't have the CEO/founder be the chair.  If you're going to build an outside board, the chairperson, usually has to be someone who's got a lot of scalps on the belt, a lot of scars, a lot of experience, and been involved in boards.  16.29 Bill Moffitt, was probably was one of the best chairs I ever worked with. He had a way to drive the discussion, drive the agenda, to stop tangential discussions to stay focused on those action items that I talked about and demand performance and, on the action items.  He was the most masterful, yet at the same time, urbanely diplomatic chairman I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  He was just so good about assigning tasks, not only to the management team. But to other board members. 17.13  What if you don't find Mr. Perfect (as a Board chair)? How do you find the next level? How do you find a chair that you can make it work? Because the person you described, you just said he was one of the best chairs you've ever seen. Not everyone's going to deliver all the goods. What do you do if, you can't find that person or the chair is not that person? 18:49 1202B stock (capital gains stock) …. is the heart and soul and sinew of American capitalism. Why? The first $10 million of gain is zero capital gains tax. Now, who said the uncle Sam will, they'll give you a gift from town to town Joe. 23:09 Big Ideas  The disciplined approach used to identify board members in investor backed companies should apply to all private company boards as well.  It can be a board of five, seven, eleven - it doesn't matter.  Exactly what do we need?  What are the skills, expertise, attributes that we need in this person and let's go find him or her. It also applies to off-boarding unproductive board members.  It happens that there may be a more definitive incentive to do it in investor back companies. But what's the difference between those companies and a really productive, successful family company board where some of the board members really are just mailing it in?  Transparency and trust are fundamental to the management/board relationship, no matter what size company, what type of company.  And “brutal honesty” goes both ways.  So a founder has to be brutally honest with himself or herself.


15 Mar 2020

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John Hession - Episode 071 - 1000 Reasons

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

John Hession sheds his own lush and detailed progressive status quo in Episode 071.  Its a horizontal move for sure as he brings a sorely-missed bump and grind back to center stage.  The synths lean more on tough and chuggy while the dance vibe remains squarely progressive throughout.  John does hold tightly to his melodic House head and that gives the whole mix plenty of polish.  Enjoy!   Bitrates:M4A - 512k - Best CompressedMP3 - 320kFLAC - High Quality Lossless (may not play in all browsers / devices)Track Listing:01 - Roy Rosenfled - When We Were Innocent02 - Hundreds - Un-unify (Mano Le Tough Remix)03 - Fur Coat - Inner Circle04 - CamelPhat - The System05 - Ziger - Substance06 - Nick Curly - No Takers07 - Roach Motel - Wild Luv (George Morel Mix)08 - Rick Pier O'Neil - Shade Runner, Part 209 - Pryda - Origins


12 May 2018

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John Hession - Episode 054 - EarTheater

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

Episode 54 finds John Hession in the deepest house set yet on our Podcast.  There are funky overtones, melodic vocal segways and strong resonating energy to be found throughout the mix.  The tracks blend almost seamlessly as we have come to expect from John.  If this is any indication of his upcoming set with other EarTheater DJs on Friday June 24th at Sandwich Bar in Orlando, you better get there early.  It will get deep fast.Highest stream 512kbJohn Hession - Episode 54 - EarTheaterAlternate Birates: (320 - MP3) Track Listing: 1. Chrysk - Closer - Original Mix2. Jay Haze, Marco Tegui - Hazey Night - Original Mix3. D.M.P. - Distance - Addex Remix4. Sotela & Javier Portila -Your Eyes - King Unique Remix5. Crack-D - Waiting - Original Mix6. Quivver - Takin Over - Original Mix7. Stephen J. Kroos - Pluviophile - Subsky Remix8. Maribou State - Rituals - Sasha’s House Mix9. Bastian Bux - Synera - Original Mix10. Solomon Grey - Twilight - John Monkman Remix


22 Jun 2016

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John Hession - Episode 025 - Stay Hungry

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

This week's mix drives the sound field well into deep house territory.  Hession threads a seamless buildup of moving yet sublime percussion and then pushes beyond.  As the rhythms progress, the songs expand wider in the highs and mids and give way to deep-seated vocals.  Excellent effort and true to any progressive heart. Highest stream 512kbJohn Hession - Episode 025 - Stay Hungry Alternate M4A Birates: (64 - M4A) (128 - M4A) (256 - M4A) (320 - MP3) Track Listing:01 - Memory (ARG) - Freedom (Original Mix)02 - Anja Schneider - Dubmission (Felix Cage Remix)03 - Anja Schneider - Dubmission (Alexander Aurel Remix)04 - Pedro Aguiar - Audacity (Original Mix)05 - Paul Hazendonk & Noraj - Canyon feat. Sian Evans (Omid 16B Remix)06 - Brian Cid - Caona (Original Mix)07 - Dale Middleton - Copper Top (Derek Howell Remix)08 - Mike Griego & Amber Long - Sofia (Guy Mantzur Remix)09 - Clancy, Eli & Fur - I Wanna Know feat. Eli & Fur (Original Mix)10 - Luiz B - Secret Whisper (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)


7 Jun 2015

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John Hession - Episode 019 - EarTheater

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

This week, John takes listeners on a deep & tech house journey. Starting with a slow build of atmosphere and soft, echoing vocals, the mix moves djpodcast deeper with each track. Inside is a mixture of warm baselines and hypnotic vocals, combined with subtle tech house expanses. Coming full circle, Hession delivers you right back where you began with a bright and airy finish. Highest stream 512kbJohn Hession - Episode 019 - EarTheater Alternate M4A Birates: (64) (128) (256) (320 - MP3) Track Listing:01. Dale Middleton - Engage (Original Mix) 02. Luis Junior - Sesto Senso (Original Mix) 03. Anthik - Just Trust Me (Kellerkind Remix) 04. Lonya & Mike Greigo - Acid Culture (Roger Martinez Remix) 05. DJ Tonio - Bigger Than Yours (Oliver Giacomotto Remix) 06. Pink Skull - My Other Car Is My Feet (Balcazar & Sordo Remix) 07. Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld - Deeyo (Original Mix) 08. Third Son - Let Go (Original Mix) 09. Jody Wisternoff - Paramour (Original Mix) 10. Danalog - Click Search (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

1hr 1min

18 Apr 2015

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John Hession - Episode 012 - EarTheater

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

Genre lines become blurred with John's subtle, melodic mixes. Bits of tech house are peppered with hints of techno (yes, techno) and layers of deep/progressive house. Get ready to keep hitting repeat with this EarTheater release. Highest Bitrate (512kbps)John Hession - Episode 012 - EarTheater Alternate Birates: (64) (128) (256) (MP3 - 320) Track Listing: 1. Cumiks, Stevie R - Wake Up - Patrick Podage remix         2. Harry Romero, Doorly - The Truth - Original mix              3. Dosem - Rumbo - Original mix 4. Sasha, Joel Mull - Pale Reich - Original mix         5. GytisJ - No Limits - Original mix 6. Mango, Kazusa - Asphalt Lines - Kastis Torrau remix 7. Olivier Giacomotto - Bipolar Star - Original mix  8. David R Maddocks - Weaving - Rikki Sawyer remix9. Kastis Torrau, Arnas D - Pray For Darkness - Original mix


16 Feb 2015

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John Hession - Episode 006 - EARTHEATER

EarTheater - DJ Mixes

Highest stream M4A 512kbJohn Hession - Episode 006 - EARTHEATERTrack Listing:1.  Dusky - 4T4 (Original Mix) 2.  Funk D’Void, Andres Aguirre, Tweakers - Easy Tiger (Original Mix)3.  Nicolas Masseyeff - Len (Original Mix) 4.  MUUI - Don’t Forget To Go Home (Santiago Garcia Remix)5.  Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo Plex Flight Home Remix) 6.  Stephan Bodzin - Sungam (Original Mix) 7.  Zhu - Faded (Spada Remix) 8.  Eelke Kleijn - Lovely Sweet Divine (Original Mix) 9.  Los Suruba - Spanish Pantalones (Hot Since 82 Remix) 10.  Robot Needs Oil - Mood Swings (Simon Garcia Remix) 11.  Guy Mantzur, Khen - Moments Becoming Endless Time feat. Kamila (Original Mix)12.  Shifter, Timo Garcia, Carvell, Amber Jolene - Wonderlust “Free Your Mind” (Shifter & Carvell Remix)

1hr 19mins

5 Jan 2015